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Quirky Fallulah was really nice to answer some questions for me after I was blown away with her amazing talent. With balkan folklore influences and her indie wierd voice, Fallulah's music is clearly distinguishable and unique. After the release of her debut album, "The Black Cat Neighbourhood"  on 2010, her carrer's been going up and up. I'll go as far as saying that she's the biggest star of Denmark right now! And of course, one of the most interesting and coolest artists! She's getting big!!! Watch out world!

Read the interview, watch her music videos and buy her album after the JUMP ...

Buy "The Black Cat Neighbourhood" HERE (DK) or HERE (Sweden).

*How would you define yourself as an artist?
I’m honest, and I write whatever I feel needs to be written. I like to make melancholic songs, with a danceable beat. And I value the written word very much, I just wish more people would listen to lyrics.

*Why the name Fallulah?/Does it have any meaning?
No, it doesn’t have an official meaning, eventhough people have made up many creative suggestions. It popped into my head years ago, and it just stuck. So when I started taking my music more seriously, and decided to put my early demos on myspace, I chose to call myself Fallulah. It matched the universe of the music better than just my birh name.

*Who would you name as your biggest influence?
I wouldn’t name any, because I’m my own person. I feel every artist needs to look indside themselves, to figure out we have the need to do what we do. Of course I have a lot of people I admire and respect, but it doesn’t relate directly to me as a musician

*What is the best advice someone has ever given to you?
Don’t read about yourself on the internet!

*When you were young, you were part of a dance group called Crihalma, which was run by your father, How did that influence your music?
Yes, well I wasn’t old enough to dance in the group, when he was still alive, but I grew up around the Balkan culture. We traveled a lot with Crihalma, and exchanged with foreign dance groups. We’d very often have strangers sleeping on our livingroom floor on mattresses. It was a bit hectic sometimes. I guess growing up around Balkan music and dance has given me an understanding for rhythm, and the soul that lies within traditional music. I have a big love for organic wooden sounds, and big thundering drums.

*So you lost your father, How did it affect your life?
It has defined me as a person. I’ve been grieving since I was 9, and it made me grow up really fast. I don’t think I would be an artist today, if I didn’t experience what I did, because I’ve always been driven to write out of sorrow.

*You also moved to Broadway to purse your dancing career, Has that had any effect on your music?/Why did you decide to go back to Denmark to focus on singing?
It was always the plan that I would return to Denmark, so I didn’t go back to focus on singing. I ran out of money, and had to go home and work full time. New York was a big inspiration for me, and I decided to go after my dream when I was there. So I just started working hard when I came back, writing and writing, and recording demos in my spare time.

*Do you continue dancing nowadays?
No. I felt I had to chose. I only dance on stage now.

*How was the recording process of your album?
I had written songs for years, so I felt the time was very right. I had gathered the songs I wanted to record, but I actually changed my mind a bit during the process, and took some off, and added some new ones. “Hold your Horses” was a really old a capella demo of mine, and I hadn’t really considered it, but then I played it for my producer Fridolin, and he was excited about it. And I’m so glad it made it to my album.

We recorded the entire album, me and Fridolin, in a little under 2 months. He has a family, so our days were very restricted, and no weekends. So we worked very intense and fast, which suits my mood quite good.

*How would you describe the album?/It's concept?
My album isn’t a concept. It’s stories from my life. It’s songs about childhood, loneliness, feeling like an outsider, love, the inner driving force.

*Would you pick a favourite song from the album?
I can’t really chose a favourite, because they all mean a lot to me. But I guess “Give us a little love” and “Bridges” will always be the two songs I’m the most proud of. I feel they represent two important sides of me.

*You have won the P3 award, how did that affect your carrer?
It was absolutely amazing. To get the recognition so early in my career, and knowing people believe in my music, means a lot. I got a prize money as well, that has helped me get my own studio, which gives me more freedom and indepence.

*After all that, you are now a household name in Denmark, how is the feeling of being that big?/how has your life changed since then?
It’s not changed that much, I’m just busier, and more people know who I am. Copenhagen is pretty chilled out, so I’m not chased down the street. The biggest bonus is that my concerts are sold out. I’m very grateful that so many people are coming to support me. I love to connect with my audience, they give me so much personally.

*What instruments do you play?
I’m selftaught, so I never learned to properly play anything, but I play a bit of anything I can get my hands on. As long as I can get a sound out of it, I’ll find a way to use it.

*What is your dream collaboration?
There’s quite a lot. But Damon Albarn for sure!

*What can we expect from you in the coming months?/What are your plans from now on?
I’m touring as I write. There’s a lot of shows in Denmark, and soon we’ll be going to Sweden, Norway and France too. I’m getting released in France next month. I’m hoping to get to tour a lot abroad, I want to expand and grow, and meet new exciting people.


Hold Your Horses

I Lay My Head

Give Us a Little Love

Use it for Good

The Black Cat Nieghbourhood (Live)

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