Here is my interview with amazing Melanie Lynn from Sturgeon Falls, Canada. The YouTube singer born February 23, 1987 is currently working on an album and is planning to release it on May. She first started singing a 12 after reciving a karaoke machine and hasn't stop since then. You can find her YouTube channel HERE.

Check the interview and some of her videos after the jump!

*What is your style in your opinion?
I think my style is kind of a mix between pop and soft rock.

*Who are your musical inspirations?
My musical inspirations are my Father for one because he tought me how to play guitar and that I have been brought up around music with my family on my father's side. My mother is a big part as well, she may not be musically, but she's the one that got me my first guitar and supported me through all these years with my music.

*When you first recived that karaoke machine, did you expect your career to grow so much?
Actually no I didn't, but I always loved music. But I never knew it would of gotten to this point.

*How did you feel when you saw your page in the newspaper and then were invited to a radio show?
That day, I didn't know I was in the news paper until my sister told me about it. So my mom went and bought a paper, and when she came out, I seen my picture on the front page. And when she came in the car, I told her "I'm on the front page!" and she said "Ah ya! Yes you are." I was all excited, I couldn't believe that I made the front page, I was expecting inside the paper, but not the front page. And that same day, the CBC Radio station from Sudbury contacted me to do an interview the next day. And they found me through the paper. I didn't go directly to the Radio Station, it was through the phone. But I was overwhelmed that day from the paper and the radio, it was just an awesome day for me.

*Have you ever played a gig?
I have never played a gig, but I have played a song or two when I was in High School. I have played in front of many crowds in the summer during The Fiddle Fest here in Sturgeon Falls. But I mostly do live shows over the Internet.

*Have you ever recorded an album/EP?
I haven't recorded an album yet, I'll be recording in May 2010 with a producer from Detroit. All my recordings that I have now, they are recorded by me.

*Are you familiar with the recording process?
I have no clue how the process is done, when it's done professionally, but when I recorded my songs myself, I enjoyed a lot. To learn new things every time I recorded a new song, made it more interesting.

*What can you tell us about you that we don't know?
I currently don't work, I'm just a stay at home mom for now.

*What embarrassing songs might I find on your iPod?
Well I don't own and iPod, but I listen to alot of songs on my computer, You might find some songs from Back Street Boys (lol), Kylie Minogue - Locomotion, ...

*What else you enjoy doing? Any hobbies?
I enjoy reading a good book and spending time with my son.

*Who would you most like to open for?
I don't know, I love so many bands, like Three Days Grace, Nickelback, Hedley, Mariana's Trentch... But the band that stand's out more is a band called OMNI-, they're not famous, but they are really good. They are from Detroit, and the singer is the one that will produce my album in May.

*If you weren't singing, what would you be doing?
If I wasn't singing, I'd probably be working 2 jobs in a big town or something.


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