Hi! Firstly, I want to thank you all for the support and nice comments in this past months, I really appreciate them! I also have great things planned! So keep tuned!

Going to our issue now, as you've seen, I don't post as much as I'd like due to time limitations. Although I consider myself really individualistic, I've decided that the best thing is searching for a new blog writer! So if you are a music fan and always loved writing, this is your chance! Even if you don't have experience you can apply! As you all know, I don't earn any profit for this, I just do it because I love to, so don't apply expecting a pay or something in return to your collaboration. I'm especially looking for someone who can cover the news section, cause I know it's the weakest, but if you'd like any other, just say it and we'll see. You should be 18+ in order to apply.

So, if you are interested, write me to musicisthedoor@gmail.com, and please include a pice of your writing. Just cover any news you want, but don't copy-paste! You've up to September 4 to submit your application and the following day I'll post my decision, presenting the new writer to you all!
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