UPDATE: Bérénice Schleret is eliminated! Maryvette Lair is in the B2. Really France? Not good!

After a shocking bottom 2 last week, where Sarah and Cécile found their fate at the hand of the judges. Them being once more unable to decide, the result was back to the public. To-be disco godess, Cécile Couderc was the contestant with the least amount of votes, thus being eliminated! Tongiht, the final 10 perform once more in their usual random theme night's! Will they mix the order of the performances? Will a favourite crumble? Will an underdog raise? ... It's time to face the music!

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2nde Nature


SMS 1 TO 72 600 Earth Song (Mickael Jackson) - 8/10 - Not a bad choice for them indeed. Some members start singing in the audience, interesting. Well, this isn't entirely bad. Some good singing actually. Some members still suck, I can't name them of course but you'll identify them. The choir behind them was wierd, why was it there? Totally useless! When they got together it was actually better that every thing they've done before.- VIDEO

D: Wow boys! OMG! That was so great! I was scared for you but I thankfully I was wrong! You did it! I wish you good luck for tonight.
W: That was classy! I think Vero said it all! That song choice was great Henry! Boys, you are up there!! I was already pleased with you last week and today I say, Congrats!
S: That's a good group performance! It's historic, this is the first time we saw a show with a group and it was great, if not ridiculous! Henry, you're making some progress! I suggested this song but I congratulate you anyway! (laughs)
P: Olivier, I am very touched! Boys, We've been working on the unity, we found it! We've been working on the harmonies! We found it ! The emotion was there! Plus guys, I was very touched by your comments !

Bérénice Schleret


SMS 2 TO 72 600 Osez Joséphine (Alain Bashung) - 8/10 - I really, really like her voice. It's so unique, I love the shaky sound it has. Why is that platform moving? She looks queit uncomfortable up there but her vocals are really great. She's still reminds me to Luce a lot! And I love that! That was really good, and fun! - VIDEO

P: Berenice, that was great! The song's choice was amazing! I love this song. You sang well! I refound the Bérénice I loved when I first met you! I will write to the Vatican for the beatification of Oliver because he put you back on the right path! (laughs)
D: The rocker is back! I'm happy because I refound the rock that I loved and it was fun. If I can give a constructive advice, pay attention to your expression, you looked like a frightened kitten! But it was great still!
W: Honestly, you rock!, it was f*#%ing awesome! very good song choic! I haven't been kind with you in the past weeks but you are back today! I loved it!
S: (at judges) I'm worried! I don't know what to say! I'm lost!! You usually criticize all the time! What's going on? Are you keeping your critics for later? ... (laughs) Berenice, it was a great musical moment. You left your mark on that song!

Maryvette Lair


SMS 3 TO 72 600 Call Me (Blondie) - 6/10 - OMG!! This song is so wrong for her! Maryvette is one of my faves but this is just not her. Her vocals are all over the place and she looks really wierd while dancing. I still like her unique quirky voice but this isn't fitting her at all. Is she singing about people voting for her?? That was so wierd! - VIDEO

S: What we've seen so far is a very, very high quality of singing! I like people who take risks! I know this song doesn't fit your universe but you have printed your personality on it! When you're on stage you have such a presence! That's the mark of a future great artist!
P: I look forward to every live show to see what you gonna do! That song is awesome! I love this song! Your cover was great! You reminded me "Austin Powers"! It was perfect! Can't wait to see you next week!
D: I love "Call me"! When the music started I thought: what will happen?! And then it was really good! But for the next time, I advise you not to wear high heels. You felt uncomfortable! But 10 for effort! Bravo!
W: You were sublime! I loved it and, as Olivier said, we took a risk this week and I'm stoked! and I'm super proud! Bravo! I loved it!



