The auditions finally came to and end in what seemed to be the longest audition phase of the XF history. Now we move to bootcamp where the remaining 186 acts will be facing some brutal challenges in order to select the top 32. And thankfully, we'll know them by the end of Sunday! (Yay for short bootcamp!) ... It's time to face the music!

Recap and videos after the JUMP ... 

Day 1

Things are getting to get brutal soon but since the contestants don't know that yet, they are throwing a huge party while the judges review their auditions. There's lots of sex, drinking and outracious behaviours going on, Frankie Cocozza being the worst.

The contestants are divided in 4 groups, one of them is going home, without even having the chance to perform. And one contestant wants to know why he's going. Cause you suck? Plus, you are really irrelevant they say to him. Sort of. (VIDEO)

 First challenge, group performances!! The contestants are divided into 30 groups and their songs, all selected from a list of signature tracks: "You’ve Got the Love" (Florence + The Machine), "Breakeven" (The Script), "Price Tag" (Jessie J), "Born This Way" (Lady Gaga), "Forget You" (Cee Lo Green) and "Firework" (Katy Perry).

 And drama has already started! Who? You know it's Kitty Brucknell! Two people want the same lines of the song, Honey Shazad and Kitty. Expected drama coming from her. They are the first group to perform. It includes Terry Winstanley, who does a quite great job with the song, Candice Barron, whose voice is quite average though good, Lascel Wood who probably has one of the best male voices, Kitty who's the best Over without a doubt, Honey, whose voice is not that memorable and a random unkown guy. (VIDEO) Also impressing with "You've Got the Love" were Sian Phillips, Sophie Habibis, Joseph Gilligan, Amelia Lily and Max Vickers, all having great vocals. (VIDEO)

It's Frankie Cocozza's turn. He's voice isn't great, nor that unique but with him it's all about the personality and charisma. Eskimo Smile are also in the group and they are bad, bad, bad, but not worse than Frankie. Beccy Shaw, Frankie's latest conquer was also dissapointing with her off tune vocals. James Michael, the best boy, also impressed with "Breakeven" and his unique vocals. And so did the amazing Janet Devlin, the best girl and soulish Lemuel Knights. (VIDEO)

Up next is average Derry Mensah with "Price Tag". It's really dissapointing and too high. "I was not happy at all" says Kelly. Also disgusting were Kendro and the atrocious Luke LucasLizzie Colbourne, the cute tiny girl, also fails to impress when she forgets her lyrics and poor girl was fucked up with the lines, they gave her the non singing part of "Born This Way", she leaves crying. (VIDEO)

Auditions are finally improving with Carolynne Poole, John Wilding, 4 Real, Melanie McCabe and The Estrelles all shining. (VIDEO) And oh no, here comes Goldie Cheung. She's doing all kind of weird movements while the other members try to sing, like Marcus Collins, who struggles not to laugh with Goldie's WTF routine. And now she's on the floor singing in chinease. "It's direct translations" says Golide. Haha. (VIDEO)

Next group to perform is Sami Brookes's. Roxy Yarnold sounds less impressing this time around than in her first audition. Sami however, sounds really good with her huge voice, though she may turn into Mary Byrne 2.0, and no one wants that to happen. (VIDEO)

Final group of the day! Formed by The Keys, Joe Cox, Nicole Simpson and Jade Richards. And they are arguably the best of the night. Specially Joe Cox and his Aiden Grimshaw-ish performance. I kinda loved that performance, Jade has some amazing pipes and so does Nicole, though we've not seen her before. They Keys is more like Charlie plus 4 backing singers but they've got some nice harmonies at least. Definitely the best we've seen. (VIDEO)

And it's time for the results but I won't list them cause it's boring. Haha. Look what they are doing?! Following Simon steps, they are picking a bunch of the rejects to form 6 new groups cause as usual, the groups suck. Among this people are Derry Mensah, Beccy Shaw, Stefan Romer and Marlon McKenzie. And it's time for day 2!

Day 2

First act of the night is Misha Bryan. She first wowed us with her huge voice in her audition and we've not seen her since then. She's singing "Survivor" and she's teaching Cher how someone is supposed to rap in a song. Her voice is amazing and she's got a lot of swagg, much more than Cher. The audience go nuts over her. This one is a definite lock for the liveshows.

Chelsea Redfern also wows the audience with her soulish voice and it's a pitty this was the first time we saw her. Amelia Lily also does a wonderful job with "Nobody Knows" with her huge voice. Jade Richards sings the same song and she proves her voice is amazing with an Adele style performance. Melanie McCabe sings "Feeling Good" and her fenomenal voice shows a lot of potential.

