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If Duffy had a kid with Amy Winehouse being James Morrison the sperm donor, Aurea would be born!!! That's because the 23 years old Portuguese singer has such an amazing soul voice that's it's really hard to compare it to an only artist! Jazz, blues but mainly soul is where this wonderful singer feels comfortable and that shows beautifully in her eponymous debut, which was released on September 27, 2010. The grace of a brazilian supermodel and the voice of an Ella Fitzgerald reencarnation is what makes this girl stand out! She may not be quiet known in the UK or in the USA yet, but her record deal with Sony Music may make that happen! Get ready for Aurea, cause she's coming!

Watch two music videos and buy her album and singles after the JUMP ...

Buy "Aurea" HERE.
Buy "Okay Alright" HERE.
Buy "Busy For Me" HERE.

Okay Alright

Busy For Me

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