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The Over 25 singer breaths jazz. His incredible performances throughout the show earned him a place in the final and lead him to win it all. The piano version of "Angels" and his breathtaking performance of "Dirty Diana" proved the crown belongs to him. Although I would have loved Basilic to win, the guy deserved it.


I'm not in love with her voice but it's kind of good. Her "Poker Face" cover is pretty good and "Ironic" is awesome despite some pitch problems. The dancers and that lights made de performance unforgettable and her acoustic cover made her current, one of her best covers on the show by far.


An excellent four-pice group. Their uniqueness is so impressive. I personally loved "Sweet Dreams", they managed to make a song, which I found boring, very cool, and that ending was funny. I'm not a fan of the lead singer but, as a group, they are incredible.


She was my favourite this year. Not only she has a great voice but a cool personality. Her version of "I Kissed a Girl" is better than the original, when she broke that doll, the note she reached was amazing. Cyrielle has a powerfull voice and I don't know why she left so early, I expected her to win.


Guillaume was the acoustic singer of the year, and I really liked him despite hating that earing. His verison of "Wonderwall" was fantastic, considering he was singing for his "life". He doesn't have a powerful voice but it has a raspy tone which is really pleasant.


French Susan Boyle? The 40 somthing contestant has a very similar vibe to Susan, the same look and the same type of voice. However, I didn't like her. Although I tried and tried, there was something which just didn't worked in her. Was it her voice? Probably because I found it quite boring and old fashioned.

Character Soul

I liked them a lot, but unfortunately they left too early. "No Woman No Cry" was the bomb, and they proved they doesn't have a common powerful voice, but an unique and deep one.

Gauthier Dymon and Flo

Why did they left? Aren't boy groups supposed to avdvance because of the girl vote? And they weren't any bad! The slowed beggining of "Video Killed the Radio Star" was incredible and it tooke me a lot to make out what song they were singing. They made it original and it was good.


Not the worse voice but not the best. With a non impressive performance during week 1, Cécil couldn't avoid falling in the forgettable range and faced elimination. Her voice was good, but just that. She had a decent voice.

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