Wow! What a night! After 3 hours the winner was finally announced in one of the longest results announcement I've ever seen! The prize went to Azerbaijan, which has won Eurovision for their 1st time in it's 4 year run! Eurovision 2012 will be held in Azerbaijan! Congratulations!!

I'll be live blogging the Eurovision final!! Catch my comments after the JUMP ....

Eurovision is on!!! Usually, the previous winner opens the show but since Lena is compiting again, Stefan will perform "Satellite"! Hahaha! It's pretty hilarious actually. Oh, Lena joins him! I love Lena btw. Waiving flags? That's a bit cheesy don't you think?

We watch how the football stadium was turned into the arena ... killing some time .... blah, blah, blah. And we are shown how to vote again. LOL, fake punch? LINES ARE OPEN!

First up, Finalnd and their sweet Paradise Oskar. Yeah, I love this cheesy soft song, so what? Not the best vocals or pronunciation. And the "save the planet" thing is getting a bit old, don't you think? As Mark would say, "He's very... elf-ish. And vaguely charmingly camp. Like, they dragged this guy out of some woodland area just to appear on this show, after breeding him there over years and years".

Bosnia follows. Dino Merlin looks a bit uncomfortable or is it just me?  And what's up with the akward dancing?  Maybe he's trying to fly and disappear from the satge. Well, let's agree that this is good vocally but what is happeining on that stage! Is he on drugs?  "It's like a folk-revival act meets the plaid confderation meets ABBA", said Mark.

A Friend in London from Denmark are third! I still think his voice lacks some power and I can't believe how soft it is. It makes me wonder, if he was shouting in a basement, would someone hear him? Oh, the run again! "He should be representing Denmark in the 200M. Maybe not for the actual sining", well, you know that was Mark, he's always in "", ok?

Evelina Sašenko is a great singer but this song isn't helping her. It's like the boring depressive song they show in a movie when someone is dying. Oh! What's going on with her hands?! Is she singing for the deaf too? Well, they can't hear her, so what's the point? "I think I like this the best thus far. I mean, I'd tear up listening if I was in Disneyland and there were fireworks and shit. (But I always do that)".

Hungary next, with one of my favourite songs! Kati Wolf looks like a godess! I can't express how much I like this song. If anyone should win, it is Kati. Though I think her voice is a little off today, I hope Europe votes for this! Come on! How couldn't you?! "Ok, this girl is aping Celine vocally in tone... it's got a dramatic opening with the precussion that's functionall... and then the techno. Oh, god."

Oh no! It's Jedward. I won't have nothing nice to say about this. The stage looks good and it's a fun performance ... if you mute the sound. Oh two little girls are singign! Oh, wait? They are 20 sth twins? That's wierd ... Someone should control those kids sugar, hyperactive things ...

Bad song after disgusting disaster? Why not! I will say once more that Eric Saade's voice is good but "Popular" is an awful song. I hate that Melodifestivalen's winner was him, I covered the show for nothing! "Actually, the guy would be kinda hot if he wasn't so awful Plus, a song that demands that he will be popular? Attention whore, much?".

Oh, Getter Jaani from Estonia is next! Her wierd crazy face and NY magic is back! The song is appropiately catchy and the satging is insane. I'll be fine if she won, the song isn't that great but it's decent enough. "Oh, my god, this song is absurd. This is, like, MIA meets Willy Wonka meets Gwen Stefani".

Not Greece! Not Loukas Giorkas!! Well, this is probably what you'd have heard if you lived in the 2000 ac and lived in Athens. And it's not even good! They added some stripping?? Not good! "The collective Greek nation needs to have a psychological evaluation, like now!"

OMG! Alexey Vorobyov again! He's seems to be more interested in winking and dancing than in, well, singing! The guy is a total lost case. He can't sing and thinks it's too cute, well, he's not. Oh nice falsetto! Well, nice try, cause that sucked! "The *Russians* produced this? Dude, we could have sent this back in time and stopped the Cold War dead. They would have just given up as a nation out of humilation."

France will perform for the first time! Amaury Vassili is singing his "Sognu", an opera. Well, my laptop went off during this. That says it all. "You know what? This guy looks like Celine Dion, but male. Does that even make any sense at all? He pretty much sings the same too, if Celine managed to out-bland herself and go opera over pop."

