UPDATE: Episode 9 recap added. The blind auditions are now over.

And it's back! Sorry for the delay but I've been quite busy but I knew I couldn't stop covering this show. The first season brought some awesome talent, including Fatai V, Viktoria Bolonina, Emma Louise Birdsall, Ben Hazlewood, Lakyn Heperi and the phenomenal Diana Rouvas to name a few. Seal won the season with Karise Eden, who went on to top the charts after the show. As previously reported, Seal, Delta and Joel will be returning for a second go at the title. Keith, however, has left the show in order to join American Idol's S12. Replacing him is Latino star Ricky Martin. With that, let's take a look at this year's hopefuls, shall we?

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We launch the show with our judges covering Rihanna's "Diamonds", good performance though I don't think the guys sounded great. Delta however, was outstanding. Has she ever sounded more gorgeous? I doubt it. 14 acts per team this season but only 4 of them will be making it to the liveshows, that's half the number we had last year. - VIDEO

Episode 1

Kaity Dunstan - 16, from VIC - "Brand New Key" - Team Ricky -  She goes to high school during the day and plays gigs during the nights, "it's kind of a double life", she says. Her dad is basically her chauffeur. She calls The Voice an opportunity to chase her dreams. I really don't know how to describe this. I'd probably say she's a quirky country singer. Kaity actually reminds me to Viktoria Bolonina from S1. She's certainly very interesting, not the best technical singer albeit. Incredibly enjoyable though. "I was fascinated by the character in your voice, you've the world in your hands you can do whatever you want. I'm so happy to be part of this moment were a star is born" (Ricky) - 4/4 - VIDEO

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Nathan Allgood - 20, from NSW - "House Is Not a Home" - Team Delta - He started singing cause he wasn't good at sports, "I was always the last one and on the losing team". He played the clarinet, then the trumpet, when he started singing it was a relief because he was finally doing what he wanted to do. His mom means everything to him. He's got a tattoo that reads "we're always with you" in his grandmother's handwriting. "I'm gonna get a matching one" she says. (Later in the episode we see she does get one) Nathan's a great singer but way too old fashioned for my taste. He kinda sounds like Stan Walker, maybe he can give us something modern like the former did? "My name is Nathan Allgood" he says, to which Delta hysterically replies, "Allgood? I'm Goodrem", then proceeding to do some adorable hand movements. - 3/4 - VIDEO

Simon Meli - 35, from NSW - "Ramble On" - Team Ricky - He's flown directly from an European tour to audition for the show. He loves the classics, being his musical influence mainly the 70s. "It's what I believe, it's all I got". He's not what I expected, he's much better indeed. Seal turns immediately for him, "good choice" he says, the others wait for the big notes, which he hits perfectly. A throwback performance but a brilliant one. "Man, you rocked the stage. It was insane, it was powerful. I wanna see you and your band in stage. You've a crazy voice and you can communicate like I've not seen in a long time" (Ricky) - 4/4 - VIDEO

Celia Pavey - 19, from NSW - "Scarborough Fair/Canticle" - Team Delta  - She's a music student. She grew up in the country. "People from the city come here and say 'what would there be to do here?' but there's really lots of things like riding bikes and feeding the ducks. It's my place I call home" (I really don't think she's made a convincing point) Wow! Otherworldly performance. I've got goosebumps all over my body and that's not an everyday thing. We've just witnessed the seasons first moment. After all 4 coaches turn for her Celia gets so nervous she forgets her words. "That is the best performance we've seen. I think the second you opened your mouth it was like something magical just happened. That was truly a magnificent performance" (Delta). So true! Delta could've a winner here. - 4/4 - VIDEO

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Alex Gibson - 26, from ACT - "Blackbird" - Team Seal - He's been doing a busking tour around he country. "When people first see me they don't think that I'm a singer". He's been pursing a career since he was 19. Dude's got a lovely singing voice and quite a great technique. His tone is fantastic, I could listen to this cover all day long. "You've got a beautiful tone. What is it you want from being in The Voice? You want to win, a hit or a career?", Seal asks him. "I want my music to be heard, to have a career, help people, make them happy and touch them", Alex responds. - 2/4 - VIDEO

Lyric McFarland - 28, from NSW - "Shy Guy" - Team Joel  - She's a mom of three. "They really do make waking up a little bit easier every morning", she says. She's the lead singer in a band called Brown Sugar. Lyric lost her mom last year. "This is the biggest thing I've ever done". She's a sassy singer, very fun to watch. She's got some big pipes as well and even if she didn't pick the most suitable song to show them off, she shone with it. While not the performance I would've picked to close the episode, Lyric is a great performer, something every singing competition needs. "I turned around because it was badass. When you hit that lyric in the chorus I was like 'it is on like Donkey Kong'. You killed it. It takes guts, it takes mental toughness to make it and you showed that tonight" (Joel) - 4/4 - VIDEO

