"Live It Up" is the first major release of the current AI winner, Lee DeWyze, champion of Season 9. The album was released on November 16, 2010 by RCA/19.  The album has sold only 39000 copies, making Lee the lowest AI winner seller, but the lackluster season and the current american economy have the blame of that, so I predict Lee will have a more sucessful second album.

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He is the current Idol title holder but winning the season considered the worst (tough I think it was kewl) may not be enough to grant his success. The truth is that his album is underselling and Lee's now the lowest album seller among the winners, which is really a pitty. Lee might have not showcased all his talent in his first major release but we all know that Idols first albums always suck. That being because they record it while touring. As already said, the grungy and hard style has become a softer and milder version with nothing more than cliche love songs. I do love Lee's characteristic raspy and distinguishable vocals but with each listen, the songs lyrics seem more and more cheesy! There are some exceptions tough, name it his first single "Sweet Serendipity" or the beautiful "Brooklyn Bridge" in which all Lee's magic ,which made him won Idol, stands out perfectly. "Live It Up" is also an amazing song and "It's Gotta Be Love" features perfect vocals, tough it's lyrics stink! All things considered, "Live it Up" is a beautiful album, vocally, but is a major lyrical trainwreck!

Brooklyn Bridge

Live it Up

It's Gotta Be Love

Sweet Serendipity

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