SMS 4 TO 72 600 Allumer le feu (Johnny Hallyday) - 4/10 - Oh what the hell is this?? Yeah, it's official, I'll always hate them. His too goth for me and this isn't even good goth. He can't sing, period. And the ring stuff, awful. - VIDEO

D: It was interesting because, with you, we have something different in every live show! You really surprised me by choosing that song! But I must tell you that your harmonies were borderline! You must work on that! Really! Come on!
W: I appreciate the effort, you were truly united. I agree with Veronique about the harmonies, they were really messy! The job was done, but technically it’s essential to work on the harmonies.
S: I love everything you do, Henry, anyway. It was great (that is irony). No, boys, I'm rather torn; there something that you put into the song, something original. But you were out of tune men! It wasn't possible! And those harmonies! My god! It was out of tune!
P: I liked it when rock became popular. Rock is something trendy and I know how hard it's to do rock on TV. I tell to the viewers: if you like rock, vote for them!

Sarah Manesse


SMS 5 TO 72 600 Your Song (Elton John) - 10/10 - OMG Sarah!! What an amazing performance!! You just cattapulted yourself to the final 5! That was fantastic! Her quirky unique vocals on this fantastic song are priceless. Sarah, you got an standing O from me! That phrasing, that tone, that arrengment. I'm in love with this. You've got a moment there sweetie!- VIDEO

P: Sarah you have a really pretty voice. I'm very familiar with this song and I noticed you changed the melody at the beggining! I'm not sure I loved that, but it's subjective! But hey! It wasn't bad! It was better than last week. You must give the same energy at the beginning of the song that in the end.
D: I don't know who you were thinking  while you were singing  but he's lucky! You had a big smile and bright eyes! Bravo! You seemed more comfortable.  I think you must have confidence in Olivier because you are on the right direction! Oh! sorry! You must have confidence in Saint Oliver! Voila! Congratulations Sarah!
W: I was disturbed by hearing the beginning of the song! I rectifie, IMO, you haven't changed the melody, you changed  the chords. I was destabilized. But I saw for the first time your fragility and it touched me. I found it wonderful !
S: For me, it was your best performance! I hope people will think the same! It was beautiful! You exude talent, the competition has started for you! It was great! Bravo!

Matthew Raymond-Barker


SMS 6 TO 72 600 Soulman (Ben l'Oncle Soul) - 8/10 - Oh! Matt is singing in French!! That's a first! I'll give him some extra points for that but his vocals are pretty boring. There's no much variety here. The show is actually behind him, cause the dancers are doing a terrrific job! That was a pretty lame song choice actually, but he made an effort and his voice is still sort of unique.- VIDEO

W: That song choice was a very good idea! Vero, you are very clever, very very clever!  Matt, the song shows  the best qualities of your voice and suits you perfectly! Honestly! I'm very surprised!  We can applaud Zack for his production and the dancers! Your challenge for next week: a song that highlights your vocal abilities.
S: You're a great showman! I had a great time!  When I saw the dancers and you in the middle, I thought: This is a SHOW! It was great! I expect more risk-taking though! This song isn't hard to sing. I like risks and I want you to take them!
P: I had a great time too! I've often criticized you for your English song choices! Good choice! Amazing song since it is a song that can be sang with an English accent!
D: Oh! Come on! He sings with an English accent! He is English!!
P: But Jane Birkin's been singing for 40 years with an English accent and she makes the best of it! I think you must make an effort with yout pronounciation!
D: I adore you and I adore your performances! I hope you are safe. I hope to continue working with you because you are really fun!

Raphaël Herrerias


SMS 7 TO 72 600 Sex on Fire (Kings of Leon) - 8,5/10 - I love crazy Raphaël when he goes all dark and deep but this is a bit wierd. He's just crazy here. His vocals are flawless as always but this isn't a memorable performance. It's a little too shouty and too overacted. Yeah, he had a nice rock tone but that wasn't unique enough for me. It was really enjoyable though. - VIDEO

W: As a representative of the jury's merguez which have burnt at the barbeque (he talks about flames on the stage during the performance, he jokes, saying it was so hot he felt like in a BBQ to cook spicy sausage)....... (laughs) All right! Well I'm serious now! I think the song choice is interesting but not wise! I'm honest! I find that between the song, fire, dancers, choreography, I had trouble keeping my attention on you! There were too many things!
S: I supported you from the beginning but I think you and Vero, go after a bad goal! That is to say that you see in the short term. you sing well, you are handsome but I don't see Raphael. You think too much in the victory but what I want is finding an artist, what will you do after .... I think you have to sing in French. Today you are a candidate for a TV show and I want you to go further, I want you to be an artist. You're able to!
P: You showed us all forms of your talent. There are those who have voice, there are some who have style. But you have both! Plus you have charisma. I was amazed! I loved it!
D: The boys (judges) are not good with us tonight exept HENRY ! But who cares! During your performance I saw your little brother say "I love you" to you and it touched me and I want to say: I love you Raphaël because your performance was great!  I'm proud of you! Bravo !

