We all got to know Patricia and we all got to love her! Born on January 14, 1978 on Copenhagen, Patricia came into the spotlight when she auditioned for the latest edition of the danish XF. Probably the most unique voice that has ever appeared on this show, Patricia charmed us all with her quirky and bubbly personality! After she was cut, coming 4th, she agreed to answer some questions for me, her biggest fan for sure! Now, she hopes to release an album with the help of no other than Thomas Blachman, her mentor throughout the show!

Read the interview and watch Patricia perform after the JUMP ...

*Who is Patricia by Patricia?
I'm just an extremely happy girl who loves life. I spend time shopping, hanging out with my friends, working out and hopefully soon making music.

*How would you define yourself as an artist?
 I wouldn't define myself as an artist.. I do what I do only because my emotions has to have an outlet. I'm alive on stage and it's the place where I never have to pretend, which is also why the X Factor has been quite a challenge.

*Who would you name as your biggest influence? / Your Idol? 
I don't really have an Idol as such. My influence however are the old stars.. all the way back to the 30's

*What is the best advice someone has ever given to you? 
The best advice I've ever gotten on XF has to be when Pernille Rosendahl helped me out  last Friday by saying it's ok to just put on a mask and get the best out of it.

*What mask is she talking about?
Just you know, not having to feel the music, but just finding an alter ego or something so that I could get through it.

*What made you audition for the XF in the first place? 
I wanted to audition because I realy wanted to meet Thomas Blachman because I just had a feeling that he would be the perfect match musically for me.

*When you say that you wanted to audition to meet Blachman, do you mean that you never expected getting that far?/Has meeting him paid off?
My goal was just to meet him and hopefully he would like me. That I have come this far is just the icing on the cake.. It has totally paid off. He is as cool as I expected if not cooler.

*How did you manage to keep control of the process in a big show like this? 
It has been hard because the pressure makes it more difficult to make the right decisions. And I'm not sure I had any control in the end at all.

*Did you doubt about the route Blachman was taking you? About his song choices? Did you talk about it or was he who take the final decision?
 I have never doubted Blachman and his vision for me. Because I know how much he wants the best for me. It has been a collaboration which songs I chose for the liveshows, but of course he has had at lot to say. He is afterall way more experienced in the music world than me.

*You prefer jazz. How did you feel by singing different genres? Was it uncomfortable? 
It's been uncomfortable at times because I have a very strong sense of who I am.

*How did you feel when you ended in the danger zone or when you were voted out? 
When I was voted of I was truely relieved. The pressure was beginning to get to me and I didn't feel like doing any more pop cover songs.. And after a couple of days, I still feel the same..

*Looking back at the whole experience, is there something you regret? 
I never regret anything I've done. And this experience is hopefully gonna take me further so I'm happy for having been a part of it.

*How was your relation with the other contestants? Who do you expect being friends with in 10 years time? 
I expect to be talking to the twins, Annelouise and Ercan..

*Did you live in the same house while competing? Or in your own house?
We live at our homes.

*Which was your favourite XF performance? 
It was hands down "Feeling Good". I loved doing it and I felt the song all the way into my bones.

*What would you have liked to sing if you had made it to the final? 
I would have sang "Bang Bang" by Nancy Sinatra.

*You have a very special way of performing, how would you describe it? 
It is not so much a performance I think as it is me just telling everybody how I feel. My choreography is also based on how I would naturally move rather than just doing something cool.

*Would you say your voice is quirky? Would you compare yourself to any artist? 
I would rather not compare myself to anyone because I'm my own person. I don't hear what others hear in my voice. To me its just my voice and I'm used to it. But sometimes I can hear that it doesnt sound "normal". So yes, I would probably say that it is quirky like the rest of me.

*Do you write your own material?
 I do write my own lyrics and for me that's important.

*Describe us your favourite song that you have written: 
I don't have a favorite son that I have written. I write them and move on.:D It's all about the emotion and they are all pretty emotional.

*Do you play any instrument?
No, I don't play an instrument but I wish I did.

 *If you were to release an album tomorrow, what would it be like?
 It will probably have a little bit of a jazz feel but not extremely obviously jazz.

*Will you go for a jazz route or are you trying different genres? 
I will stay in my comfort zone but mix it up a bit with something else

*How do you expect to be the album process like? Would you like working with someone in particular?
 Hopefully I will be making an album with Blachman since he is a genious in his field to me.

*When can we expect your album? or better, When do you think you will release an album? 
I hope really quick. I'm aiming for the end of summer/fall 2011 but we'll see ...

*What is your dream collaboration? 
I would LOVE doing something with Etta James.. She is absolutely fabulous

*We know you design clothes, what more can you tell us about that? 
I don't design my own clothes any more and haven't done that in many years.. Don't know why they wrote that in. Maybe they needed to make me more interesting

*Why aren't you designing anymore?/Do you think you will ever do it again?
I stopped because I got bored. I have no plans right now to start doing it again.

*Any other interesting thing we don't know about you? 
Nope.. ha ha ha ha

*You are a very unique character at least, would you say you are a bit crazy? 
Yup, I am definetly crazy and loving every minute of it.

*What can we expect from you in the coming months?/What are your plans from now on? 
I'm gonna take a little timeout this week and then hopefully start working on my album. And then I'm gonna get out a bit more after being out of XF world for 6 weeks!


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