American Idol contestant, Margo May, who was part of the troubled group in Hollywood and who has also released an album, has done this little interview for me. We chat about her just released "Summerof", her possible re-audition for Idol and many more things! You can check her website HERE.

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*Who would you name as your biggest influence?
Cat Power and M. Ward. Mostly because they live their lives simply and not in over access, but maintain their careers.

*How would you describe your Idol experience?
REALLY AMAZING. To have that in my brain knowing I was chosen out of over 100,000 auditioners to go to Hollywood means a lot to me. It gives me hope that I have something different and captivating about me, because they really don't pick people unless they have a "quality"

*You were in the troubled group with Alex, Mary, Hope and Erin,  Do you believe Mary was really mean or was it an overreaction?
I think Mary was a bit harsh on the actual group day, I definitely was really choked up, but ya know, in the end we are friends, I hope we can all be friends, even tho things ended so sadly. I know that Mary Powers has my back in all the art and music I make, just as I have hers.

*Do you believe you were wrongly eliminated? Should someone else have left instead?
Well I think from our group I was perhaps weaker, but ya know they showed the one part I messed up, I really did ok on that round. I think part of the reason I was eliminated was because they needed the "drama" and I got more screen time then erin hundley, so therefore they needed some more drama.

*You have already auditioned for Idol twice, do you believe the third is the lucky one?
Ya know MAYBE for fun? But I have faith I can have a full and amazing career as and indie artist, without the help of TV cameras. Although I must say being on television is thrilling, I want to do more work with commercials.

*I've seen you have released your first album, "Summerof", What's the concept of it?
Summertime thoughts, easy going, California, breezes on a picnic blanket, summer crickets, summers in small town, Kansas, growing up, learning to love.

*Is it an independent album?
Totally, I did it all on my own

*Have you already recorded before this album?
Only on my personal computer

*What part did you enjoy the most while doing it?
Gosh getting the final product in the mail! Seeing it on ITUNES! so that my fellow idol friend can DOWNLOAD IT, go download it! A lot of the idol producers have downloaded it and say they enjoy it very much.

*What is your favourite song of yours and what does it means to you?
"Love Somebody", it is about losing someone and loving someone and feeling deep emotion for someone you cannot still have in your life both physically and mentally, also it is about being cold waiting for a train in Chicago.

*What can you tell me about your song "Hurracaine"?
Sounds kind of silly now, but that song really ripped my heart out when I wrote it, first big heart-break, losing my first love. I wrote it one day really quick in about 20 minutes in the car, originally it was less upbeat. I just kept repeating the almost nursery rhyme like line "doesn't he know he is breaken my heart? he is taken my heart through a hurricane."

*Who are "Margo May and the Honeybabes"?
It is just me and one other guy, Grant Buell on keys, Grant is on most of the album too. You know I don't think I will ever be called that again, it was just a fun name to call all the dudes who played with me over the years. Now I just want to be my name, it was the name I was born with, so that is what I will go by. I am lucky to have amazing talented people who want to actually play with me! Dream band members = M.Ward, Sufjans Stevens, and Neils Klein! woot!

*Something interesting about you?
I have been writing songs since I was 6 or 7 and have known since my idol experience that this is what I am supposed to do. No matter all the hardships and funky looks from people at the odd jobs I have, this is my talent, and I think I am different than most girl song writers my age.

*What is the best advice you have received?
"Know that if you aren't captivating then maybe you weren't meant to be on a stage, being captivating isn't something you try to do, it is something that just are ."- Simon Cowell's ex girlfriend after I got cut from Idol.

*With which current artist would you compare to?
Norah Jones or Ingrid Michaleson

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Margo on Idol

Love Somebody

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