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Since I first introudced Sys back in July 2010, the girl has had some serious progress in her carrer! Her sophomore album, titled "All In", was released on September 20, 2010 by Universal Music, as I previously reported. The album is all performed in danish and although I wanted some English in it, I can't say it isn't amazing! There's something about her that I just love and I can't help it. Maybe it's because she has "it" or maybe it's because she's just great!

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I've been following Sys for a while now. The first time I heard her, her single "Alle Mine Veninder" really impressed me with it's indian beats and her quirky voice. Well, imagine that in a full album! Sys has created a great sound and she really shows how different she is from the rest. I doubt I ever heard something like this before. Each of the songs shows a different side of her, the emotional, the fun, the shy. I can almost feel a retro vibe in "Fuld Af ..." but the fact is that this the album is so quirky that I'm not sure I can classify it as retro. The title song is probably one of my favourites, it's unique and her vocals are crazy good, and fun! And that's how I would describe this. Fun. The albums lyrics and the way Sys sings them make it such an entertaining alubm to listen to. I could listen to this all day and not feel tired. So in conclusion, buy the album! How couldn't you with a cover like that?!

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