We finally have our final 32 and after this stage, we will be left with the final 16 that will compete on the liveshows. But that's not all. A big twist will be reveled on next week first liveshow. But now, the contestants are going to be jetted around the world in order to determine who is worthy of a spot in the finals! ... It's time to face the music!

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Top 32

Boys - Gary
  1. Frankie Cocozza
  2. Craig Colton
  3. Marcus Collins
  4. James Michael
  5. John Wilding
  6. Luke Lucas
  7. Joe Cox
  8. Max Vickers

Girls - Kelly
  1. Jade Richards
  2. Misha Bryan
  3. Janet Devlin 
  4. Amelia Lilly
  5. Melanie McCabe
  6. Sarah Watson
  7. Holly Repton 
  8. Sophie Habibis
 Overs - Louis
  1. Carolynne Poole
  2. Goldie Cheung
  3. Kitty Brucknell
  4. Jonjo Kerr 
  5. Joseph Gilligan
  6. Terry Winstanley
  7. Sami Brookes
  8. Jonny Robinson

Groups - Tulisa
  1. The Estrelles
  2. Girl vs Boy
  3. The Keys
  4. The Risk
  5. Nu Vibe
  6. 2 Shoes 
  7. Rhythmix
  8. The Lovettes

  • They are in Greece with Jessie J, who was recently announced as BBC's The Voice first judge. (Source)
  • The Keys sound good but they are just Charlie as the lead and 4 average backing singers who only do harmonies. I don't get why Charlie doesn't go solo, he lacks confidence I guess.
  • The Estrelles are huge fodder, we've only seen seconds and despite they sound good they are very old fashioned. Don't expect them to go far. Don't expect Girl v Boy to go far either. They are not only an incrediblly odd couple but they are also not good singers. The Lovettes sound good, despite that final note by Chess, but they don't look together, so they should also be cut after that. (VIDEO)
  • The Risk are another case of miss-manufacture. They don't look like a group, they look uncomfortable with each other and incrediblly bored together. Especially Marlon and Derry, I think they hate each other. Yeah, that sounded kinda good but it was really forgettable.
  • 2 Shoes are this year comedy act, only that they can sing. They are singing "Tik Tok" and they are doing an incredible work with it, it sounds much better than the original (duh) and it sounded like a completely different song. Finally a group that sounds promising!
  • Nu Vibe are just like brothers now, well, that's what they say. Hard to believe it. Am I the only one sick of boybands? The market is oversatured, we don't need another mediocre one. Fortunately, they aren't entirely bad and have a quite interesting edge. They made Jessie's "Nobody's Perfect" sound different at least and they seemed to have a personality.
  • Final group is last minute manufactured Rhythmix (Jade, Jessy, Perrie and Leigh-Anne), they have never performed together. They are singing "Big Girls Don't Cry" and they end up crying. Haha. Even Jessie cries! Well, that was quite good but it wasn't that good. Could they break the girlband curse? I hope so, cause I kinda liked them.

  • Sent to Miami with Jennifer Hudson as Kelly's helper. This girls have a lot of preassure!
  • Amelia Lilly wows with "ET" and for the first time I see her potential. I've not been her biggest fan till now but I'm one now.
  • Jade Richards made Kelly cry the first time with her powerful voice. Well, she's sounding great once more but there's not as much emotion or power here. It sounds really beautiful and very bluesy and once more, she seems to be channeling Adele. Kelly thinks it could have been better.
  • Sophie Habibis has been the darkhorse thus far, she's been wowing with her beautiful performances but we've not seen much from her and she keeps sailing through the competition. She's definitely making an impact now. That was probably one of the best performances I've seen tonight, very beautiful. "I want the album now" Kelly says.
  • Sarah Watson has a really unique voice and considering she didn't get this far in the first place, she's doing a great job. I hope she comes back next year, cause we all know she'll be cut and there's lots of potential in her. Melanie McCabe may have a lot of control but she comes off as boring for that. Holly Repton will be seen for the first time tonight, and that means she'll be cut too. She sounds very good though. (VIDEO)
  • Misha Bryan is a fashion trainwreck but her voice isn't. She's one of the best in Kelly's category and she mixes rap and pop as if it was something easy. Her voice is amazing too. Kelly think there are some bad habits but she doesn't care.
  • Little Janet Devlin acts as she doesn't know she'll make it to the finals, and probably win the whole show. She's shoe less cause it makes her feel more grounded, Diana anyone? She's my fave, she just makes me smile. I love her performances, they are all very beautiful and touching and she's just adorable! She feels like she's going home! Aw!!

