Music Idol 2009 winner, the Bulgarian version of  Idol, Magi Djanavarova, has recently released her debut album, the almost complete bulgarian "Purva stypka". The only english song is "Catch You". It's an Rn'B album, and even if I don't understand a thing she's saying, I love it! She has incrediblly powerful vocals and it feels really electrizing, I could easily listen it without problems or boredness. She has filmed two music videos, her own song "Trqbva da znam" (I Have to Know)  and as a featured artist with Miro, "Svetut E Moi". "Trqbva da znam" is incredible. I can imagine what she is saying through that video and the song has a great rythm. The 1:20 part with a quieter voice, WOW. I want to see some english material now!

Watch the videos after the JUMP ...

I couldn't find a link to buy the album, but HERE is her MySpace.


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