Eliza Doolittle is the new artist of Parlophone Records, an english label. The 22-year-old singer will release her eponymus debut album tomorrow July 12. It features two singles to date, "Skinny Genes" and "Pack Up". I've applyed a "new" ranking metod with this album, There will be a maximum of 5 stars, (based on voice, songs, cover, etc.) which will be avobe the album cover.

Read my review, pre-order the album and watch some of her videos after the JUMP ...

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If you are going to buy an album for it's cover, you'll surely not buy this album. The cover presents a childish and what looks to me as a fun and pop-ish album, moving in the Ke$ha vibes. But what's behind it is an absolute masterpice. We might be in front of the new Ellie Goulding phenomenon, you know, practically instant critical acclaim.

"Eliza Doolittle" is a new genere of album. Funk, soul, pop, Rn'B, all blend together in it. It also presents some jazz influences as seen in "Pack Up". It feels old but still contemporary, it's hard to describe how it feels. With all the Do's and the Disney frog's effect, and then the chorus lines which feel really distant.

Her voice sounds amazing too. I was expecting a powerful amd typical voice, but she totally took me by surprise with this. It's soft and peacful but yet original and intense.

Another favourite of mine is "Rollerblades". I absolutely love the lyrics and her phrasing, and well, all the song. Specially the chorus and that little sigh before it. It's just perfect.

Why can't all the artists do an album like this? It's her amazing talent which made this album flawless. I mean, lets take "Nobody" as an example, we could try to see what is wrong and what isn't, but it's meaningless. Have you heard that beautiful thin voices at the 2:30 seconds. That is a big WOW. And we can do this with all the songs, they all have something that makes them perfect and unique.



Skinny Genes

Pack Up

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