Lauramarie Marek is known as a multi-lingual singer who had rose to fame through YouTube. From Spanish to Japanese, it can be said that she can takle any song, in any language. The Quakertown, PA native who has a diploma in International Business and, obviously, Languages, has had a little chat with me about her passion for the languages and what we can expect of her. You can check her channel HERE. (I had a rough time deciding about the banner above, but this was my favourite, if you have any suggestions tell me).

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*How would you describe yourself as an artist?
A multi-lingual artist who likes to combine the passions of language and music together.

*Who is your biggest influence?
My father, the late Paul Marek. 

*What can you tell me about him?
My father recently passed away, April of this year.  He has been a major driving force behind my musical interests and goals.  He taught me about good music and without forcing music upon me, showed me the benefits of having music in your life...not just to listen to, but also to understand it and be a part of it. 

*I've seen you like Spanish a lot, How did you get this passion?
I love all languages, Spanish is one of my favorites because it sounds so music. I studied Spanish in college a little bit, traveled to Spain, and made friends from many of the different Spanish-speaking countries. I truly enjoy exploring cultures of the world as well, and learning how to sing or speak in another language is such a good way to delve into the world.

*Your first album is called "Lauricia"...
That's right. The concept behind Lauricia - Spanish Tendencies, is that the songs have some sort of Spanish influence...whether it be a song sung in Spanish, a song with some Latin instrumentation, or a song I wrote with the intention of turning into a Spanish song. This album was released in 2007. Lauricia is an old nickname of mine from high school...Spanish Tendencies is the name I gave the album due to it's Latin feel through the instrumentation and some of the songs themselves being sung in Spanish. :)

*Are you working on a second album? Meeting with labels?
I am working on a second album under the name now of Lauramarie. I am also working on being my own label. 
*How is it to be your own label?
Knowing how to record yourself and use programs that enable you to get the best possible sound quality.  You must know the technical end of the music as well.  It's hard work, but I know that nobody else has a clue as to what I wish to sound like more than I being in charge of my own sound makes perfect sense to me.  I think it takes my music to a whole new level of understanding if I can produce it.  

*What can we expect of your second album?
The next one will be all opposed to having someone else produce, play instruments, co-wrote..etc.....I will be doing everything 100%.

*On your YouTube channel you say your ultimate goal is to get a recording deal, How near are you from that?
Actually, I am already living that dream now. I have found ways to do all by myself, what record labels do. Jack Conte is a prime example of the way in which music is taking on a new form nowadays. You really don't need record labels anymore.....let the musical revolution speak for itself. See how the people, like the Youtube Community, decide for themselves what they want to hear....and on such a global scale. It's really incredible what you can acheive nowadays with your talents.

*I've also seen you sing in many languages, Can you name me all the languages you can speak/sing in?
I do..and love to do this. I can speak Finnish, Spanish and some Japanese and Swedish fluently. I guess you could say I can pick up just about any language that is thrown at me. I have been heard singing everything from Arabic to Italian on my Youtube channel. :)

*You have written many songs, Did you learned it from somewhere? Can you also write in any forigen language?
Songwriting seems to be something I have inherited from as far back as my grandfather. We have recently discovered his knack for songwriting while going through some old family documents. I didn't go to school for it or 'learn' it, I just have always been a can say. It's just that I can put those words into a rhyme and make music for them. I have written a few songs in foreign languages. Je Pense a Toi (in French) and Las Nubes Son Paraísos (Spanish) are a couple examples.

*What is your favourite song of yours and what does it mean to you?
Myself in You. This is the song that brought two musical hearts together..nothing can speak louder than this. 

*What can you tell me about your song "Into Your Hands"?
This is a song I wrote about feeling the vulnerability when you first meet someone who you really care about and knowing that it's ok because you sense the ability to trust them 110%.

*With what current artist would you compare to?
None. My fans tell me all the time that I have an original sound that they find refreshing. Of course I have been able to sing covers like Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights, and nail the song sounding similar to her voice..but this is just to show off my vocal range. All in all, when it comes down to my musical heart...I have a style that is truly all my own. I don't strive to be anyone other than myself when I write and sing my songs.

*You've uploaded almost 200 videos, How much do you consider you've evolved since your first one?
Wow! So much! I have improved not only my guitar playing skills, but my songwriting has evolved for the better too. I have really opened up a new facet to myself and discovered my style...not only this, but became truly comfortable with the artist I truly am. Additionally, I have gotten better at the visual and audio qualities of my videos. 

*Are you planning to film a music video? Which song?
I was just in a music video with my beau, Nabeel.  We actually met each other through music and I am very proud to share this music video of the cover song 'Fly Away' by Lenny Kravitz. I have also just completed another music video from a recent original song I did called 'You Knew'.  It's getting quite popular already!

 *Something interesting about you?
I have lived in Scandinavia for about 4 years and traveled to about a dozen more countries. Also, I graduated college with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2 ½ years while working a 40 hour per week job and obtaining grades that allowed me to graduate as valedictorian of my 2003 class.

*What is the best advice someone has ever given to you?
It would be the advice from my daddy....'Believe in yourself and you will go far'.


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