Yay! Italy is back!! I adore Raphael Gualazzi! This is actually my favourite and I'll say it now. I think this is winning! And after 14 years and a wonderful comeback like this one, it'll be a crime if Italy didn't. This has a great jazz vibbe and he's an amazing singer. Should I say more? "Oooooooooh, I'm down with this. I wish the English was better, but, hey, I'll take what I can get. It's a clever piece of cabaret-pop."

Some chat with Dino now. Everything is in rewind for him. Even his jacket, which is 15 years old. I wonder if he washed it. And now some A Friend in London, whose T-shirt has no back.

Some Anna Rossinelli next! Another favourite of mine! I adore this song! I hope this one wins actually, screwe Italy! Anna's jazzy soulish voice and the sweet melody of this song totally do it for me! I still have to say, what the hell is the camera filming? I don't want to see the roof! Show me the beautiful Anna! Really refreshing!

UK with Blue follow. And I suddenly turned blue myself. Guess I'm gonna vomit over this. The UK should lose their Big Five condition after this. Cause this is a trainwreck. Great way to ditch the dancers! "OMG, the UK is trying to reunite the Backstreet Boy types... by showing naked upper-torse figures. Oh, wow, the singing wasn't great. And this song is totally dominated by the lasers. Like, I only hear some painful falsetto, some precussion, and a shitload of lasers."

Zdob şi Zdub from Moldova follow. Yeah, the hats and the pink fairy are still hilarious and insane. And I liked the song a little more after Blue's trainwreck! It's properly wierd and shouty! Plus it's queit entertaining! "So.... why did Moldova theme their song after "The Wizard of Oz"? Who possibly thought that was a good idea."

Yay! We finally got Lena! She won't win again but it's amazing to see her once more! The song is not my fave from her album but it's actually interesting. She looks wier and almost insane though. Her quirky voice and moves win it for me! But what's up with the dancers? Really, someone explain that for me! Still, loved that! Could she just win again! "Oooooooh, Lena goes dark. The bouncy precussion is kinda catchy. Lena sounds pretty decent. But what the hell with the background dancers?"

Vampires for the win, well not really. Hotel FM from Romania is pretty decent but yeah, this is pretty decent, and by saying that, this can't win anything. Well, they are trying to hypnotize us but they aren't succeding in that, the camera isn't showing their eyes much. Well, interesting fits them maybe.

I love Nadine Beiler's powerful diva voice. I bet her album is already #1 in her country! The way she hits the big notes is so classy and elegant! Yeah, really good! "Another Disney princess song, but this girl looks and sometimes sounds like she should be in Chicago, instead. Hmm."

Oh! Ell and Nikki added some extra dancing to their performance! Yeah, this is better! I must confess I'm starting to like this two! It took like 4 performances but they are slowly getting to me. Plus their voices aren't bad. But still, what are they running from? The prize? That's not right! "The song is astonishgly boring, though. It has good sleep aid potential, but not much else".

Maja Keuc and her dark performance work perfectly together! Her voice remembers me to Xtina Aguilera's, well, she's actually remembering the lyrics. And I already said once I love how that outfit looks on her! I wonder, where are those ninjas? She killed them?

Back in the green room with the incrediblly boring France entry! He can't read in French? Wierd ... And we continue with the final 5 countries!

Sjonni's Friends and their tribute folky tune are next. This looks like if some medieval dudes started a band and now are playing in front of drunk people. And it's actually pretty out door stuff. Though I like them, I don't think they can win it now.

Lucía Pérez is probably the most lame entry this year. I actually can't believe she won something? Oh make a blackout happen! This is most hedious cause I can understand everything she's saying and it's so cheesy! Yeah, glad you enjoyed that, cause you are never coming to Eurovision again!

Ukranie is next! Mika Newton with Kseniya Simonova. I love both of them so this will be pretty epic. I actually think the sand is more interesting that the actual song. I like Mika's voice but the song sucks. Well, at least we've got to see the really interesting sand work! "This is very techno... lots of pinging snyth keyboard action, maybe a couple of chimes. Not really sure about the singer; she's kinda generic? The tune is fascinating, though."

My favourite favourite is next! Serbia and Nina! Who would have thought that 60s retro music will actually work for Eurovision! The song is a master piece and Nina's amazing soulish voice makes it even better. If there's any justice in Eurovision, Nina should win ...

We are off to the final act!! Eldrine from Georgia! This goth rock sound isn't my cup of tea. I never listen to this stuff actually, cause I hate it. That said, I think she's doing a really good work with this! And I'm liking this even more than the first time! She's really cool! "This is so rock for Eurovision. It is also more metal than James Durbin. This isn't necessarily that well done, but it's refreshing in context more than I can say. Go Georgia!"

