Dannii Minogue joined the panel last week and this time Guy Sebastian's seat is being occupied. As you may remember both Mel B and Guy left the show at the end of season 4, which was won by the fantastic Samantha Jade, leaving two spots at the judges table. Fear no more, we know now how the panel will look next year!

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Stefan Kendal Gordy, commonly known as Redfoo, half of now defunct LMFAO (on hiatus, but that word sounded better, didn't it), will be joining the panel as our fourth permanent judge, joining previously announced Dannii and returning judges Ronan Keating and Nat B. Best known for hits "Sexy and I Know It" and "Party Rock Anthem", the 37 y/o will certainly give the show an infusion of honesty and entertainment. "The main key for me is just being myself, what will happen is I will just get into a zone and that is what the world has gotten from Redfoo, just a guy being himself, and that is what makes me unique. I just follow my gut, follow my instinct and follow my feelings. I just want to have fun", the singer told Confidential about his involvement in the show.

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