"Night Work" is the third studio album from american band Scissor Sisters. It was released on June 28, 2010, while it's first single was released on June 20. The video of "Fire With Fire" is great, it's amazingly edited and the slow begining is really cool, you can check it below.

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I can't start this post any other way. WTF? What's that cover? I understand Jake Shears likes nudism a lot, but making an open casting for fans butt shoots is a bit wierd, whose idea was it?. I also understand all The Rolling Stones homage (their album Sticky Fingers had a crotch in it's cover) but this is different. And without hearing the album and only reading the title and seeing the cover, I instantly think in a hooker, and I guess that isn't alright for an album. But apart from that, the album is really enjoyable overall. It's a fun, catchy and most importantly well sang album by two amazing performers, Jake and Ana. Their first single "Fire with Fire" is definitely the best song of the album. Hearing it while reading it's lyrics prove how beautiful is the song. It's not so shallow as first thought, it's a really deep meaning! The other songs aren't that strong, but they are good too. The album feels very dancish and nightish (I don't know if that exists),  after all it's titled "Night Work". My other fave should be "Nightlife". It's really cool and in the vibe of "Fire With Fire". Despite the first impression of the album, Scissor Sisters have proved me wrong once again. It's an entertaining 12 song album which is really worth a listen!

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