My favourite YouTube singer, Becca Cole, aka Becca de la Musique,  has recently been nice enough to answer some questions to me. You can read the interview after the jump and watch some of her newst videos! You can also read about her HERE.

*How would you describe yourself/your singing style?
Haha erm... Well I guess I'm sort of Acoustic / Indie / Folk / Giggling?!
Obviously there is some French thrown in to the mix too! I am currently writing some French songs.

*Have you ever recorded in a studio?
Hmm not exactly a studio but I have some wonderful friends who are clued up about music recording and who help me out with their home-based recording arrangements. I love friends.

*Any album plans?
Haha I'm not sure about an album but I will hopefully be releasing my second EP later this year, depending on how much partying... I mean revising I'll be doing at university!

*So you released an EP?
Yes I did release an EP in 2008, entitled 'Excusez-Moi?'
I only sold a few copies in person at gigs so I don't have any left but when I record my next EP this year then I will try and get it onto iTunes! A few songs from the old EP are on my Myspace currently :)

*Who is your biggest influence?
Oh gosh! Honestly, a lot of people spring to mind! If I had to say one then it would be Patrick Wolf - he is a God.

*Who is your latest favourite artist?
Hmmmm.... *thinking*.... I guess Florence and the Machine because Florence Welch is amazing (but I did have red hair first) but I'm also really into prog / death / thrash metal. Quite a varied music taste I guess.

*On your YouTube account I read you are in a band named "Such Modern Ways" How did your band form?
Well, we're all at university together at the moment. We formed back in 2008 having met through a society at my university called 'Bandsoc' where musicians meet up and jam together. It was love at first song...

*So you are at university, what are you studying exactly?
I study French at the University of Warwick. I'll be living in France for a year as of this October in fact!

*Have you ever considered applying for the X Factor?
Haha maybe when I was drunk and started singing manically at the television... But in all seriousness? No. I wouldn't really want to be part of that whole system - I don't want my creativity taken away from me.

*Which are your hobbies despite singing?
Hmmm! Well I do quite a lot of dancing and used to be very into gymnastics. I love reading and also pretending to be a cat when I'm drunk. My friends seem to find it amusing...

*Any interesting thing about you that we don't know?
Haha no I'm boring as hell.
Kidding, umm... I am the proud owner of a Blue Peter badge and drink on average five cups of tea a day.


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