Last week we saw 4 acts leave in a brutal shocking twist. Amelia Lily,  2 Shoes, James Michael and Jonjo Kerr all were eliminated from the competition when their respective mentors didn't pick them to continue in the competition. Tonight the Top 12 will sing songs from a "Love and heartbreak" theme. Who will be heartbroken on Sunday night? ... It's time to face the music!

Recap and videos after the JUMP ...

Nu Vibe


"With or Without You" - 3/10 - Poor Tulisa. She's proved that she's a good mentor but this guys keep sucking and sucking. I hope this is their swan song, I fear they may become the new One Direction and with this awful singing I don't think I could stand them. Poor Stefan and Bradley, they got stuck in a sucky group. Well, that was awful. Totally agree with Louis, they aren't Nu Vibe, they are No Vibe. - VIDEO

Louis: Guys the best thing about this group is image, you look brilliant. But there is something missing, there is no chemistry I don’t know what it is…for me there was no vibe.
Kelly: I gotta disagree with Louis. I didn’t know what to expect this week but I am so happy that you all came up here and put it down!
Gary: Nu Vibe, I’m sorry guys no vibe for me. At this point of the competition I would be expecting to hear vocals a lot tighter than this. Not good enough for me.
Tulisa: I totally disagree with Gary and Louis, you guys knew that last week you became the underdogs of the competition and you worked your butts off, day in, day out to get those vocals on point. What an improvement, vocally you sounded so much better, Ashford you took the lead this week, we know you’re the strongest singer in the group and you shone and the guys you accepted that and went for it.

Sami Brookes


"I Will Always Love You" - 7/10 - There's no doubt that she can nail every single note plus she's got a really big loveable personailty but she's just a younger, better looking Mary Byrne. Sorry, but it's the truth. This was a very boring performance and how cheesy did it get with the chorus? I don't think she'll make it as far as Mary, maybe she can place 7th at least. - VIDEO

Kelly: Sami I think you already know that you are one of the most lovable people anyone could ever meet but the fact, whoever was it broke your heart? Let me go stamp on his. Girl you sang the heck out of that song, ok….put it down!
Gary: Sami let me start by saying you look gorgeous tonight babe, absolutely beautiful. You know I’m a big fan of yours, that song was a little bit too close to being a cruise ship singer for me but you have a brilliant voice and I really enjoyed the performance…well done! I would never have given Sami that song, it’s too old fashioned for her….she’s a diva!
Tulisa: Sami do you know what, that is a massive song but I tell you what you have a massive voice and not many people can get away with singing that song and actually nail it but tonight, you nailed it.
Louis: Sami everybody in Wales is so proud of you tonight, I want them to lift their phones and vote for you. That was effortless, it was emotional and it was beautiful and I am really proud of you.

Craig Colton


"Best Thing I Never Had"  - 9/10 - I don't get this song choice at all but I like Craig's voice so much that I couldn't care less. And I don't mind his stupid faces either. Haha. Yeah, we can say that this is an old fashioned arrengment but why complain just for the sake of complaining? That was a great performance, period. - VIDEO

Kelly: Craig you have a beautiful voice but for me, maybe I’m biased but not the best song choice but you still delivered a great performance….you can’t deny that.
Gary: Well done you are in a league of your own mate. I thought the song choice was absolutely perfect. I know you’re enjoying your newfound fame and all your followers, you deserve it…well done!
Tulisa: You have such an amazing voice and no matter what song you sing that is plain to see. I have to say, in rehearsals, when I heard the song choice I was worried but hearing you tonight you did an amazing job. You’re versatile so well done.
Louis: Craig you did it last week and this week, a brilliant interpretation of a Beyonce song. A very, very brave thing to do Gary but it really worked. People really love you and you deserve to be on that stage.

