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From backing singer of Anouk to a support act of Joss Stone, Jenny Lane's carrer is definitely going to be a great one. The jazzy singer released her debut album, "Monsters" back in 2009 and is preparing to release her second album soon. The latest single, "Special Delivery" was released on June 6, 2011 and if that's what the whole album will sound like, I so want it now! Definitely one of my favourites in this list, Jenny's voice is not only distinctive but her style is also incrediblly unique, it's not the typical jazz singer you'll think of. She creates an almost futuristical jazzy approach and has a lot of electronic beats in her music. If electro jazz exists, this is exactly it! And well, it does, it's called Nu Jazz but who cares about that? Plus it's also a really catchy sound! Who thought jazz could be catchy? Haha.

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