Marina D'Amico


SMS 8 TO 72 600 Dis-lui toi que je t'aime (Vanessa Paradis) - 10/10 - Marina's on the piano! Aww this is really sweet! I like this side more than the diva pop singer, this is much more emotional and seems more authentic. The stage looks really nice actually! Marina's voice shows perfectly here, she actually has an unique tone, she definitely needs to do this more often! That was fantastic! - VIDEO

P: I haven't been kind with you in the first two liveshows. But today, I liked it! I don't know who had the idea to choose this song .. was it you Olivier? Bravo! This is the right direction Marina, you gave me emotion for the first time and I thank you! When this happens it's very good!
D: When we're young singers we all want to sing Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, etc  ... I wanted it too and now I imitate them! But this song choice fits you perfectly. Tonight, your interpretation was sober and I loved it! Continue in this direction because it suits you perfectly. You have your place in this show Marina. You should not apologize for being there! Accept that you are doing a great job!
W: I'm amazed,  Marina! You're 16 years old and you've a crazy voice! Accept what you are, what you show to us and accept your performance! Tonight it was pure and graceful! It was beautiful!
S: I thank my friends for their encouragement. Marina, you're in the right direction. I really want you to enjoy being on stage. You have a beautiful voice, you're a nice and fun girl  but  the stress paralyzes you. We will work on it!

Florian Giustiniani


SMS 9 TO 72 600 Baby (Justin Bieber) - 2/10 - Gosh! Someone kill me now! If someone compares you to a known singer, never sing his song, never! And more if it's Justin Bieber! Worst performance of the night! This is like a bad karaoke show. Yeah, I'm suiciding after that! - VIDEO

W: Florian, I have nothing against you. At the begining, I told myself you will do something great and it actually bored me .. I coach the "Over 25" and I feel that our songs are more current!
S: Do you realize  the level of the other candidates? We are, with you,  in the "télé-crochet" (a cheesy show for bad singers), the pretty face who sings rubbish! There are real talents around you, you have talent but today you "got away with murder"!
P: I love the jokes and I think this performance was one! I don't know what to think! Since you said "Baby" at least 50 times, for me, you are now "Justin Baby's bottle"
D: (At the other judges)  OMG!  You talk garbage guys! (At Florian)You took a big risk! Everyone compares you to Justin Bieber because of your hair. But you did, the song your way! Bravo!

Vincent Léoty


SMS 10 TO 72 600 Beautiful (Christina Aguilera) - 10/10 - Wow man! That was amazing! What a way to close the show! Appearing from behind was a really cool move, I wasn't expecting that and the slow, almost acapella vocals were incredible! Finally a performance were Vincent's voice shows perfectly! I'd have prefered it to be slow all the song but the faster part was really good still.This was definitely hsi best performance!  - VIDEO

S: Vincent, you finally gave a real performance, a signifiant performance! You surprised me! I had a great time! (to Willems) Appearing from behind, was a good idea, like in a movie. (to Vincent) you proved that you sing very well! You've become very dangerous, Maryvette and you!
P: Vincent, you're like Marina. You have, both, take time but we begin to see who you are. Before,  you were focused on your voice, you were not focused enough on emotion, feelings. Today, Vincent, you've given emotion. I don't know if this will be enough but it was a good effort!
D: I'll try not break you down today! You sang very well, it was a good song, your rendition was correct but you're the one we know the less and I would like to know you more! So, voila!
W: Thanks to Olivier and Henry. In response to Veronique, (to the audience) If you want to know  more about Vincent, support him, vote for him. He deserves it!
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