Earlier this week, I was able to email a DSB representative to answer all my doubts about the show format. As you know, I've been questioning where was the show going since it's start, well, now it's solved! I hope this answers many of your questions, it has answered mine!

You can check how the show works after the JUMP ...

Each Sunday, we see two acts advance, the public choice and a judges wildcard selection between the 2nd and 3rd placers. All wildcards go through to the 5th week where they  will perform again and then one of them will be chosen to go through to the final on week 6. As we been seeing, the top vote getter act from each week goes through to the final, which as I've already said takes place in week 6. They will be joined with the wildcard show winner.

Previously, I speculated if they were going to eliminate one act per week till they get a Top 2, but that will not happen unfourtunately. The winner will be announced in week 6 which is the live final. The winner will get the chance to record an album, which is the prize.

But going some time before, how are this acts selected? Well, the acts  have auditioned nationwide by submitting a video of their performance and if successful were invited to perform in front of a panel of experts at various venues across the UK, where they were casted for the show. Any group with 5 or more members is accepted for the show.

We also see the show's "Supergroup" every week, but what is really the point of it? According to my sources, the "Supergroup" is separate to the main competition. After the show ends, they will take part in a nationwide tour. This singers are selected in the travelling DSB Pod, in which the best singing and dancing abilities are searched.
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