This is my exclusive interview with a really interesting artist! Samuel Larsen auditioned for American Idol this past season, which Lee DeWyze won, and he made it to Hollywood week. Unfortunately, this talented guy was cut in order to keep more talented people such as Aaron Kelly and Jermaine Sellers. We might have not seen much, or maybe anything, of him, but that look couldn't be skipped! Rumor has it that Samuel may be dating Miley Cyrus, but we really don't care about it here! We just want good singers!

Read my interview and watch Samuel perform after the JUMP ...

*Who is Samuel Larsen by Samuel Larsen?
Samuel Larsen is a young, striving, passionate, perfectionist, musician. He knows who he wants to be, and has a goal for his life, he loves music more than anyone, he loves all types of music but has a special place in his heart for funk. His favorite thing in the world is rhythm, he doesn't want the norm, he doesn't want the easy, he wants adeventure, challenge, change, and uncertainty. His motto is peace, love, grace and funk.

*Who would you name as your biggest influence?
My biggest influences would be, Michael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Nirvana, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix.

*When did you start singing?
I started singing toward the end of being 13, right at the begining of freshman year.

*What made you audition for Idol in the first place?
I was at one of my guitar player's wedding's and a friend there told me that registration for american idol was the next day, i never wanted to do it before but for some reason i felt compelled to, so i just decided what the hell and went for it.

*How would you describe the overall experience?
Intense, exciting, nerve racking, stressful, adventerous, and very insightful. I feel like i not only learned more about the music business and singing while i was there, but more so how i fit in it, and finding out the endurance of my own voice. I really really became sure of myself when i was there. As well as making amazing friends, like my Hollywood week room mate Alex Lambert.

*Are you planning to audition again for Idol or the X Factor?
I am not actually, I feel very good about doing it on my own especially for the type of carreer I am striving for.

*If you ever audition again, what would you do different?
If i ever did go back I would make sure, to cry, lose my voice, talk harsh about the other groups, do a back flip and have a baby, that way I would for sure get air time!

*What do you think about Lee's victory? Would you have prefered anyone else to win?
I think it's great for him, but in Hollywood week I was definitley much closer to Crystal so I was hoping for her, she is awesome. One love.

*We've seen you many time on the IICD House, Why are you invited so many times? Are you good firends with any of them?
Yeah, well Alex Lambert was my room mate in Hollywood week of AI so I kept in touch with him and he just invited me once, when I was there I made really good friends with everyone there, so from then on I just stop by if I'm in town or if Alex invites me.

*How does it feel being filmed all the time?
It's pretty crazy, I mean, it totally has its perks but after a while it feels good to get out for a little.

*Tell me about "Dream Girl" ...
I try not to really give away the meanings to my songs anymore because I feel like it takes away from any other meaning that someone else could think up to relate to the song more, but what I will say is that the song was a total accident. I just came up with the riff when I was checking the tuning of my guitar before teaching a guitar lesson and everything just fell into to place after that in about 10 mins.

*Is the song about any woman in your life?
It is about a woman yes, but she isn't in my life.

*You've filmed a music video for it, When is it coming out?
It's actually still being filmed, we are almost done but still a couple more scenes to film and then editing. I would expect it to be out very soon

*Your EP, "Pocket Love" has just came out, What can we expect of it?
Expect some groove, some definite funk. Each song is like a different child of mine, its purposely recorded very raw, I actually told the guy I recorded it with to barely mix it I wanted it to sound very real. I think it's a great representation of me.

*What can you tell me about "Gypsy Love"?
"Gypsy Love" was the first song I wrote once I left my old band, it's a love song, and to this day I still love it.

*Are you expecting to get a record deal soon?
Hopefully but I mean soon could mean 2 years from now, but sometimes that's how it should be to make sure it will last. I just wanna go through the necessary motions to finally meet that goal.

*Which is your favourite song of yours?
I really don't know, I'm always writing and it usually feels like every brand new song I write feels like my favorite song once it's done, and then it gets replaced again once I write a new one so it's always changing.

*With what current artist will you compare yourself to?
I'm not really sure, I feel like I can really relate to Maroon 5's vibe just heavier. I think I can definitley relate to Lenny Kravitz but I mean I'm definitley different from them, I'm an individual, but I can relate to many artists, becuase I feel like I get where every artist comes from, I crawl into their world when I listen to their music.

*Something interesting about you?

Umm, idk, my right elbow is very double jointed, 90 percent of my wardrobe is women's clothes, I dont eat dairy, I always have to be wearing necklaces and rings or I feel just off, and I've been wearing the same bracelets for 2 years straight now.

*What is the best advice you have recived? Your favourite quote?
Best advice would be to keep your faith in God and never give up on your dreams. Favorite quote is "I pledge allegiance to the funk of the united funk of funkadelica" - Anthony Kiedis.

*What's next for you now?
Just keep writing, improving, bettering my sound, keep up the inspiration, and just push forward.

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