Probably the best singer to come from the UK this past decade, Adele is regarded as one of the biggest and more soulful vocalists not only of the country but also the world. With an incredible carrer behind her and two critically acclaimed albums, her talent is undoubtly getting bigger and bigger each day. And her new album, 21, is clearly a prove of that.

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 Buy "21" HERE (UK) or HERE (US).

21 is a major improvement from 19, which, despite being great, failed to bring the diversity 21 has and thus ended being boring. This time, Adele brings us a great musical collection, which resulted from 2 years of work, that shows all the potential in her voice and her incredible writing skills. Her hit single "Rolling in the Deep", "Set Fire to the Rain" and "Rumor Has It" show her passionate side with faster and strong sounds, while songs like "Someone Like You", "Don't You Remember" and "Lovesong" have an emotional deep love sound. But probably, my favourite song of the album is "Turning Tables", a slow heartfelt and almost methaphorical song which not only has the best of Adele's voice but also leaves the listener with an unexplicable feeling, almost peacful. After hearing this album, there won't be any more doubts that Adele is an amazing singer. I don't know you, but I'm ready for 23!

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