Episode 2

Danni Hodson - 20, from NSW - "Something's Got a Hold on Me" - Team Joel - What's important for her in life: music, family and her dogs. "I love my dogs so much, they are so cute, they are always there for you". She says she has experienced first hand discrimination against fat people. "I've been told to lose weight and everyone knows it's not easy to lose weight, everyone loves food, I definitely love food", Danni says. Huge voice and an amazing technique. She's a bit generic right now but if she manages to make a song her own, she could be a contender. "I was the last to hit my button and that's for a reason. I could tell that you had a great voice but I wanted to hear that fire, that hunger. For me, to connect with an artist, they've got to be hungry cause I'm still hungry" (Joel)  - 4/4 - VIDEO

Ryan Sanders - 19, from Manchester, UK / now NSW - "Brother" - Team Seal  - He was born in England. He was 6 when both his parents passed away and he flew to Australia with his brother to live with his uncle. While I love this song, I don't think people should sing it if they aren't going to sound like Matt. And let's be honest, not many people does. So I was quite surprised to see Ryan sounded so similar to him. Matt is obviously much better but Ryan was able to deliver this hard song beautifully. The  'Ooh ooh ooh's were terrific. "I did turn around for a very simple reason. Your tone. I just loved your tone. And there's no secret that's what turns me on" (Seal)  - 3/4 - VIDEO

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Skye Elisabeth - 26, from SA / now NSW - "Put Your Records On" - Team Seal -  When she was 21 she moved to Sydney. Her mom has multiple sclerosis so she can't walk. Skye's currently working at a retail while also gigging weekly. She's got a nice voice but her pronunciation is a bit weird, at least at the beginning. She could improve with Seal's coaching though. "I'm not a big fan of that song but you sang it so well that I just thought I wouldn't be doing you any justice if I didn't turn around", Seal says. She's so excited he turned. "I turned too", Joel says. It's obvious who she wants though. - 2/4 - VIDEO

Anna Weatherup - 30, from NSW - "Fields of Gold" - Team Delta - She started singing in church. "Music and God has really gotten me back on track in life". She wants to make music her career. She'll be dedicating this song to her grandma, who passed away 20 years ago. This is very pretty. There was a great emotional connection to the song and such an honest voice. "I think your voice has got such purity and an angelic sound but yet at the same time there's this rawness that speaks to me" (Delta) - 4/4 - VIDEO

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Nick Kingswell - 26, from NSW - "I Need a Dollar" - Team Ricky - He got to travel to Nashville as part of the prize he won in a music competition back in 2006. "You definitely think that's it, you've made it. Experience has proved that it's not always the case. It wasn't the path I wanted to be on and it didn't feel natural to me". He's now a session guitarist for people like Jessica Mauboy. Country wasn't his thing and certainly this type of music isn't either. He's trying to be something he's not. He should try a more pop-ish sound, maybe something Jason Mraz sounding. This was good but it didn't felt honest to me. Ricky was loving it though."You told a really cool story. I'd love to hear you singing ballads perhaps" he said.  - 1/4 - VIDEO

Emma Pask - 35, from NSW - "Blue Skies" - Team Joel - "Jazz to me is so special, I've such a huge passion for it" she says. She was 16 when she was discovered by James Morrison. She's been working with him for almost 20 years now. Wonderful audition, I get jazz isn't for everyone but Joel was right by turning. She's a fantastic performer and she's got a terrific technique. That scat was awesome. My fave of the night for sure. I'm not sure Joel is the best coach for her but who knows, best combinations come from unexpected places. "This is the thing, I'm a man of principle. And I was sitting there listening to this incredible jazz singer and I was thinking ' I don't know what I would do with that voice on my team' but I said to myself, 'if she doesn't get through, it's an injustice', that's one of the most perfect voices I've ever heard" (Joel) - 1/4 - VIDEO

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Harrison Craig - 18, from VIC - "Broken Vow" - Team Seal - The show's been pimping this kid for months now. Unfortunately, AI already showed the atrocious Lazaro Arbos to us. Harrison's stutter isn't nearly as bad as his. "Having a stutter growing up was quite a challenge. My whole primary school laughed. I received speech therapy every few months but it's not a cure", he says. His song choice is weird, very old fashioned. And that's exactly what I was expecting from him. He's a great singer but so not my type. I find him to be pretty boring. He reminds me to The Voice US Chris Mann. The judges all overreact over him, he deserves to go through, after all this is The Voice. "You are great and it'll be my job and my privilege to bring the greatness out of you. I don't care if you stutter as long as you keep singing like that you'll fight like hell to bring you what you want, to bring you closer to your goal", Seal says. "What is it that you want to do?" Delta asks. "My dream is to be a global recording artist. My kind of style I've called it popera, it's like a mix of contemporary jazz, pop and light opera", he says.  - 4/4 - VIDEO

Episode 3

Belinda Adams - 39, from NSW - "I Am Changing" - Team Ricky - She's a full time singer who's in a police band. "We get asked for directions a lot but we're not actually police officers" she says. Her husband is the sound mixer. She's been working professionally as a singer since she was 18. Yet another great singer who's unfortunately very generic. She sounds just like Danni Hodson from the previous episode. Either way, she sounded perfect as Joel said. "I believe that you can do anything you want with that voice. I will do whatever it takes for you to find that energy that will take you to the next level. I'm looking for a voice that walks into a studio, records a song and years from now you'll feel that you can touch the sky listening to that voice and I found it today, that it's you" (Ricky)  - 4/4 - VIDEO

