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With a nostalgic sound that trasnsports the listener back in time, this Aarhus singer has been compared to Tracy Chapman, Bob Dylan and even Leonard Cohen in her almost 10 years of carrer, both in Denmark where she's recognized by her real name, and outside the country, where fans call her Tina Dico. Her latest album, "Welcome Back Color" was released on September 24, 2010 and is probably her greatest album to date. With 27 songs, which include a some of her biggest radio-hits, 5 new songs and new acoustic recordings, the album is bound to succed, after all, with 27 songs, there must be something for everyone. She's got the fun, the sad, the deep, the dramatic. But still, every song has something in common, Tina's incredible voice. She's got this timeless sound, well nostalgic fits it too, but the fact is that her voice is amazing today, would've been amazing and will be amazing, that won't change, Tina's musical talent will always be praised and it will never get old.

Buy "Welcome Back Color" and check some videos HERE ....

Buy "Welcome Back Color" HERE.

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