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Detroit native, Alex Winston, multi-instrumentalist and singer by nature may have easily been adopted by the UK. The truth is that one of her songs has been featured on a Hyundai advertisment and since then all brits have fallen in love with her! Comparisons with Ellie Goulding are inevitable here and hopefully her carrer takes the same path as the latter. With an angelical voice and an eclectic style, Alex is set to make it big very, very soon. An autumn like style and a fascination for peacock's feathers and zebras surely make beautiful covers, but they also represent this gifted singer, don't you feel autumn-ish while hearing to her? An EP made in her basement (as it's title clearly states) and a wonderfully catchy and inspiring single, "Choice Notes", the reason of all the fuzz, is all that's needed to fall in love with her, and if that's not enough, some acoustic magic waits after the jump!

Listen her songs and buy her single after the JUMP ...

Buy "Choice Notes" HERE or HERE.
Download "The Basement Covers EP" HERE for free.

Medicine ("Choice Notes" B-side)

Playing With Fire (Rolling Stones Cover from The Basement Covers EP)

White Blank Page (Mumford and Sons Cover, Acoustic Session)

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