Rikke Lie might have come 9th on the first season of the X Factor Norway. She might not have been signed immediately. She might not have an album. But now she is! Rikke was signed by Univeral Music some months after the show and now has an album in the works!!! Her debut album, set for early 2011, is titled "Short Stories". Rikke's first single, "Good Girl", was released on September 3, 2010. The music video was released three days later, on September 6. I'm so in love with her!!! Her voice is really unique and powerfull!! It was really unfair she only came 9th on the X Factor! The video is really Alice in Wonderland meets Monsters Inc., which I found really interesting! The orchestra sounds amazing and I love Rikke's dress! And the way she runs when the door explodes is magnificent!! I know she'll be big, there's no doubt about that!

Watch the music video and buy "Good Girl" after the JUMP ...

Buy "Good Girl" HERE.

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