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I'm sorry I've not covered this show so far because I really wanted to. However, I'll try to catch up with it now. After Jenny Langlo won S6, the judges panel was revamped. Joining returning judge Gunnar Greve Pettersen are Esben Selvig and former Idol contestants Tone Damli Aaberge (S3 runner-up) and Kurt Nilsen (S1 winner). There's not much to review this week as most of the contestants were below average. Only 4 girls stood up in my opinion (one not necessarily in a good way) and unfortunately, one of them was sent packing.

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Astrid Sugaren

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"Born to die" (Lana del Rey) - 5/10 - Shaky vocals, bad enunciation and off-tune singing. So why did I include Astrid on the list? Well, simply because I've loved everything she's done up to this point and I do think her voice is one of the strongest in the competition. Her performance was decent at best, however, I'm still in love with the singer's folky voice. Her previous performance, Susanne Sundfør's "The Brothel", was breathtaking, so her performance tonight was even more disappointing to me. She'll be one of the regulars here though, I'd love to follow her journey.  - VIDEO

Astrid Smeplass

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"Some Die Young" (Laleh) - 7/10 - Another contestant who had an off week yet excelled in her previous performances. Astrid's been a favourite since the very beginning, captivating with her quirky small voice. Though not stellar tonight, she was far better than the other Astrid. Laleh's song is perfect for her voice and despite she was shrill on several notes, the overall performance was pretty nice to hear. Her bubbly personality is a big plus, how can you not love her? - VIDEO

Siri Vølstad Jensen

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"Good girls gone bad" (The JaneDear Girls) - 7,5/10 - Fun performance, definitely not what I was expecting from her. Her previous cover, "Emmylou", was country-ish but not fully, it was more on the indie side and I loved that, specially because her gorgeous folky tone was displayed beautifully. Tonight I was missing some of that sound since she went full country, although her confident and fun delivery made this performance pretty pleasant.- VIDEO

Honorable mention: Ola Weel Skram's "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan (6/10). Somewhat boring, somewhat goaty. However, there was enough promise in his voice to make me want to see him again, albeit with something that doesn't put me to sleep.  - VIDEO


Anniken Kolstad

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"Måndagsbarn" (Veronica Maggio) - 8/10 - Despite being eliminated, I would've still added Anniken to the list. The girl's got some serious pipes and even if her singing is somewhat generic, you need to remember she was singing in Swedish, which isn't her native language. That huge note she hit was one of the most impressive parts of the episode and thus, she was my favourite tonight. My only complaint is that her performance ended too abruptly. - VIDEO 

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 Through to the Top 9

 Steffen Jakobsen
Siri Vølstad Jensen
Eirik Søfteland
Astrid Sugaren
Astrid Smeplass
Sverre Eide
Georg Lipai
Martine Rygvold
Ola Weel Skram
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