"A Curious Thing" is the highly expected sophomore album form Scottish singer Amy MacDonald. It was released on March 8, 2010 and it features three singles, "Don't Tell Me That It's Over", "Spark" and "This Pretty Face". I know this review is a bit late but I really wanted to post this wonderful album, Amy is such a great artist!

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Firstly, this is what I call a cover! Simple and cute! I'd totally buy an album based on a cover like this. Learn from Amy, Scissor Sisters! The Scottish beauty brings us a refreshing and vocally perfect album in the way only she can do it. Each song feels incrediblly deep, there aren't weak songs, all of them are excellent. Amy is in a way, one of the most consistent artist. She delivers her best in every single performance. She is one of those people who can sing the phonebook. The acoustic-rocker style fits perfectly for her too. Amy has the typical scottish style. Moving in the same ciclrcle as KT Tunstall. I love her guitar playing and how her voice blends with the instruments creating a peaceful feeling. As a whole, the album is perfect. And as single songs, it is perfect too! The individualities are very powerful! "Spark" is definitely my favourite. The lyrics are great and her voice is at her best. I feel an incredible connection with this song, and I really don't know why! But I still love it. The chorus is such a masterpice! "This Pretty Face" is my other favourite. Amy has done an incredible work with this one. It has the same deepness all the songs have and her voice is equally good. I feel Amy very similar to Alanis Morrisette, they move in the same stylistic vibe, though I prefer Amy, she has an edge Alanis doesen't. I can feel some folkish tunes I love, and they make her so unique! My conclusion, rush to buy your copy!



This Pretty Face

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