Manchester band Run Toto Run has been having a lot of succes since they first posted a YouTube version of Sleepyhead on their channel. They have recently released a magnificent first EP, Plastic Gold, and are currently working on an album. Reachel makes me remember of Ellie Goulding, they have a similar style and voice, and it's exactly the style I like!

Continue reading to see the interview I done to them and  some videos from their channel, which you can find HERE.

*What is the meaning of the band's name?
It's a line from the Wizard of Oz. We wanted our name to be something that is already somewhere in peoples' consciousness.

*How did you formed? Where did you meet?
We met whilst all gigging in various bands in Manchester.

*How would you describe yourself?
Electro pop

*How was the whole recording experience?
It's done at Mike and Matt's house. It's very much a DIY approach, most of it taking place in Matt's bedroom.

*You recently released your first EP "Plastic Gold" What is the meaning of it's title?
Plastic Gold means something that isn't really real.

*Are you working on any new material? Any album plans?
Yes, we're aiming to have a full album recorded by the end of July this year and we're constantly working on new material which we generally get up as demos on our myspace pretty much the day we write them. It's exciting to be able to get such instant responses to new material.

*Who has been your biggest influence? Your idol?
Wouldn't say that as a band we had one specific main influence. We love to listen to new stuff and are constantly listening to new music so I think we're getting influenced by things all the time. I think Bowie is a bit of a hero to us and bands like Hot Chip, The Postal Service, Radiohead, Burial. New stuff we're listening to includes Discovery, The XX, Darwin Deez, Neon Indian etc.

*Looking back to your first YouTube cover of Sleepyhead, how much have things changed? How much have you grown musically?
We have progressed a long long way. Even at the time of the video we didn't really sound quite like that and were more electronic. People would see the video and then be quite surprised at how different our myspace tunes sounded. We didn't do it to get attention, we did it as we were asked to do a cover for a festival and just picked up the closest instruments to hand. At the time we did use acoustic instruments a little bit in what we were doing. But now we don't use them at all and we're pretty dancey and electronic.

*Which is your favourite songe of yours?
Mike: A Year From Now
Rachael: Probably Fall Back or Did You Hear That?
Matt: A Year From Now

*Could you tell us something we don't know about you? Something interesting?
Mike can play pool left and right handed.
Matt has monkey feet and can use them like hands.
Rachael is descended from French aristocracy.


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