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Anna Brønsted, once member of Efterklang, has charmed the indie scene with her melanchoilic soft voice as part of her new project, Our Broken Garden. She has already released two albums, both equally sad and deep. As part of the Danish Week, Anna agreed to answer some questions for me and the result is as interesting as her music! Make sure to check it out!

Read the interview, buy the albums and watch some music videos after the JUMP ...

*What's the meaning behind the name?/Is there a particular reason for using it?
The name just came to my mind one day, and I liked the feel of it. Reminded me of something old and forgotten. With a beauty and feeling of care to it. No particular reason for using it, except that I thougt it matched what we're trying to express through the music.

*If you had to classify OBG in a genre, what would that be?
First two albums, something like dreampop I would say… which could change along the way of course..

*Before OBG, what did you do?
I went to the music academy, and played a lot as pianist with danish band Efterklang.

*How did the Bella Union deal happen?
I wrote Simon Raymonde on Myspace, and surprisingly he wrote me back, saying that he'd like to meet up and to hear some more music.

*There's a recurring theme in your lyrics, water, why would that be?
On When Your Blackening Shows yes, there are many water symbols. I don't know why really, lyrics happen quite subconscious to me. And sometimes I wont know myself what a song is about until later on. Funny thing with that album is, that I was invited to join a small boat crossing the atlantic ocean a few months after we were done recording it. And I had no clue about that at the time when I wrote the lyrics.

On the new album Golden Sea all lyrics are quite dark, there is alot about death and dying and such. Immediately they're very sad and tragic. But all the dying is just as much about new beginnings or some sort of transformation. Actually I feel it's very positive, like predicting some sort of change or new life. Or discovering that you live as being dead and therefore long to wake up to life.

*What's your inspiration when writing?
Feelings and atmospheres.. dreams I have at night..

*What inspires your style?
An instrument can be inspiring, a movie, music I listen to, things I experience..

*You have two albums to date, how would they differ from each other?
I think new album Golden Sea is fairly more outgoing than When Your Blackening Shows..

*What's the concept behind "When Your Blackening Shows"?
There is no real concept.. but the songs are quite dark and we wanted to express a feeling of hope and grace around them..

*And of "Golden Sea"?
Same I think.. but same time wanted Golden Sea to be more extrovert..

*Why is it that most of your songs create an almost deppresive athmosphere and mostly are about sad things? (in a good way of course :D)/Is there a particular reason for that?
I think that's because my drive for writing songs and playing music comes from a feeling of a loss of connection with a deeper form of contact with life or the world. I think we humans have forgotten a deeper beeing with our selves and nature which we once had. When writing and playing music that connection sometimes comes back to you, and that feels both sad and beautiful at the same time.

*If you had to chose one song written by you as your favourite song, what would that be?/Why?
"In The Lowlands" is a one of my favorites. It just came very easily and felt right straight away.

*One of my favourite songs is "Seven Wild Horses", what can you tell me about that song?/Where did your inspiration come from?
Seven Wild Horses comes from a dream I had, where there were seven horses standing around my bed. It's written quite unrationell and subcounsioussly. To me that's part of the joy of it, that I don't understand the lyrics myself in a rational way.

*What's behind the song "Garden Grow"?/Would you explain the music video? Who came up with that idea?
The video for Garden Grow is made by Ashley Dean. He and his team had made the most impressing landscape of a dark wood where the whole video was shot. Ashley made the full script for it, building a universe inspired from the lyrics.

*Your latest single is "The Burial", what's it meaning to you?
The Burial is about feeling you've lost contact with yourself, or the feeling of love inside yourself. And searching for it to find your way back.

*You had a nomination at the P3 Guld Awards, how did that feel to you?
It's always nice to feel that there is an appreciation of what you do. And as that show is a quite a big deal in Denmark we were very happy to be nominated for it.

*Is there a third album coming?/When can we expect it and how can we expect it to be?
Im working on new songs at the moment.. can't tell you yet when it'll be out.

*Would you like trying a different sound/style for future works?

*What can we expect from you in the coming months?
We will be playing some shows and festivals over the summer, and if we're lucky another single will be out soon.

Buy "When Your Blackening Shows" HERE.

Buy "Golden Sea" HERE.

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