Janet Devlin


"Can't Help Falling in Love" - 8/10 - Her grandfather passed away this week but she's still performing cause that's what he would have wanted. She's reworking this Elvis Presley classic, or just copying Ingrid Michaelson cover. Either way, this is another great performance from her. Her voice makes me smile and I just feel happy when I hear her. Still, she needs to mix it up or people may start getting bored from her. - VIDEO

Kelly: Janet I couldn’t be more proud and I know that your grandfather is very proud because you delivered such a beautiful heartfelt performance.
Gary: You’re an absolute one off and a great translator of music. I don’t only hear every note you sing, I feel very note you sing it is absolutely beautiful…well done for getting through tonight.
Tulisa: Janet I’m going to be 100% honest, that song that you sung tonight, before I got the job on this panel I thought I loved this song so much I want one of my acts to sing that song, now, hearing you tonight I realise that no other person in this competition could have sung it as well as you did tonight. That song was meant for you, well done.
Louis: Janet I know you’ve had a tough week but that was a brilliant song choice. I love the fact that you’re singing an Elvis song and I liked the new arrangement. You touch me, I believe every word you say and you’ve got this Celtic soul. We’re looking for a new recording voice and Janet Devlin you’ve got a great recording voice.

Frankie Cocozza


"The Scientist" 2/10  -  Gary changed his song once more, I hope he blews it. Another song I love, another song Frankie is ruinning for me. He can't sing, he talks and all his performances sound the same. This is the worst finalist this year,  Gary just listened to the hype and not to the actual vocals, Frankie should have never made it over Joe or James. - VIDEO

Gary: Frankie back in the real world that was fantastic mate, well done. You responded to the song change just as I thought you would. You did a great job tonight…..thank you!
Tulisa: You’ve got the star quality there’s no doubt about that and every time you stand on that stage I can feel it. I have to be honest I wasn’t too sure about the song choice this week. The song choices are a little repetitive with you, it seems to be the same vibe…I’d love a bit of a shock factor from you. I know what you’re capable of so I’d like to see the best you can give. I think you are capable a lot more….
Louis: When we saw you at bootcamp we all thought you were the one to beat….but that was just a very very average song choice. It just didn’t work. You seem to have lost your swagger or something. It was just very, very average.
Kelly: Those words sound very weird coming from you Louis, don’t you ever say Swagger again! I will say that I didn expect mroe from you this week, I do love the song and I love everything about you but I think that you vocally, you have got to come up to another level because it’s just sitting stagnant…’ve got to move.

Johnny Robinson


"Can't Get You Out Of My Head" - 5/10 - OMG! WTF?? I'm just speechless. You'll have to watch this to believe it, too hard to imagine it. Drag japanese geisha themed show. That's the general idea. Can his vocals get anymore annoying? Just perform in drag and end this joke performances Johnny! And as weird it sounds, it was actually quite funny. Haha.  - VIDEO

Kelly: Ohhh Johnny. I don’t know….hi Johnny! Just move to Gary man because I’m still in shock. I need to hear you sing Johnny, I don’t want you to hide behind Kylie. We all know she is wonderful and she has great songs but I want to hear your voice.
Gary: In all seriousness, I am actually quite sad because I don’t want to laugh at you Johnny. I don’t want you to be the joke in this competition, I want people to take you seriously because you can actually sing. Louis did you just really tell Frankie he has no swagger and then do this to Johnny? I mean look at him, he looks like he’s in Aladdin.
Tulisa: You do it for me every time. You definitely have the entertainment factor, only one criticism tonight and it’s not for you it’s for Louis. I just want to say that as much as he is entertaining – and we know this – I would love to see the vocal shine through. I would love you to give him a song that shows he really can sing. You’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but for now you are mine.
Louis: You know what, Johnny, I’m really glad that I saved you last week because you are bringing fun. Gary Barlow is laughing, that’s a first. You bring fun to the competition, I know you can sing, but it’s all round entertainment guys.

