James Johnston was the Australian Idol Season 7 third placer. I really didn't liked him on Idol, he wasn't ready for it, but I think he may have evolved enough to be considered as a singer. He has just released his new single, "Rollercoaster" on March 22, 2010 and a music video for it debuted on YouTube on April 15. The song deals with a couple in which the woman is a "rollercoaster" (crazy bitch). I actually like it, it's a modern rock song with country influences, after all, James is a country boy. I love the echoed singing at 2:07 and then the acoustic transition is just brilliant. I also liked the video a lot, it was really well filmed and edited, very enjoyable.

Watch the music video and buy "Rollercoaster" after the JUMP ...

Buy "Rollercoaster" HERE.

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