Firstly, you can see that I've made some improves on the blog design and layout. Now it's easier to post a link and I've been doing the artists banners so you can know who I'm talking about easier without reading the article.

Now , the sections!! I've two new sections, which my twitter friend (lilianisabelle) and I developed. Both are in the same root, "Classics". The first one, titled "Classics", will cover the greatest performers of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. The second new section, titled "One-Hit Wonders" will talk about the artist who have only have a single hit. 

I hope you keep enjoying the blog and  I want you to knwo I'm open to any suggestions, comments, requests, etc. Just email me at , or visit me at Twitter, Facebook, Digg or The and the Facebook account are new, so I'll post the link to them under the "Follow Me On:" which is on the sidebar.
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