Marcus Collins


"Russian Roulette"  - 6/10 -  Gary wants Marcus to show his emotional side. "No smiles till the end" Gary says. I appreciate the attempt but it's just falling flat to the floor. He looks unfocused and his vocals are sounding worse than ever. I'm starting to believe he can't do this slow performances and he can only sing upbeat stuff. While it wasn't atrocious, it was far from great. - VIDEO

Kelly: I think there are so many different ways that you can showcase your personality and this happens to be a lower tone. I think you did a great job with that, but I would have liked to have seen more emotion from you and just to get lost in the song.
Gary: Marcus I don’t know what this lot are talking about. You were absolutely brilliant tonight, you’ve stepped out of the shadows this week and showcased your vocal tonight. Well done!
Tulisa: I have to be honest but I do feel that that was the wrong song choice for you. I do not feel like it was a good representation of your personality or what you are capable of when it comes to vocals. I know you can do so much better, but in saying that, I think you still deserve to be in this competition and show people what you are capable of.
Louis: Marcus I think you’re a great singer and performer and you’ve got a great smile, but I really think Gary gave you a very difficult task singing a Rihanna song, You were out of your comfort zone and I think with the right song you could do an awful lot better.


"I'm Like A Bird" - 9/10 - I'm excited to see what they are gonna do with this song. I'm loving this girls, they are bloody great and are definitely the best girlband that has touched the X Factor stage, no doubt about that. Wow! I'm loving this arrengment! They are making this song sound totally funky and really cool. I just love them! If this girls are cut, I'm gonna cut someone ...  - VIDEO

Kelly: Ladies you did such a great job tonight. You should be so proud. I do think everyone at home should vote for you, and I would love to continue to watch you grow in this competition.
Gary: Girls, fresh and exciting and the problem with The X factor in the past – with the girlbands – is that they have always tried to be like The Spice Girls or Girls Aloud, you are totally your own in your own lane. Keep listening to Tulisa, she’s guiding you really well.
Tulisa: I’m so happy I choose that song for you because you absolutely smashed it. Let me just tell people at home, what you see on that stage with these girls is what you get. They are real people, real young ladies that girls across the UK can relate to.
Louis: Well girls , I’m so glad Tulisa saved you last week. That was fun, there’s great chemistry, great energy with you and you’re like the great fun girls next door. Gary said you were the best girlband ever on X Factor….I have to agree with him. This could be the start of something big…I hope people vote.

Misha B


"Would I Lie To You?" - 8,5/10 - I think Misha is starting to get overconfident, she sounds, looks and talks like a total diva, and that may start to repel people from liking her. However, no matter how overconfident she is, the girl has a massive voice and talent, no one can deny that. Fabulous performance, I'd pay to see that in a concert. It was that good. - VIDEO

Louis: I loved the styling, I loved the staging, the voice and the song choice Kelly. This could be a hit all over again. We need a new urban queen…I think we’ve found her!
Tulisa: Misha you just get better and better for me. Only two weeks we’ve seen you and both times you’ve reinvented yourself so I can’t wait to see what’s to come. You’ve really given your all up there and you’ve got that shock factor, you change it up and I hope you keep inventing yourself each week, that was an amazing performance.
Gary: The queen of soul Misha B, that was extraordinary. It’s very strange because watching you isn’t like watching a contestant, it’s like watching one of the guest artists we have on this show., You really are another level!
Kelly: I am so proud, you worked very hard this week and hard work pays off. Continue to continue to continue to turn it up a notch…ok?

The Risk


"Just The Way You Are" - 8/10 - Singing on stools again? Tulisa needs to think of something new for them. I still hate boybands but this guys are much better than awful Nu Vibe. They have a vibe!!! They really jelled perfectly together and their vocals aren't bad at all, they are actually good. I wouldn't mind them staying for some weeks.  - VIDEO

Kelly: You were really great last week and you guys have come up this week. You should be really proud of yourselves, great vocals.
Gary: Guys two words from me, pure class. That is what hard work and commitment sounds like. I have been in your shoes, I was in a band that was put together, we took our moment and worked hard at it and you have realised that’s what you’ve got to do. Well done, really amazing.
Tulisa: You sound like you’ve been a band for 10 years. I don’t class you as manufactured because I think regardless of me putting you together, you should have found each other anyway. It was meant to be, the four of you are amazing. I just want you to rock this comeptiton, I want all the ladies to vote for these guys.
Louis: There are a lot of boybands out there at the moment guys but there is always room for a good one and this is a brilliant one! I love the fact that you all share the vocals and everybody is singing. There is something magical here guys and I am going to predict big things for The Risk, not just on the X Factor but in the pop charts.