Failed rockstar David Wilder comes next. How is he still here? Ugh. He's a comedy act, major joke. He's just stupid. He has no voice, he can't sing, off tune, over the place and nothing impressive about him. The audience starts to boo him after they have clapped him seconds ago. Then they are back at clapping, then they boo again. Piece of weirdos. Haha.

And he wasn't the only one who blowed it. Chrissie Pitt who stands on the judges table and starts screaming at their faces. Francis Cardoso, who does a weird flamenco routine on top of his hedious vocals, he leaves crying. Ugh. Disgusting Kendro are doing their own song, it sucks. Most atrocious performance ever. "I absolutely hated them" says Gary.

Kitty Brucknell, who definitely talks too much, is wearing an incredinly bizarre outfit. She had it made. It's like a glowing swimsuit. And a purple jacket on top. You can hate her but the girl has an amazing voice, probably the best among the Overs. Even without all the theatrical and drama she brings, her voice is incredible and everything else she does just adds to the show. This was definitely one of the best performances of bootcamp. Audience gives her a standing ovation!

Frankie Cocozza, who's only on the show to get chicks and show his bum to everyone, is next. He's singing "Iris" and it's just ok. It's not the most special thing ever but it's actually better than his pervious performances. But his hands are distracing and he bugs me. Gary and Kelly think his voice isn't good enough but he has lots of charisma.

Incredible James Michael impresses once again with his quirky unique voice. Yeah, he's the best singer. Kelly thinks he's handsome. Joe Cox does his handy thing and wows again. His voice is really unique too and it's something really cool. Marcus Collins sings "Kiss From a Rose" and the Johns, Adams and Wilding all impress the judges, with all of them wanting the boys. The Keys impress the girls with their harmonies and cute boyband looks.

Crazy Goldie Cheung is back again. "I don't recognize you with so many cloths on" says Gary. She's singing "Feeling Good", well, that's what she says. It's something really weird but it's kinda fascinating. Not for a singing show but as a comedy act. She's pure entertainment and I know Louis loves her. Plus she's crazy. Well, that was fun, as the pianist would assure. "Can you put that leg down" says Kelly. Haha.

It's time for the manufactured groups to perform. First up, Nu Vibe, made up of Bradley Johnson, Stefan Romer, Richard Milford, Jordan Higo and Ashford Campbell, in a mix which promises to be the new One Direction. Only twist, they can actually sing. I still hate the boybands but I guess I can like this one a little. After all, I really like Bradley and Stefan and that performance was quite great. Faux Pas is next and although they sound good, there are better bands. The Lovettes however, have incredible harmonies and they are really cute. The Risk, which includes Derry Mensah and Marlon McKenzie sound quite good despite being a bit boring. Misfits and Orion are probably the only fails, they sound screechy and off tune.

Up next is Terry Winstanley, who forgets the lyrics despite a great start. His performance crumbles and he gets too nervous to continue. What he did sounded good but was it enough?

Janet Devlin is performing next. "This is the pinnacle of everything I've ever done in my life" she says. She's singing "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" and despite it being a weird song choice for her, she's doing an amazing job with the song. She made it her own and made it sound terrific. I just love her, she makes me smile and that's what I want from a singer. And as I've said since we saw her in the first audition show, she'll win the competition. Audience love her, they give her a standing o! Lascel Wood, Sian Philips, the incredible Sophie Habibis, Johnny Robinson, Craig Colton and Sami Brookes all impress the audience with their voices, probably securing a spot at the JH. "If you cheer they might put me through" Sami tells the audience. And that's it!

Top 32

Boys - Gary
  1. Frankie Cocozza
  2. Craig Colton
  3. Marcus Collins
  4. James Michael
  5. John Wilding
  6. Luke Lucas
  7. Joe Cox
  8. Max Vickers

Girls - Kelly
  1. Jade Richards
  2. Misha Bryan
  3. Janet Devlin 
  4. Amelia Lilly
  5. Melanie McCabe
  6. Sian Phillips – Replaced due to VISA issues by Sarah Watson
  7. Holly Repton 
  8. Sophie Habibis
 Overs - Louis
  1. Carolynne Poole
  2. Goldie Cheung (Quit the competition after making it to the lives. (Source))
  3. Kitty Brucknell
  4. Jonjo Kerr 
  5. Joseph Gilligan
  6. Terry Winstanley
  7. Sami Brookes
  8. Jonny Robinson

Groups - Tulisa
  1. The Estrelles
  2. Girl vs Boy
  3. The Keys
  4. The Risk (Marlon McKenzie ,Derry Mensah and 2 others)
  5. Nu Vibe (Bradley Johnson, Stefan Romer, Richard Milford, Jordan Higo and Ashford Campbell)
  6. 2 Shoes 
  7. Rhythmix (Jesy Nelson, Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirwell and Leigh-Anne Pinnock)
  8. The Lovettes (Made up from 2 members of Tress and a solo)

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