UPDATE: Jessica Mougin was cut! Sway was on the B2 with her.

Two of the girls found themeselves on the B2 last week. Tania Christopher and Jessica Mougin were announced to had recived the least amounts of votes. Following a judges votation, where Ed refused to vote for any of his acts ala Cheryl Cole, the three remaining judges decided to eliminate diva belter Tania. Tonight, the final night perform songs with a dance twist, well, that's what I understand from the theme "Dancing Queen". Gosh, I hoped they do it easier! Who will be the next dance godess? ... It's time to face the music!

Comments, videos and ratings AFTER THE JUMP ....



0909-1301. Of sms SWAY naar 3131 "Touch Me There" (Total Touch) - 5/10 - Ouch ... this is their worst performance to date! Not even one of them is on tune, this is such a trainwreck. Disco is definitely a horrible theme in any talent show but this is so off! And this is also a horrible song choice. Really Angela? As one friend said: "Singing is not what's happening here. More like the most awkward stage show ever." - VIDEO

Mark: 3/10 - Taken in a different context, this might have been appreciated as a parody of the XF itself. Semi-competent singers butchering various campy tunes, poorly arranged, behind an absurd neon flashing background. Asides from the fact that none of the singing was in tune, the poor choreography and terrible stage presence did absolutely made this look like a third-tier Vegas act at best.

Ed Ruyer


0909-1302. Of sms ED naar 3131 "Whole Lotta Rosie" (AC/DC) - 6,5/10 - I appreciate the fact that he's trying to do something different but this isn't for him. Hasn't Stacey realized that Ed is amazing just with a piano and a sort of slow song. I'd have actually prefered this song rearrenged to be performed like that. Well, of course it wasn't. It's shouty, screechy and his potenital isn't shown on this one. I was expecting better from him. - VIDEO

 Mark: 4/10 - So I'm not sure how to evaluate this performance, in all honesty, mostly because I don't really know how much he's in on the joke. On the one hand, I'd take all of the setting and just assume it was an elaborate, self-referential parody of one's inability to do rock and roll, playing off of ridiculous stereotypes like a good karaoke performer. On the other hand, I then remember I'm watching X-Factor. So it might just be sheer stupidity on the part of everyone.

Rolf Wienk


0909-1303. Of sms ROLF naar 3131 "Feeling Good" (Michael Bublé) - 8/10 - When this song is sang like this, it usually wins me. And like this I mean dark and emotional. Patricia did that on the Danish XF and now Rolf has done it here. And it definitely won me. I felt his emotion and what the song was trying to transmit. However, this arrengment wasn't too good, well, his phrasing actually. And what the f#*k was going on with that lighting? - VIDEO

Mark: 7/10 - So... Rolf (whose name looks way too much like rofl) is vaguely pretty. (Though not half as much as the French X-Factor guy, Raphael). I loved how dark the beginning was aesthetically, but it didn't really make sense with the song. That said, the extravagantly colorful change to the chorus was wholly unnecessary. And while the singing was usually competent, there were some definite issues in regards to key and phrasing.

Jessica Mougin


0909-1304. Of sms JESSICA naar 3131 "Unwritten" (Natasha Bedingfield) - 7/10 - I'm liking this semi acoustic performance of the song. I usually like Jessica's voice and I remember I said some times she was one of my faves. Having said that, her appearence on the B2 last week really played against her. Her vocal abilities have almost dissapeared, like if Tania had stolen them when she was cut. There are some pronunciation issues and some notes are off. But I still semi like this, partly because I'm biased with her.  - VIDEO

Mark: 6/10 - Natasha Beddingfield's "Unwritten" is actually a really nice song in this context; it's a lightweight, existential in pose though not in content, and not very demanding. In other words, it should be a great anthem for a congenial, comely contestand on a show like this. But that doesn't excuse the sloppy singing, which was just hard to listen to. Unfortunate.



0909-1305. Of sms SIMRAN naar 3131 "Respect"/"Think" (Aretha Franklin) - 8/10 - Much better than last week bad taste colourful trainwreck. The Sim'Ran we met at the auditions is back! Really nice harmonies and an amazing raspy tone from Lysa! The coreo wasn't bad, it was ok actually but I feel they needed a little more power, it felt a little bland. But still, a great improvement! - VIDEO

Mark: 7/10 - As an idea, a well-constructed and rehearesed RnB girl group singing soul classics seems at once somewhat overdone and yet compelling enough to be interesting. And while I think they looked great, ultimately they appeared lightweight, both because of the choreography and singing. Still, there's some promise there, if only because they seemed spirited and energetic.

Pyke Pos


0909-1306. Of sms PYKE naar 3131 "...Baby One More Time" (Britney Spears) - 8/10 - I remember some XF winner doing a similar cover of a Britney's song. Who was it? This is really nice. He's keeping his jazzy side and is doing a really emotional tackle of this song. A little too slow and not with too much vocal intensity but I liked this Pyke side. It was really pleasant. And with pleasant I mean it was just goof for me.   - VIDEO

Mark: 7/10 - "...Baby One More Time" is the de facto choice for the ironic covers, so I can't say I was thrilled to hear it rear its ugly head again. And while I am not opposed at all to finding originality in a stripped down arrangement, I found little to remark upon in a vocal that was at once too earnest and yet not believable. Honestly, this was one of those times the singer was outdone by the piano player.

Rochelle Perts


0909-1307. Of sms ROCHELLE naar 3131 "Upgrade" (Beyoncé)/"Rude Boy" (Rihanna)9/10 - Yes girl! You're definitely getting your rappy mojo back! Lots of swagger going on here! And really sexy dance moves. The song choice isn't really great but the arrengment really works. I'm loving this Rochelle. I so want more of this!  - VIDEO

Mark: 8/10 - I know there have been competent rappers on XF shows before (well, at least the UK version); still, Rochelle is far more convincing on the stage than any similar act. I can't say that her flow is particularly remarkable in any way, or that her singing is anything memorable. But she has a keen sense of sexuality, which serves her well here. 

Tim Suyderhoud


0909-1308. Of sms TIM naar 3131 "Somebody To Love" (Justin Bieber) - 4/10 - To start with. Justin Bieber? Is there any other more pukable singer on Earth? Well, Tim is either following fetus steps or he's trying to kill one of his songs. What in hell is happening on that stage?! Wow! This was disgusting. - VIDEO

Mark: 4/10 - There are few things less attractive than an out-of-his-depth teenager attempting to play the role of the Justin Bieber. Frankly, it's worse when he gives a vocal on a Bieber original that compares unfavorably with the original. Worse, he doesn't have any real swagger or danger, making even the miniscule Bieber seem comparatively dangerous. Frankly, there isn't any reason to introduce an act like this on the poor universe, save sheer commerical reasoning.



0909-1309. Of sms ADLICIOUS naar 3131 "Bohemian Rhapsody" (Queen) - 10/10 - Everyone knows they are my favourite right now and I want them to win this. Sick vocals from this three! There's not much to say. They are amazing and always do a great work with their performances. This isn't an exception.  I loved the the Galileo part of the song, that piece of lyrics is insanely good. They got an standing ovation, and I should give them one too! - VIDEO

Mark: 7/10 -  I can see why this performance might be recieved well. Taking Queen's most iconic song and delivering it behind dramatic lighting looks cool. That said, I'm not a fan of this performance; frankly, bombast was in plenty, but there was little in the way of pathos. I was unmoved and bored.
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