This week we have a second live show, 6 new groups + the supergroup with 5 new members. We have a really exciting show ahead! You can also vote for your favourite this week. The poll will be opened until August 5, so vote!

 Read my recap, watch the videos, learn who won and vote for who you think should have won after the JUMP ...

 The advancing group was Three Spires, YES! I really loved them. Coming in second and third place were Blok  and Sing Live, who performed again for the judges' vote to win the wild card. Sing Live won a spot on it, I want to see something current guys!

Dawsons Academy

I Want You Back (Jackson 5) - I liked them. They were not spectacular and their voices were a bit out of pitch, but their performance was pretty good! The table thing was excellent and the purple haired girl, whose name is Monique, and the blond one that followed her had great voices and their solos were stunning. However, they were predictable, I mean, school uniforms, really? The back flip was cool too, but it was a bit out of place. Remember that Lloyd Daniels did something similar on the X Factor last year? Well, he was critisized, and the should have been also. But they were enjoyable, so good job!


Take On Me (a-ha)/Starry Eyed (Ellie Goulding) - Yes! It was about time to hear an Ellie's song on one of this shows! I loved the stage, their outfits, all of it. The girls voices were really great, the guys, not so much. The mash-up was perfectly excecuted and I want one of those wristbands! Those little shower-like things were pretty too. I'm a bit upset they were eliminated, I liked them a lot!

Sing Live

I Want it All/Radio GaGa/One Vision (Queen) - I'm sorry, but I didn't liked them. 84 people is too many! Their energy  was contigious but those outfits ... The end was really good tough, they stated heating up towards the end and that was excellent, but I felt they were a bit old, not too contemporary. I'd like to see something more current on their next performance, and some more solos maybe.


We are Golden (Mika) - They were pretty good actually. I thik their voices aren't fully developed, but they had the talent. The girls who sang the solos were stunning, a very powerful vocal range, and the black girl with glasses had a really interesting voice. The shouting in the middle was a big WTF, really unnecessary. Good thing: they were really full of energy and they made me wanna dance!


Something Kinda Ooooh (Girls Aloud) - The fact they are cheerleaders really stands out, but they have terrific voices! Definitely the best so far. The first solo was the best! Her name is Nikitta Angus, she was an X Factor finalist back in 2006, where she placed 7th, and she has a hell of a voice! The song choice wasn't good though, never pick a Girls Aloud song, never! The circle at the end was really interesting too, and the blond girl was unbelievable! I really enjoyed them but unfortunately they were eliminated, fuck!

Three Spires

Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler) - This is what I was talking about! Give me some solos men!! The song choice was perfect, they were the BEST in the entire show! A really deserved spot in the final. All groups should learn from them. What people want to see are two terrific singers in some crazy outfits with a lot of acting and dancing. They could easily win it all after this. Sammi Tuson, the lead female, is very Lea Michelle, great energy, great voice. I loved the way it fasten up at the 45 seconds, impressive! My only critic is that Will Neale's (the lead guy) shout was a bit out of tune, but apart from that, the BEST!


Boys and Girls (Pixie Lott) - Let's see what this new members have! The performance was a bit boring overall. I mean, it was very dinamic and the coreography was amazing, but I was expecting something as good as last week, but they all sang together in this one, so I couldn't really hear the new members voices. The only stand outs were: Nataylia's amazing solo, damn she was terrific!; Lewis abs, who looks really hot; and Nicola's super jump. The rest of the performance was a bit zzzz. I want some solos next week! I liked Grace at the end because what she said was really charming!

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