Danny Ross - 30, from NSW - "When the Levee Breaks" - Team Joel - His dad was a farmer, who died when he was 11. "He kind of knew that I was going to be a musician" he says. He's traveled the world with his music. His style is very alternative, a mix of folk and country. I really liked his voice, it was different at least. That was interesting. "From what I just saw, you knew what you wanted to do and that's exactly what I wanted to see. You've got a lot of attitude man", Joel tells him. - 2/4 - VIDEO

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Bec & Sebastian (Bec and Sebastian Ivanov) - 29, from VIC - "Nobody's Perfect" - Team Ricky - They are twins. They've been singing together for the past 7 months. Bec was afraid to sing in public while her brother has been singing for the past 10 years. They are both gay. It's obvious they aren't too used to singing together but there are some nice aspects about their voices. None is a very good singer though, they hit too many bum notes. They got Ricky after all, who they wanted. "It's about the magic of music and I felt you guys" he tells them. "I'm a twin ambassador" Joel says, "If you've been together since the womb, you are wombmates, you probably should've a better rhythm together". - 1/4 - VIDEO

Jenna Dearness-Dark - 16, from QLD - "Pie Jesu" - Team Delta - She's the youngest auditionee. She's studied piano since the age of 3 and professional singing lessons since last year. A couple of years ago they were affected by the Queensland floods. "We pretty much lost everything. We are actually in temporary accommodation at the moment, we live in this really small granny flat. Despite losing everything, I still have so much. I still have my mum and my piano and my guitar". She's a classical singer. Who would have guessed it? She reminds me a bit to Rachael Leahcar. Gorgeous performance and I don't normally like this type of auditions. "I feel I can help you. I actually toured with Andrea Bocelli for quite a while and did all this beautiful songs and I got to really absorb my time with Andrea and watch the opera world work. I really learnt were that voice comes from", Delta says.  - 4/4 - VIDEO

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Steve Clisby - 67, from Los Angeles, CA / now NSW - "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe" - Team Seal - From youngest to oldest. He's been in the industry for as long as he can remember playing with Santana and Tina Turner. His mom is a 101! "The show isn't called The Age, it's called The Voice so I thought I'll give it a try". He's a soulman. Throwback performance, very entertaining. He really wanted Delta to turn and she almost did but Seal is a much better fit for him. "I genuinely was feeling like 'Seal's brother'" Delta says. "Oh, we are both black" Seal responds. Delta's reaction is hysterical. Haha. Steve's band opened for Seal in 1992. "The reason I turned around is because I love your voice. I didn't know you were a 'brother', what are the chances of that happening? Right?" Seal tells him. - 2/4 - VIDEO

Oscar Chavez - 27, from NSW - "Bed of Roses" - Team Delta - The first time he got up the stage he was in year 11 of school. "That's the kind of moment in my life when  I thought I need to be doing this forever". His wife is the one who suggested he auditioned for The Voice. A few years ago they found out they couldn't have children but ended up having a premature little girl. He's the first male diva of the season. He's got a huge voice, he's really showing off. Delta turns at the last second. I'm not sure he can survive the battles though. "You have a really great full voice in your high register which was really controlled which was what was really appealing for me" she says. - 1/4 - VIDEO

Sarah Martin - 29, from VIC - "Woman" - Team Seal -  She started getting into music as a child because her mom was a singer. Her mom intended her to have piano lessons but she instead plays the guitar. She's got a lovely raspy tone, not the rocker I was expecting but I'm pleasantly surprised by her gritty soulful tone. "What I would do with you is help you work to achieve wherever it is you need to go", Seal tells her. - 3/4 - VIDEO

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Episode 4

Kathy Hinch - 25, from VIC - "Girl on Fire" - Team Joel - As a kid she did lots of singing concerts and from there she started taking it seriously in high school. She's currently gigging around Melbourne. Despite not liking this song, Kathy's got some pretty great vocals. I loved her tone, if only she had picked a better song to showcase it. Unfortunately, she got upstaged by the button glitch. No button was working and the chairs wouldn't turn. That must have been a very confusing moment for her. "I'm not sure somebody explained the rules properly to me" Kathy says. "You couldn't see it but I was just nailing my button" Joel  says. "In my heart I'm an RnB artist, I trust your musical instincts" she says to him.  - 2/4 - VIDEO

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Maya Weiss - 18, from VIC - "Stepping Stone" - Team Joel - Her dad was a musician. She's been playing music with him since she was a baby. She played the maracas. Gorgeous tone. She reminded me a lot to Lianne La Havas. Maya delivered the melody beautiful, it felt like a bird's singing. Perfect song choice as well. "What made you pick that particular song?" Seal asked. "Duffy is an artist who's used a jazz soul based voice and mixed it with this beautiful music which is the type of artist that I would love to be" she said. "My team, I wanna see their dreams come true. That's what I'm all about. I just want you to know that I believe in this business that we are in" (Joel) - 2/4 - VIDEO

