Keeping up with the latest gossip, the new satrs to be apparently guest-starring on the second season are Javier Bardem and Paul McCartney, yes, you read it right! The legendary Beatle and the multiple award winning actor are fans of the show! According to Ryan Murphy, both, actor and singer,  approched him with the desire to be part of the hit show. Bardem is confirmed and Paul is in the works. The spanish will reportedly play a spanish Rock n' Roll singer in the second half of the season. Also back, Jonathan Groff and a possible return of Neil Patrick Harris.

And a bit more on the Britney episode. It will be called "Britney/Brittany" and will feature lots of Heather Morris, who claims she can sing. It will air in September. Murphy says they are doing it in a weird "hallucinogenic" way, very Brittany style!
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