I recently got the chance to interview the successful and unique Universal recording artist, MoZella. The singer of songs such as "Freezing", "Stay" and "Magic (Oh Oh Oh)", answered me this questions in which she reveled why she's called MoZella, her influences and the meaning behind some of her songs. As one of my favourite artists, it was really an honor to interview and know a little more about her. Her album, "Belle Isle"  is a must-buy, which you can do below the questions. You can also enjoy some of her music videos there.

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*How would you define yourself as an artist?
Hmm. Way to stump me on the first question! Haha. I'm not sure how to define myself. I'm a singer songwriter. I play guitar. I make pop/jazz/soul/vintage-ish albums. I'm from Detroit so I got a little Motown in me. And I have a sort of raspy voice.

*Who would you name as your biggest influence? / Your Idol?
I don't have just one idol. I'm a huge Beatles fan. I love Ella Fitzgerald. I love Smokey Robinson too. As a writer I'm a huge fan of Diane Warren, Carole King, and Neil Diamond too. They know how to write hits!

*What is the best advice someone has ever given to you?
"Don't take advice from someone who has never followed their dreams."

*Something interesting about you that we don't know?
I speak Spanish and I play golf.

*Why have you choosed to be called MoZella? What is its meaning?
My nickname growing up was Mo. People in my family started calling me Mozers, Mozie, and eventually Mozella. So when I started making music I went w/ that name.

*You been singing since you were 15, How have you improved and grown since then?
I think I get better every year. I thought I was really great when I was 15 but looking back I had a lot of work to do. My voice is stronger now, I'm a much better guitar player, I'm more confortable on stage, and I think my song writing improves every day. I still have work to do though! Every day I try to get better at my craft. Sometimes that means making myself write a song a day and sometimes that means traveling and seeing new things for inspiration.

*How did you sign with Universal?
I was first singed to Warner Brothers then dropped a few years later. Shortly after that Motown flew me to NYC and decided to sign me.

*How do you feel when you hear one of your own songs on a TV show?
It's pretty cool. I can't lie. I've had so many licenses this past year. I think my songs were in over 25 TV shows and 7 commercials. I never get used to it! It still excites me when I am watching a show and I hear myself. I heard my song "Stay" in HnM the other day and got really excited! LoL

*What is the concept of your new album "Belle Isle"? Why is it named like that?
Belle Isle is an island in the middle of the Detroit river where I was born and raised. It means beautiful island and I've always loved the name.

*What can you tell me about your song "Twilight Girls"? What is its meaning?
I was reading the news and it was talking about girls in war torn and starving Africa who have to sell themselves to feed their families. They go out at dusk and so they are called Twilight Girls. It's such a beautiful name for such a terrible thing. It really moved me. So I wrote the song.

*"Freezing" and "Magic (Oh Oh Oh) have turned into the most known songs from yours, What can you tell us about them?
Freezing is about someone leaving you out in the cold and Magic is just a song about how good life is and how we can see magic everywhere if we choose to see life that way.

*Does "Manhattan" reflects an aspect of your life? A personal story?
Sort of. I have this fantasy sometimes about running away to the Big Apple. So I wrote "Manhattan" about that. It's sort of an homage to the most amazing city in the world. Manhattan can mean anything to anyone. It's about chasing something better. It's a song for all the girls stuck in their small town with a big dream in their heart.

*Are you already working on a new album?
I'm starting new material for my 3rd album. Not sure what the sounds will be exactly. I'm letting this one free flow a little more. Belle Isle's sound was very intentional and thought out. I went for a vintage pop feel with it. The next one might take me on a little journey! We will see where it goes!

*Would you compare yourself to any other artist?
I don't know who to compare myself with. Some say Duffy and Adele. Some say Corinne Bailey Rae. Some say Lenka. I guess that means we all have similar influences. I just make music and hope people dig it as much as I do!

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Magic (Oh Oh Oh)


Freezing (Live)

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