Tim Morrison - 32, from VIC - "Sunday Bloody Sunday" - Team Delta - He was in a band called Trial Kennedy, about six months ago they decided to call it a day. Since then he's been working building caravans. "I just got to do something bigger" he says. He's more a performer than a singer. His voice is strong but he overused it some times. Not the right song for him though it got better towards the end. "I'd love to work with you. I really feel that I'd be able to find the right songs for you", Delta says. - 2/4 - VIDEO

Jessika Samarges - 20, from VIC - "Stuck" - Team Joel - She started playing piano when she was 7 and singing when she was about 13. "People have judged me for my looks in the past because I love fashion". This was probably the wrong song for her but she did nail it in a very sassy way. She's got a great soulful voice, very rich, and a terrific stage presence. I'd get her to sing some Joss Stone, she'd be amazing on that. "You sound really hot when you sing. You delivered on that song. I see someone that I could really work with and I would really like to work with you" (Joel) - 3/4 - VIDEO

Chris Sheehy - 22, from QLD - "One More Night" - Team Joel - His sister Kim, who auditioned before him but didn't get through, encouraged him to try out too. "We're competing against each other. It's on", Kim said. He's got no back up job. "For as long as I can remember it's been my dream to become a recognized musician and it's all I envision for my future. It's the only thing I'm good at", Chris said. Chris delivered an awesome performance. Unlike Kim, he picked a great song and arranged it in an entertaining way. Very cool. Vocals weren't perfect but he's definitely got loads of potential. "It was just special. I had to turn around round out of sheer admiration and respect" (Joel) - 3/4 - VIDEO

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Juliane Di Sisto - 29, from TAS - "Good Luck" - Team Ricky - Her mom had a lot of trouble having a child. After 7 years of trying, Juliane came around and it was a real surprise for her. "She's my miracle" her mom says. Her parents gave her a lot of opportunities, she took dancing lessons when she was 6, piano at 7 and singing lessons when she was 9. She's been trying to have a career in music for the past 10 years. She's got a fantastic voice but there's nothing distinctive about it, maybe it was the song choice, which she sang really well to be honest. Ricky was enjoying it so much though. I'm confident he can do something interesting with her. "I turned around because I felt .. turn me on. It was really really hot", Ricky said, all while doing some crazy faces. Haha. - 1/4 - VIDEO

Luke Kennedy - 30, from QLD - "Un giorno per noi (A Time for Us)" - Team Ricky - He's been singing professionally for the past 5 years on tour with  The Ten Tenors. The last two years he's been touring a lot less to spend time with her 2 y/o daughter. He's separated from his wife. After that he got diagnosed with depression. "It was really terrible, I didn't want to get out of bed, I didn't want to do anything".  If you haven't guessed it yet, he's an opera singer. He does it very beautifully, he's obviously a pro but as you all know this isn't my thing. I can appreciate he does have a fantastic gift and as Seal said, he's a really accomplished singer. He's much better than Harrison who did something similar previously, yet not entirely. "I would do my best to explore other genres with you because you have so many places to go. I really wish that you can be part of my team" (Ricky) It turns out Seal and Ricky both have battled with depression before. Poor Delta and Joel had no chance of getting Luke after that. "I feel your pain cause I've been there. It's about writing your next chapter. Please allow me to guide you and take you there. Forget the past, let's go and take it further" Ricky finally said.  - 4/4 - VIDEO

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Episode 5

Nicholas Roy - 32, from VIC - "Falling Slowly" - Team Seal - He writes and produces song for other people. His ultimate dream would be to travel with his music but he still gets really nervous when he sings. He hopes The Voice will give him confidence. He's playing the piano. Nicholas may lack confidence to perform on public but he delivered this song so beautifully it's hard to believe that. His sense of musicality is amazing, the arrangement he gave this song was incredibly pretty, specially towards the end. "My main priority is to get to coach greatness. But I can only coach that if I know what it is that you want" Seal says. "I want freedom to explore what I do and enhance that" he says. "I just know that if I was coaching you, there's very little I'd change because you have to things that I can't give you. You have an incredible tone and you have uniqueness. You have a fantastic instrument that I want to coach".  - 4/4 - VIDEO

Katie Reeve - 26, from NSW - "Piece of My Heart" - Team Ricky - She started learning music at a very young age. "I've sort of struggled with my weight my whole life. My best friend actually said to me that I wouldn't get into musical theater if I didn't do something with my weight. This is an opportunity to prove to everyone who's ever doubted me that anything is possible". My problem with this performance is that Katie picked a song that's way too big for her voice. She did a decent job with the song but she lacked the power and grit needed to pull this off. There's potential though. "You opened your mouth and you entertained me. You took me somewhere and that's what I need", Ricky said. - 2/4 - VIDEO

Josh Kyle - 26, from VIC - "Fragile" - Team Delta - His mom is his biggest fan. She sells his music on her store, she's got a big sign on the front desk. He's lived in London for a couple of years while recording his album. I'm not sure what to make out of his style but I think Ricky would be a great pick for him. He's got a certain Latin sound that Ricky could fully exploit. He went for Delta though, who convinced him. "I think you are incredible, I believed every word you just say. You are so smooth. I think you've got more talent than you just showed us".  - 2/4 - VIDEO