All acts have performed now! Let's watch a quick reminder of all them! And let's watch the video intros again now with Gary Go's song "Say I'm Wonderful"! More than 1200 songs have been performed in the Eurovision history! WOW! Once again the songs? Oh god! Finally! Voting is closed!

A german guy is performing now, I missed his name, but this is pretty wierd actually. Jazz/rap tune? Some disco there? Oh god! Just bring the hip hop ballet back! Oh no!! He's singing again!!! Well, I don't see his charm and his voice isn't good actually. Can this just finish now?!

Some chat with Jon Ola Sand, who needs  more minutes, ugh ... Finally, the points will be awarded!!! Results are 50% televoting, 50% jury points. Best gets 12, then 10, 8, 7 and on ...

Russia: Greece 8, Ukranie 10, Azerbaijan 12!
Bulgaria: Ukranie 8, Greece 10, UK 12!
Netherlands: Bosnia 8, Sweden 10, Denmark 12!
Italy: Moldova 8, UK 10, Romania 12!
Cyprus: Azerbaijan 8, Sweden 10, Greece 12!
Ukranie: Russia 10, Azerbaijan 10, Georgia 12!
Finland: Iceland 8, Ireland 10, Hungary 12!
Norway: Iceland 8, Sweden 10, Finland 12!
Armenia: Russia 8, Georgia 10, Ukranie 12!
Macedonia: Serbia 8, Slovenia 10, Bosnia 12!
Iceland: Azerbaijan 8, Finland 10, Denmark 12!
Slovakia: Ireland 8, Sweden 10, Ukranie 12!
UK: Moldova 8, Switzerland 10, Ireland 12!
Denmark: 8 Germany, Sweden 10, Ireland 12!
Austria: Azerbaijan 8, Germany 10, Bosnia 12!
Poland: Azerbaijan 8, Italy 10, Lithuania 12!
Sweden: Bosnia 8, Denmark 10, Ireland 12!
San Marino: Greece 8, Azerbaijan 10, Italy 12!
Germany: Ireland 8, Greece 10, Austria 12!
Azerbaijan: Greece 8, Georgia 10, Ukranie 12!
Slovenia: Denmark 8, Serbia 10, Bosnia 12!

21 countries have voted now! Sweden is winning right now, Azerbaijan next and Denmark 3rd. Well, the only good song there is Denmark's, so I'm rooting for them right now. And we continue!

Turkey: Georgia 8, Bosnia 10, Azerbaijan 12!
Switzerland: Germany 8, Iceland 10, Bosnia 12!
Greece: Georgia 8. Italy 10, France 12!
Georgia: Azerbaijan 8, Ukranie 10, Lithuania 12!
France: Italy 8, Sweden 10, Spain 12!
Serbia: Hungary 8, Slovenia 10, Bosnia 12!
Croacia: Serbia 8, Azerbaijan 10, Slovenia 12!
Belarus: Germany 8, Ukranie 10, Georgia 12!
Romania: Greece 8, Azerbaijan 10, Moldova 12!
Albania: Azerbaijan 8,
Malta: Ireland 8, Italy 10, Azerbaijan 12!
Portugal: Azerbaijan 8, Italy 10, Spain 12!
Hungary: Greece 8, Sweden 10, Iceland 12!
Lithuania: Azerbaijan 8, Italy 10, Georgia 12!
Bosnia: Azerbaijan 8, Serbia 10, Slovenia 12!
Ireland: Moldova 8, Lithuania 10, Denmark 12!
Spain: Romania 8, France 10, Italy 12!
Israel: Russia 8, Denmark 10, Sweden 12!
Estonia: Azerbaijan 8, Denmark 10, Sweden 12!
Moldova: Ukranie 8, Azerbaijan 10, Romania 12!
Belgium: Greece 8, Romania 10, France 12!
Latvia: Germany 8, Ireland 10, Italy 12!

THE WINNER OF THE EUROVISION 2011 IS AZERBAIJAN!!!!!! WOW!!!! Italy 2nd, Sweden 3rd! I didn't see that coming!! The song is good but it's a bit cheesy. Their voices are pretty decent though and they have lots of sexual tension, so that's a plus!

Lena is giving them the prize! Eurovision 2012 is moving to Azerbaijan!!! They can't believe this. Ell and Nikki perform once more!! Congratulations Azerbaijan for their first victory!!

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