  • Poor Overs not only are given Louis as they mentor but they also get Sinitta. Dissapointment much? Well, at least they are in Barcelona and not in Ireland.
  • Johnny Robinson is the most annoying thing I've ever seen. His thin voice makes me want to kill hin. And well, he likes to dress in drag, which explains it all. His performance is disgusting, give him a wig and a dress and it'll be much better.
  • Sami Brookes is also a bit annoying but she's fun at least. She's too karaoke for me though and she's definitely this year's Mary. She always gives us a great performance but she doesn't do anything for me.
  • Terry Winstanley just sounds bad for me. I don't get why he got this far, his voice isn't powerful enough. Poor Carolynne Poole doesn't stand a chance with Louis. The man is crazy and he won't pick her cause she's too normal and a very good singer. Louis want mediocre people! Joseph Gilligan is another great singer who won't be picked. Louis can't stand good singers, at all. Goldie Cheung is just bonkers and given that Louis is crazy too, she'll make it far. Her performance is a trainwreck and it's really annoying. I think I've had enough from her. (VIDEO)
  • Jonjo Kerr, army guy who no one has paid attention too, actually has a good soulish voice. He can be very good with some mentoring, of course, he won't be good cause his mentor is Louis who can only bring shit to the world. That was very good though.
  • Kitty Brucknell is not only psycho but she can also sing like a pro. She's definitely the best in this category. That was a toned down and beautiful performance. Very emotional. Oh wait. She ruined it by jumping into the pool. Yeah, she's nuts.

  • They are sent to LA with Robbie Williams who makes an almost naked entry ala Sinitta. 
  • Frakie Cocozza doesn't want people to think he's the cheeky a bit mental chap. Well, that's exactly what we think. This performance is as mediocre as he always is but I liked his song choice and it wasn't completely horrible. He's probably the weakest singer in the category after Luke though.
  • John Wilding spent a lot of money in a make over and he looks exactly the same but with a lot of gross make-up going on. He sounds good, he always do, but he's just not emotional. He just sings cause he has to.
  • Joe Cox is one of my faves, his got a lot of intensity and his voice is really unique. I hope he's also back if cut. Another really unique contestant is James Michael, who also sounds really unique like Joe minus the hand. He doesn't know what to do with his hands but his voice is beautiful. Max Vickers sounds really weird. His voice is too high but his also really special. (VIDEO)
  • Horrible Luke Lucas delivers the worst performance in the entire series by any contestant and after missing all the possible notes and sounding as horrible as possible, the kid starts crying. Well, we know who's not making it to the finals. And I'm glad he isn't. Imagine having to listen this disgusting voice every week?! Hope he's never back ...
  • Marcus Collins is this year's Danyl Johnson without the cockiness and he's much better too. He's voice is really soulish and powerful and he's very emotional. I don't like his way of singing but I wouldn't care if he makes it.
  • Craig Colton is the final performer. He was definitely the best amon the boys with "Halo". It was ridiculously good and I bet Gary loved him.
Top 16
Boys - Gary
  1. Frankie Cocozza
  2. Craig Colton
  3. Marcus Collins
  4. James Michael

Girls - Kelly
  1. Misha Bryan
  2. Janet Devlin 
  3. Amelia Lilly
  4. Sophie Habibis
 Overs - Louis
  1. Kitty Brucknell
  2. Jonjo Kerr 
  3. Sami Brookes
  4. Jonny Robinson

Groups - Tulisa
  1. The Risk (with Charlie from The Keys and without Marlon)
  2. Nu Vibe
  3. 2 Shoes 
  4. Rhythmix
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