Karen Andrews - 31, from NSW - "I'd Rather Go Blind" - Team Ricky - She's got a cover band called Miss Murphy, she's Miss Murphy, it's her alter-ego. "She allows me to be more comfortable, I'm normally shy and very quiet. She's the star". Amazing vocals, wonderful soulful tone, full of different colours and depth. The best performance of the night. She completely owned that song. "She sounds like Karise!" Joel mentioned. He's right. That was phenomenal. "All of us just witnessed a moment of music history that will last forever. I'm willing to share all I have, I'll bring my heart out and just give it to you" Ricky said. - 4/4 - VIDEO

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Nick Stenmark - 28, from NSW - "I Will Wait" - Team Joel - He's a surfer. "Surfing is a big part of my life, it's just so organic and natural". A few years ago he left his job at an advertising company and decided to immerse himself in music. His band is called Feeding Edgar, they've been playing since high school. I personally love this type of music, like Ben Howard. He did an awesome job with this tune although he should've made it more acoustic, more organic. Good stuff still. As long as Joel gives him unique tunes he'll be fine. "Personally I don't know how to swim. I could teach you about this stuff and you could teach me how to swim and surf" (Joel) - 1/4 - VIDEO

Caterina Torres - 22, from VIC - "Hot Right Now" - Team Ricky - Her parents are from South America. Her mom is Colombian and her dad is Uruguayan. She's happy to be carrying that Latino flavour. She started singing when she was 6. When she was 18 she signed a worldwide record deal but all of a sudden everything started to crumble and she was left without a record label. Wow, she's so current! She could be a viable recording star if coached right. Great performance, very sexy and entertaining and lots of power. Ricky is the obvious choice here. Plus there's no stopping him when he stands up. As long as he doesn't make her sing in Spanish right away she'll be fine. "I think you are a very powerful performer, I think you are an amazing singer, I need you on my team. You are a star" (Ricky)  - 4/4 - VIDEO

 photo CaterinaTorres_zps9bb2a96d.png

Episode 6

Michael Paynter - 27, from VIC - "Somewhere Only We Know" - Team Joel - "I've been blessed in my career. I've had people that are very established in their own careers put me on their tours, like The Veronicas, but I'm still sitting here today. I haven't made it". He left a record label a few years ago. Like Luke Kennedy from episode 4, his professionalism shows. His version of this song is pretty great, actually, one of the best I've heard. I loved every decision he made, a very good arrangement. He'll be a contender no matter what team he chooses. Delta seemed to recognize the guy when she turned, pushing both Joel's and Ricky's buttons, though Joel was already pushing it. "I kind wish I was wearing that suit" he told Ricky to which Ricky gave it to him. "You are great, you are greatness on the stage waiting to happen" (Joel) - 4/4 - VIDEO

 photo MichaelPaynter_zps28873bdb.png

Sophie Phillis - 26, from QLD - "Beautiful Disaster" - Team Delta - She spent about a year in an Abba tribute show. "Income wise, I found that the music business can be up and down so I went to university to get into doing nursing. I was full time studying and then I found out that I was pregnant. I don't know how I graduated with a six month old baby". As a single mom, she moved back to her hometown. Great control, perfect pitch. Her voice is so clear, it's very lovely to listen too. "It was so beautiful because I love to hear somebody just sound vulnerable, drew me in rather than sing at me. I think you can do even better songs than that but that song truly did speak to me. I loved hearing you sing that" Delta said. - 3/4 - VIDEO

  photo SophiePhillis_zpsd11ee7a2.png

Tim Moxey - 27, from NSW - "I Want to Know What Love Is" - Team Seal - He's a music pastor and a singing teacher. "Being a music pastor is pretty simple, it's pretty much organizing the music for the service in the church and encouraging and teaching the musicians that are in the church". He's determined to push through the fear. He's very Seal sounding. An old fashioned song choice but his voice was good enough for me, that's why it wasn't boring. He hit every note perfectly, hopefully Seal can bring out the originality in him. "It was a controlled performance, you stayed in your zone. It brings up a lot of emotion in me that you were able to just stand there and give me some" (Seal) - 2/4 - VIDEO

Mitchell Steele - 21, from QLD - "One and Only" - Team Delta - He left school when he was 15. He works with horses now. He trains them and does trick riding with them. "I've never done any vocal training, just never had the opportunity". I'm so glad he's not a country singer, I was dreading that. He's not the best singer but for someone with no training he's quite great. There was passion in his performance at least. "All I want to do is find out who you want to be as an artist because I can't tell you who you wanna be as an artist, you have to tell me. No artist that's ever been successful has had somebody else tell them who to be" (Delta) - 2/4 - VIDEO

