The Idol Sweden season is all rolling and is currently on their Top 7 finalists! As I announced last week, I'll start recaping the show, this being the first one. There's a recap of the Top 8 night, a recap of the eliminated Top 12 finalists and of course, the eliminated contestant of the night!

Read my recap, watch the performances and see who was eliminated after the JUMP ...

Daniel Norberg

Stone me into the groove (Atomic Swing) - Daniel is the cute guy of the season. An ok voice with a nice smile. This performance was ok as well, but very forgettable. And he didn't really hit all the notes. Plus, the song choice was really bad, that type of songs doesn't fit his voice at all! All that said, I've to confess I like Daniel! His voice isn't as bad as some of the other contestant's one and it has a pleasant tone, but that song choice might have ruined him ...

Olle Hedberg

Wonderwall (Oasis) - I so love Olle! He's definitely my favourite guy this season! He totally reworks every song he performs and has a really interesting tone and phrasing! And the arrengments of the songs he performs are so incredible! This performance is no exception! He did an amazing job with this song and did something new with it! It made it feel fresh and new, something difficult with a song like this ...

Elin Blom

Born to make you happy (Britney Spears) - What I love about Elin is not only her kewl hair, it's her amazing voice! It may not sound impressive at first but it's really powerful indeed! Her look is incredible and it suits her amazingly! This song choice however, wasn't great for her. It sounded a bit off tune and the song never really heated up, it was just a bit plain. As much as I love her, this wasn't her best performance. It was just ok.

Geir Rönning

Alive (Pearl Jam) - Oh Geir! You just can't do this anymore! I mean, there's no doubt his voice is really good and that he can sing, but he doesn't belong for this type of shows. He had a carrer some time ago but it all fell out. I actually think it's unfair he's here. He's already had his chance and he didn't exploit it. So, yes, you are an incredible singer but your a bit old for this ...

Linnea Henriksson

Nothing compares to you (Sinéad O'Connor) - Linnea is my favourite contestant in all the Idol/X Factor seasons ever! She is the quircky queen and embraces it! Every time I hear her voice I've a smile in my face! Her voice has such a pleasant sound, it's quircky, it's unique, it's fresh! All I look in a singer! I also love her look and face! Each week she nails every performance and makes an incredible work reworking the songs! I'm really hoping she wins, she deserves it and it would made me the happiest men on Earth!

Andreas Weise

Baby I love your way (Big Mountain) - He really confuses me. I don't really know what type of singer is he. Is he good? Is he bad? Medium pack? I don't know! He has performed really good, really bad and ok. This falls in the latest. His voice was really good and I actually liked the arrengment but the whole performance felt a bit old fashioned and boring, but maybe that's his style. He's definitely a jazz singer after all.

Jay Smith

I want it that way (Backstreet Boys) - Jay is the swedish Casey James. Not the greatest singer but definitely not the worst. I won't say I enjoy his performanes but at least I don't hate them. This performance was really emotional and well sang! It didn't have me jumping from my sit but I enjoyed it. He had a nice raspy tone and he didn't used a guitar ...

Minnah Karlsson

Everything I do I do it for you (Bryan Adams) - I'm so glad she wasn't eliminated! Since Minnah came back, her performances have been improving and improving! She did have a weak performance but men! She came back reloded! This performance as well as last week's one stole the show! Plus, she's looking amazing! And her inner quirckiness is showing! Each time she's quirckyer and quirckyer, and I just love it! Props for Minnah! She's a fighter!

Eliminated Contestants

Linda Varg

Linda is someone that really intrigues me. A hard rocker for sure but she's got that soft and vulnerable side that don't really fits her. Her performances are, or really crazy and wierd (as "You Oughta Know"), really vulnerable, or a rocky performance, so I don't really know where to fit her. I'd say she's a rocker. Her more emotional performances, such as "Iris" felt all wrong, after all that lead into her elimination. She lacked connection and people didn't know what to expect from her and that was her kiss of death. A great singer? Sure. A great performer? Not so much ...

Alice Hagenbrant

Alice, Alice, Alice ... I so loved you! Why did you leave? As impressing as it sounds, Alice wasn't eliminated, she actually withdrew from the show! Why? Not sure, maybe because she was in the Bottom and couldn't stand the preassure or maybe she realized she didn't want to be a singer ... Minnah was eliminated this week but was brought back after Alice left. Her voice was so special, very unique indeed. Maybe not the best singer but she did stand out! I really tought she had chances of winning! Not sure if we will hear from her again ...

Sassa Bodensjö

Sassa was amzing on Idol! She nailed every performance and her voice was so powerful! Definitely the female rocker of the season! She should still be in competition! She totally schooled many of the acts who are still there, aka Geir ... "Dear Mr. President" was incredible and shouldn't have had her eliminated! This is a clear unjustice ...

Daniel Norberg is eliminated! A fair one. His performance was the most forgettable and he performed first, no chance he would have stayed. Geir was the other bottom contestant, and as much as I want him to leave, his performacne wasn't that bad.
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