The 1st Live Show took off today evening and I finally understood it's metod. The 6 groups perform with only two going into the finals. The highest vote getter advances instantly, and the second and third placers sing once again in order to be saved by the judges, to take part in a wildcard show. Both teams advance, being the other four instantly eliminated. They are also doing a DSB group called "The Supergroup". They are currently five singers but five more will be added next week and on and on.

I'm really digging this new show. It has an incredible concept and it was really enjoyable! It's like a breeze of fresh air compared to an old talent show format. This could easily become my favourite show!

UPDATE: YouTube Videos Posted!

Check this week winners, read my comments and see the videos of all the performances after the JUMP ...

The advancing groups were Singer Station, who were the highest vote getters and Dice, as a wildcard. I'm pretty staisfied with the result, the best groups advanced. I'd have loved to see The ClasSix advance but they weren't good enough.

You can also check the contestants biographys, in my previous post, HERE. A post dedicated to "The Supergruop" will be posted tomorrow.


Do Your Thing  (Basenment Jaxx)/Voulez Vous (ABBA) - My favourite of the night, entertaining, amazing vocals and incredible personalities. That's what I call a good show. All the single performers had an incredible vocal range. I loved the second singer on the top row from the left (in the picture above), she has such a powerfull range. She could easily make a solo CD. Beside their incredible voices, they were also amazing dancer, the moves they made weren't accomplished by any of the other groups. The best of the night, and they were the firsts!

The ClasSix

Video Killed The Radio Star (The Buggles) - I liked them a lot too. They are so quirky! And I love it  so much. The TV scenario was cool and the performance overall was good but a bit weak in comparisson with the others. I was really waiting to see what they had, and I was happily surprised! A wide variety of vocal ranges made it so enjoyable, I felt some opera tones, but I may be a bit crazy.

Step Up

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Stevie Wonder)/Think (Aretha Franklin) - They were really good indeed. There were some great solos, the girl with the black and red hair was extremely powerfull and surprising, who would imagine that that voice with come from that girl! A very dinamic performance. I would, however, scratch the guys, they aren't needed in such an incredible girl group, who even noticed them? The arrangment was superb, a very well formed mash-up.

The Manchester Show Choir

Bad Romance/Poker Face (Lady Gaga) - The biggest group of the day, Manchester Show Choir wasn't the best as many expected. The amount of voices weren't good mixed and there was many movement on the stage. It was fun to watch, but it wasn't excellent. Less is more. I missed the individualites, the solo parts, there was too many superposition. The performance was enjoyable but not good vocally.


Singer Station

True Colors (Cyndy Lauper) - Theye were the best definitely! The performance they made was beutiful, the painting in their hands was stunning. Their voices blended well together, though they weren't spectacular. I also missed some solo parts. I guess their age is a disadvantage as their voice isn't fully developed. I'm waiting to see how they improve in 5 weeks time when they get to the finals.


Sex on Fire (Kings of Leon) - I actually didn't liked it. I need a female voice into the mix. I can't just have 20 male voices.  They were good indeed, with many different tones, but I think it didn't worked. The performance was a bit dull and overall boring. The dancer was hot, but that's it. As it happened with Manchester Show Choir, they were too many people. An advice for next week contestants, keep things simple, an extravagant performance isn't good at all.

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