Imogen Brough - 21, from VIC - "Never Let Me Go" - Team Ricky - "What probably led me to music was my parents. My mom played the piano and dad's always been able to sing in tune and play the guitar". In 2006 her family traveled to England and France for a month. They visited Oxford University, there was a man playing the piano and a woman singing in a chapel. "It was a moment in time I was taken back and made me think that's what I wanna do". Imogen and her sister are IVF twins. "My little sisters always remind us 'mom and dad paid a lot of money for you two, so do your best'". "If I was to describe my both I'd say it is so of ethereal, soft, yet it can be very strong when I want it to be" she says. She definitely has a powerful voice and she hit those big notes perfectly the same way Florence does. The softer parts were a bit weird though, I'm not really sure she was pulling those parts off, maybe it was the arrangement. But yeah, she's got a fantastic voice, she should go far. - 4/4 - VIDEO

 photo ImogenBrough_zpsafa2d8ac.png

Episode 7

Hannah Darling - 21, from NSW - "Ghosts" - Team Joel - She's working in music journalism at the moment. "I'd love to see what someone has to write about me but hopefully it will all be very positive". Her older brothers were heavily addicted to drugs, still are, she says. This was an enchanting audition, one of my faves indeed. Her voice is so gorgeous and incredibly original. I loved her song choice as well. I really don't get why the judges didn't turn for her sooner. She had to add some lyrics urging them to turn for Seal and Joel to push their buttons. Seal asked her to sing an original as well, which was as outstanding as her first performance. "I'm speechless, I almost didn't turn around. You deserve to pick the best coach for you" Joel says. - 2/4 - VIDEO

 photo HannahDarling_zpsee17eb1b.png

Ben Goldstein - 20, from NSW - "Bedouin Song" - Team Delta - He comes from a very casual Jewish home. "My roots are everything, I am here because of my roots".  "I think The Voice is a great opportunity for me to get out there. I want everyone to met who I am and what I stand for" he says. Very peculiar song. I didn't expect him to have such a sweet tone. I could see the coaches melting in their chairs. His tone is wonderful, I can already hear Seal talking non stop about it. "Quite possibly, this is one of those rare moments were the "I want you" at the bottom of her chair means more than 'I want you on my team'" Joel says. "I was really overtaken by your voice. I had to turn around. I felt this real warmth from you and the song is so unique. I think that I could do a lot with your voice. I think you have the whole package" (Delta) To which Joel inappropriately added, "She likes your package". - 2/4 - VIDEO

 photo BenGoldstein_zps0090794b.png

Jackie Sannia - 17, from VIC - "People Help the People" - Team Delta - She started playing piano when she was about 4 years old and wrote compositions when she was 7. "I was bullied a lot, then my parents got divorced and I was bullied some more". I adore Birdy but I'm getting sick of this song. It always sounds the same to me now. Jackie did a beautiful job with it though. There were some minor issues but overall she did the song justice while staying faithful to the original. The piano playing was gorgeous as well. "That was spine tingling. You've been given such a gift that needs to be heard by everybody and congratulations, everyone in Australia has just heard you" (Delta) - 3/4 - VIDEO

 photo JackieSannia_zps67d65092.png

Mitchell Anderson - 44, from NSW - "Sexual Healing" - Team Seal - He's been performing full time for the past 20 years in pubs and clubs around Sydney. "What I love about music is that it takes away all the pain and the worries of life". He lost his mother on Christmas the year before last year in an accident. His father is also a musician. Cool voice, I love it's raspiness. His delivery was spot on, really enjoyable. I'm glad Seal was the only coach to turn around, he's perfect for Mitchell. "When you were singing I just didn't think, I felt" Seal said. - 1/4 - VIDEO

Katie Carr - 26, from NSW - "Who You Are" - Team Ricky - She's been teaching singing for the last 5 years. "I love teaching because I love to look in their eyes when they learn something new, I love watching them grow". Katie is a powerful vocalist but I think the song choice wasn't right for her. She did it very well though, spotless performance. It was adorable seeing her friend worried backstage when nobody pushed the button. Fortunately Ricky did. She deserves it, she's got a great voice.  - 1/4 - VIDEO

Luke Mansini - 26, from QLD - "Hometown Glory" - Team Delta - This is the first audition his ever done. He's terrified to sing in front of people. He works as a commercial artist. He sculpts animals for museums, zoos and theme parks. He started taking music seriously in the past 3 years. His mom sings and plays the piano. He recently lost his brother, who took his own life. "My brother Joel was a huge fan of my music and I remember one of the last things he said me, he looked at me and said 'I think you are gonna make it'". The performance was almost acapella, with very few music, making it even more powerful. He's got an incredible tone, he really made a wonderful cover of this Adele classic. My fave male contestant so far. "What you just did there. I really felt you through the song and from the second you started singing I was engaged, you just drew me in. I really believe in you" (Delta) - 2/4 - VIDEO

 photo LukeMansini_zps406805f5.png

Shawne Kirke - 28, from WA - "You Give Me Something" - Team Seal - He's been gigging for the past 10 years. "Singing has played a huge role in my life. It's been rehabilitating to me. When I was 13 I had an asthma attack and I was hospitalized and comatose. Thankfully I pulled through but after that my extremities were completely useless. Doctors told that I'd never walk again. I wasn't gonna be incapacitated for the rest of my life so I pushed through it, here I am now". He's got a special voice. Very sweet and actually, very James Morrison sounding. He's got a lovely tone, and for someone who loves this type of tones so much, I was surprised Seal didn't turn around sooner. He needs to stick to this soulful tunes in the future. "It took me to the end to turn around cause I really wanted to be sure and believe me, I was. Such is the uniqueness of your voice that you are gonna go far" Seal said. - 2/4 - VIDEO