Sophie Habibis


"Wherever You Will Go" - 9/10 -  "No one know who I am yet" Sophie says after going out with Janet and Misha and hearing people chanting for them, and not for her. Aww! Well, I certainly know who you are and I absolutely love you. She's definitely my fave this year and I'll love whatever she does. Just like this performance! I kinda hate the song choice but Sophie's got a terrific voice and she can make anything sound terrific. Still, I fear the same thing to Janet will happen to her if she doesn't sing something different. I need another massive performance from her to put her at the top!  - VIDEO

Kelly: Tonight you brought it up a couple of notches and I’m so proud of you. Your voice is amazing and it doesn’t just make you a normal person baby it makes you a star!
Gary: There’s no question that you’re a really great vocalist, I think the only real constructive criticism I have is, there was just a little spark missing for me. If there’s anything to work on, it’s not just a good singer that will win this competition. I think you need to find a little spark somewhere, it’s just missing something.
Tulisa: What’s great about you for me is that I can really relate to you. You’re a north west London girl and I’m from the same area and you’re representing…but you’re just such a normal person and when you stand up there you seem so sincere. When it comes down to it it’s about the talent and you have it. You have the vocal and the ability to sell albums.
Louis: Sophie you are probably the quietest girl in the competition. You are not an attention seeker and you have amazing and beautiful talent. You have to start believing in yourself more, that was a brilliant performance. I love the song choice and I want people to start noticing and voting for you.

Kitty Brucknell


"It's Oh So Quiet" - 10/10 - How weird can this get? She's dressed like Alice in Wonderland at the tea party, with white rabbit and Mad Hatter included. Well, this is bloody great! The most original performance of the night and probably the best vocals too. She nailed every single bit of that performance! People can hate her but they need to vote for her after that amazing performance! - VIDEO

Kelly: Kitty tonight you delivered vocally but I think you have got to remember the same people that you want to sell records to, they have to love you babe. You gotta get them to love you. It’s not just about the voice…you really do have a great performance every week it just never ceases to amaze me.
Gary: Kitty there’s a lot of talk about you, I’m not bothered about that. I’m going to judge on that performance tonight and if this was really a talent contest and not a popularity one you’d be here next week.
Tulisa: Kitty I am a little speechless I have to admit. No one can deny that there is something different about you but also, no one can deny the talent that you have. As an artist you are amazing. Every time I see you on that stage I am lost for words and the truth is, I am lost for words and I hope people vote for you, for what’s important which is your talent.
Louis: You never let me down, you always deliver, you go out there fighting. You were born to be on that stage but I need people to vote for you… fantastic! That was the performance of the night.
    1.  Kitty Brucknell
    2.  Rhythmix
    3.  Sophie Habibis
    4.  Craig Colton
    5.  Misha B
    6.  Janet Devlin
    7. The Risk
    8.  Sami Brookes
    9.  Marcus Collins
    10. Johnny Robinson
    11. Nu Vibe
    12. Frankie Cocozza

      Before getting to the results, The Wanted are performing their new single, "Lighting", reminding us how great they are how bad boybands are. Next is Katy Perry, who's singing a wonderful stripped down version of "The One That Got Away", showing people she can actually sing and emote. That was truly the best performance I've seen from her.

      Results time now ... Well, the UK totally got it right this time around! The worst acts of the night (and the series), Nu Vibe and Frankie Cocozza both ended in the Bottom 2 after reciving the least amout of votes. OMG! Watch Frankie's face!! He's pissed! I'm loving it. Nu Vibe are first, they are awful of course and can't even hold a single note. Frankie performs next, and it's another massive trainwreck, much worse than Nu Vibe though. Still, the judges need to save their overpimped awful act and Nu Vibe are eliminated. Awful decision but I won't miss them at all.
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