After a tight battle the dutchs won over the swedes by one vote! Both countries certainly have great talent and I would have been glad to feature any of them, and given the amounts of votes the swedes and norwegians, who were 3rd, recived, I'm giving you the chance to vote for them again for the next theme! And I'm clarifying, it'll last until all artists are featured. But now, let's explore what Netherlands has to offer ...

Artists to be featured after the JUMP ...

  1. Amarins and le gatte negre
  2. Annalou the Brave
  3. Anouk
  4. Ape not Mice
  5. Brown Feather Sparrow
  6. Case Mayfield
  7. Dazzled Kid
  8. Eefje de Visser
  9. Goodwin Sands
  10. Habiba
  11. Hanneke Willems
  12. I am Oak
  13. Jenny Lane
  14. June Noa
  15. Krystl
  16. Lake Montgomery
  17. Lucky Fonz III 
  18. No Ninja Am I
  19. Schradinova (and Room Eleven)
  20. Stefany June
  21. The Hype 
  22. Yori Swart
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