 photo ShawneKirke_zps509cd4a0.png

Episode 8

Michelle Martinez - 28, from NSW - "Lady Marmalade" - Team Seal - Her father is from Central America. His family are very musical and from the time she was 7 or 8 she knew that that was what she wanted to do with her life. When she was 10 she went to a talent school. "She's worked very hard over the years with all the time and effort that she's putting, so when I see Michelle performing it'd be a very proud moment" her mom says. She's currently a backing vocalists and gigs full time. "I'm at The Voice to be my own artist" she says. I'm not really sure this song is working or it can just be that I hate it but I think it would've been nice if she'd performed one of the songs she sings in those corporate gigs. I can't imagine her singing this. Either way, amazing pipes, she'll bring a phenomenal battle. "I'd never get tired of hearing that. I loved every single second of it. Our industry needs you right now" (Seal) - 3/4 - VIDEO

Sione Felila - 25, from NSW - "You to Me Are Everything" - Team Ricky - "Music to me, it's been a big part of my life, through church and family. My parents are from Tonga, singing is a big part of their culture". "I think music is the only thing he was good at, besides eating" says his mom "even since he was little it was just a natural talent to him". He's working at a liquor store at the moment. He's exactly the type of artists Seal likes, yet it was Ricky the only judge to turn for him. His soulful performance was quite entertaining and joyful. I'm not sure he can last though.  - 1/4 - VIDEO

Kiyomi Vella - 19, from VIC - "1234" - Team Joel - Her mom is Japanese and her dad is Maltese. "I describe myself as a little bit quirky and I try to put that quirkiness into my music". She's at university at the moment, where she's studying for an environmental engineering degree. She reminds me a lot to Bjork, I actually think "Joga" would've been a perfect song choice for her. This song is doing the job just fine though, it's very fitting. I love her tone, her singing style isn't as unique as she may think it is but it's awesome to watch, it's really fresh and sweet. "I thought you did great. I think that we are just seeing the beginning. I think we are gonna see some really special things come from you" Joel says. - 2/4 - VIDEO

 photo KiyomiVella_zps4764aa6b.png

Louise Roussety - 29, from VIC - "Creep" - Team Joel - She got involved in music at a young age. When she was 14 she got her first guitar and started writing. Music isn't her full time career unfortunately. "I actually gave up music because I didn't think I was good enough to be quite honest. I didn't think I was a good singer, I lacked confidence with the way I looked and after a while I just felt really numb. I just want to make something with myself but too long I've never taken that chance and I can't go on living my life like that". She looks a bit uncomfortable on stage and quite nervous but there's no need for that cause she's a phenomenal singer. I was surprised only Joel turned since that was one of the best auditions to me. Her tone is just amazing. She informs Delta she dislocated her elbow in jiu jitsu training. "I loved your idea and your ambition of the song. I could hear you struggling with the nerves. You earned it" (Joel) - 1/4 - VIDEO

 photo LouiseRoussety_zpsf785703d.png

Rob Edwards - 35, from NSW - "Seven Nation Army" - Team Delta - "I'm from a musical family, there was always a piano being played, jam sessions in the backyard. I finished school and went on to finance but I've always loved music. The turning point was I just couldn't handle another day in a suit, I was like 'this is not me'." His mom raised her 4 child on her own. "She's my rock" he says. He's a soulful dude much better than previous auditionee Sione, who's the same style he does. He was pretty entertaining and picked a great song for him. Only problem I had is that the performance sounded oddly old fashioned. "I think I'm a good listener, I believe I can listen to you as an artist and be able to find out what you feel you wanna achieve and help you achieve it". (Delta) - 3/4 - VIDEO

James Walker - 19, from QLD - "One Crowded Hour" - Team Ricky - His dad is a neuro surgeon, his mom is a nurse and his sister is studying to become a doctor. However, he's into music. "I do feel like the odd one out of my family". When he was about 12, his mom suggested he started taking guitar lessons. I laughed a bit when his dad said a lot of musicians don't make a lot of money but they still love it. If there's one thing he doesn't need is money, his family looks really wealthy. His singing is weird, if not a bit odd. I dig it though, it's quite interesting. The song choice however was awful. It didn't do any favours to his voice, hopefully Ricky can find the right songs for him. "I am very lucky to have an amazing team. I'm just looking for something that hits me in the chest and I felt a story, I felt the lament, I felt sadness, hope and I pushed the button". Ricky's team is now full. - 1/4 - VIDEO

