"100 Miles from Memphis" is Sheryl's seventh studio album, after her 2008 "Detours".  The album was released on July 20, 2010. It features Keith Richards, Justin Timberlake and musicisans Tommy Sims and Chris Bruce. She has released one single of it to date, "Summer Day".

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After some time away from the spotlight, Missourian Mrs. Crow brings us her best work to date, a sentimental and soulish comeback in which we can really feel her true artistry. I can feel Sheryl's passion in every single song, I can see her happiness through her voice and also through it's cover. That's a true smile! Not a prefabricated cover one. Apart from that, this album represents the classical white chick country soul. "Say What You Want" can be identified with this concept. It's a folkish tune which instrumentation is unbelievable. That band deserves a prize! And many of the songs have the same incredible instruments, as the heartful "Eye to Eye". But besides this, if paying enough attention to the album, it can be noted that there aren't many non-singing parts. Sheryl has focused on singing as much as she can, which is great! The "Stop" and "Sidways" covers are characterised by this, they are really soft and slow, but she manages to make the note last enough in order not to stop the fluency. The overall album vibe is, as the title well describes, a grown-up who has tried many styles going back where she belongs, and hopefully staying.


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