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Just like I did with the XF Philippines the past year, I'll be posting some highlights from The Voice van Vlaanderen liveshows, since I don't have enough time to cover the full show. Belgium is the only country to have two editions, one is French spoken (The Voice Belgique, which will be posted later) and the other one, this one, is Dutch spoken. We briefly covered the show's first season but the writer couldn't keep working on it and I had no time for it. All the judges, Alex Callier, Jasper Steverlinck, Koen Wauters and Natalia Druyts, return for a second season. Season 1 was won by Glenn Claes with Silke Mastbooms as the runner up. So without further ado, let's take a look at the first liveshow 6 stand-outs.

Highlights after the jump ...

Timna Vanhecke

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"Kiss me" (Sixpence None the Richer) - Team Alex Callier - 7/10 Eliminated - Albeit not the best singer, Timna's take on this classic gave a certain freshness to it. The way she upped the tempo and turned it into a reggae tune was quite remarkable despite her jazzy voice may have not been the best fit for it. It created an interesting sound however, something I would have liked to explore further. - VIDEO

Kaat Verschueren

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"Goodbye kiss" (Kasabian) - Team Alex Callier - 7,5/10 - Eliminated - Despite her performance staying on the almost sleepy side, Kaat's tenderness and realness translated the song's feeling perfectly. Her gorgeous tone was the main focus of her performance and even though the performance went nowhere, it gave us a chance to appreciate the breathtaking beauty of her voice. She could have given us some epic performances. - VIDEO

Paulien Mathues

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"You're the One That I Want" (Olivia Newton-John) - Team Jasper Steverlinck - 8/10 - Through to the Top 16 - Another girl with a gorgeous tone. The difference here is that Paulien took advantage of her song choice and added some dynamics to it, unlike Kaat. Her stiffness on stage wasn't off putting, indeed, it was the contrary. It made perfect sense for the performance, making her shy Julia Stone sounding voice even more powerful. My suggestion for next week, "For You" by Miss Stone. She'll nail that one. - VIDEO

Theo Dewitte

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"Let her go" (Passenger) - Team Koen Wauters - 7/10 - Through to the Top 16 - So I didn't find his performance to be that great to be honest. His inclusion on this list is mainly because of his song choice and the potential I saw in him. He did have some issues but I'm willing to look past that. The truth is that his tone is pretty fantastic and with songs like this, he could really become a contender. - VIDEO

Jana De Valck

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"Euphoria" (Loreen) - Team Natalia Druyts - 8/10 - Through to the Top 16 - She was previously signed to Universal, under the name Iana, so I was expecting a fantastic show. She didn't live up to my expectations, even though her performance was quite great. The problem is the song. I've never heard anyone other than Loreen sounding good on this one so it wasn't surprising to see Jana struggling with it. And by struggling I don't mean sounding like shit, I mean not being as epic as the original. Still, this was one of the highlights of the show and you shouldn't miss her phenomenal performing skills. - VIDEO

Matthijs Vanstaen

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"No sound but the wind" (Editors) - Team  Jasper Steverlinck - 9,5/10 - Through to the Top 16 - He's been one of the bright stars of the season so far. His audition went to #1 on the iTunes chart and his subsequent performance have never failed to amaze. This one is no exception. I loved the fact that he went for a quite unknown song, it allowed him to show off a lot more. His heartfelt delivery was impressive as well, the amount of passion he put into the performance was remarkable. If he's already able to do something like this I wonder what he'll do when the finale comes. - VIDEO

Through to the Top 16

 Safe by Public's Vote:

Jana De Valck
Theo Dewitte
Matthijs Vanstaen
Jelle Degens

 Saved by their Coach:

Robby Longo
Maria Theresa Morales
Paulien Mathues
Jaouad Alloul


Lucas Peeters
Bjorn en Joeri Rotthier
Jeroen Van Troyen
Freija D'Hondt
Eva en Elias Storme
Bert Van Renne
Timna Vanhecke
Kaat Verschueren
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