Lauren Dawes - 28, from NSW - "Is This Love" - Team Seal - When she was in high school she always wanted to be part of the stage band cause it had the hot boys playing in it. "My voice is quite high so I am a soprano. I've once been told that if you close your eyes I sound like an African American black woman but obviously when you open your eyes it's not the case. She also appeared on multiple episodes of TV series Top of the Lake and despite no speaking scenes, I instantly recognized her. Lauren and her sister Carlie have albinism which is a condition that involves minimum to no pigment in the skin and hair and it affects the eyes as well. "So you can have a visual impediment or like me you are legally blind" her sister says. "Being albinos of course had it's hard times but it's also had it's advantages in my case, people remember me, I have a look that pretty much nobody else has in this industry at this time". She's singing Corinne Bailey Rae's version of the song and is doing it very beautifully. Very jazzy, exactly the type of singers I like. Seal will definitely do wonderful with her. She's got a lot more to offer, I just know it. "I had such a poker face when I turned cause I really tried to stay emotionless cause these guys always watch what I'm up to. I'm so glad that you sang that song in that way because that's exactly what I'm talking about. There's always a way to honor the song and make it your own. You are fantastic." (Seal) - 1/4 - VIDEO

 photo LaurenDawes_zps4f720d68.png

Episode 9

Simone Stacey - 35, from QLD - "(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons" - Team Seal - She was half of duo Shakaya which apparently was a hit, with their first single going platinum. They parted ways in 2006, "it was pretty heartbreaking, I stayed in a cave for a little while" she says. She's doing The Voice for herself but she's dedicating it for her nana, who passed away last year of cancer. Wow, wasn't expecting this at all. She's got such a sexy tone, very unique. I love the fact that she picked such an old song, I was ready for a diva but this jazzy tune was fantastic for her. Just lovely. "That's really what I'm looking for. It's the ability to make us believe and you certainly did that. It was so beautiful. I felt really fortunate that I witnessed that" Seal says. - 3/4 - VIDEO

 photo SimoneStacey_zpsc75fffdb.png

Michael Stangel - 45, from VIC - "Bow River" - Team Delta - He's been a part of the music industry since he was 21. In his mid 30s he turned his talents into production. In the last 12 months he had a tumor in his heart, they got it in time, but then something very rare happened where that tumor got into his brain. They told him to get his affairs in order but his attitude was "they are wrong". "I've been told the end could be tomorrow and I want to show everybody what's this life work's meant to me". He's a great singer and while I didn't like the song, his performance was quite entertaining. I could see him going country but I really hope he goes for a more rock-ish route. "It was that kind of really raw. I don't think that was the best song for you but what I heard in your voice was this fullness and this guts" Delta says. Delta's team is now full. - 1/4 - VIDEO

Adam Garrett - 23, from WA - "Skinny Love" - Team Joel - He's a postman. "I constantly have songs going through my head". He wants to make a career from what he loves. The song he's singing is a tragic song, he says he connects with it because if anything was to happen between him and his girlfriend he wouldn't handle it very well. Not a great start, actually not great overall. He's got a very pretty tone though, I guess that's why Joel turned for him. It was ok, it could've been better though. "You did a great job. It's gonna be a lot of work, it's hard work but it's easy wen you love it" (Joel) Joel's team is now full. - 1/4 - VIDEO

Jac Stone - 23, from QLD - "Watch Over Me" - Team Seal - Darren Middleton, from Powderfinger, helped her produce her first EP. "I've had a lot of really good experiences with music. I feel like I've had a lot of really good opportunities but I don't feel like I've really grabbed anything 100% and really run with it which is I guess why I'm here". Jac's got an amazing tone, quite gorgeous, plus she picked a great song, delivering a really passionate and emotional performance. She's certainly one of the best we've seen. "That's really beautiful and the fact you can do that just show me you are an artist. This is gonna be a tough competition, there are lot of great singers this year and I feel so fortunate because I just found another one" (Seal) Seal's team is now full. - 1/4 - VIDEO

 photo JacStone_zpsb85c3247.png

Top 56

Team Delta

Anna Weatherup
Ben Goldstein
Celia Pavey
Jackie Sannia
Jenna Dearness-Dark
Josh Kyle
Luke Mansini
Michael Stangel
Mitchell Steele
Nathan Allgood
Oscar Chavez
Rob Edwards
Sophie Phillis
Tim Morrison

Team Ricky

Bec & Sebastian
Belinda Adams
Caterina Torres
Imogen Brough
James Walker
Juliane Di Sisto
Kaity Dunstan
Katie Carr
Katie Reeve
Karen Andrews
Luke Kennedy
Nick Kingswell
Simon Meli
Sione Felila
 Team Joel

Adam Garrett
Chris Sheehy
Danni Hodson
Danny Ross
Emma Pask
Hannah Darling
Jessika Samarges
Kathy Hinch
Kiyomi Vella
Louise Roussety
Lyric McFarland
Maya Weiss
Michael Paynter
Nick Stenmark

Team Seal

Alex Gibson
Harrison Craig
Jac Stone
Lauren Dawes
Michelle Martinez
Mitchell Anderson
Nicholas Roy
Ryan Sanders
Sarah Martin
Shawne Kirke
Simone Stacey
Skye Elizabeth
Steve Clisby
Tim Moxey

The contestants in bold are the ones I hope make it through the battle rounds. Obviously that's hard to predict as many of them could be paired together. There's still the save though, with 2 available per judge.
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