The final 8 contestants are performing songs by The Beatles!!! This is really a theme I like! Will Katie prove she deserves to be here? Will Wagner finally sing? Will Matt or Rebecca screw it? ... It's time to face the music!

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ....

My favourites tonight: Paije and Katie. Paije did an incredible job with that song! It was such a massive performance! And Katie proved once again she's an amazing singer! She re-worked a Beatles song and actually made it her own! Plus the song meaning couldn't suit her any better! I also liked Cher's and Mary's performances but they weren't too impressive. My usual favourites, Matt and Rebecca really sucked tonight! I don't know what happened to them, I hope they impress me once again next week ...


Matt Cardle

"Come Together" 0901 61 61 101 -Ouch! Matt actually sunken this week! He should have sung "Yellow Submarine", it'll fit this performance better! Dannii says this is the Matt every girl was waiting for and the only reason for that is that he's missing his shirt! That vest looks so horrible on him! And what's wrong with his voice??!!! That's not his singing voice! It feels absolutely forced and it's not pleasant! The end was more Matt but that was a major stepback! Of course the judges are praising him!

Cher Lloyd

"Imagine" 0901 61 61 102 - She's sitting on a stair. I prefer the dancing Cher but this isn't that bad, tough it still doesn't look good. The whole "stair to heaven" theme sucks ... Her voice soudns beautiful but it's too similar to her "Stay" performance, and this is much more boring! I want movement!! And I miss the rap in her performances, like when she sang "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word", that was impressive. This was ok, an excellent vocal performance but not a good overall performance. Cher's face!! She wants to kill Louis! She looks like a little crazy devil! I still LOVE you sweety!

One Direction

"All You Need Is Love" 0901 61 61 103 - I want them out!! I can't stand them any more!! They aren't improving, they just keep sucking week in and week out! And please stop giving Liam so many lines!! He can only sing jazzy boring tunes, not pop/rock! Zain should be the lead singer and Simon isn't seeing that! Harry, and Louis are horrible! Nial is ok. What the fuck with all those girls behind them?! I hated that, hate it, hate it, hate it! SHUT UP AUDIENCE!! You're so annoying!!

Rebecca Ferguson

"Yesterday" 0901 61 61 104 - She's from Liverpool, the Beatles were from Liverpool, that equals nerves! Oh no! She screwed it badly at the beggining! She missed more notes in that verse than in the whole competition! Glad it's actually improving! Oh, there's movement in this performance! She actually walked two metres! The song is sounding beautifully not pitch perfect, plenty of bum notes, but her voice is stunning so I can forgive her. And I don't see why  she's so nervous. Her worst performance so far but yes, it was really classy!

Mary Byrne

"Something" 0901 61 61 105 - I love the way she's looking tonight! She's sounding amazing! The Mary we first met in the auditions is back! Her voice is so powerful! She can actually sing anything but I still want to see a more contemporary Mary, tough she couldn't actually do that this week but she could have sung in a more contemporary way, her way of singing is so 80s. But her voice is superb and this performance is the best of the night yet. She had the most powerful vocal performance of the night!

Paije Richardson

"Let It Be" 0901 61 61 106 - This is one of my favourites Beatles songs! WOW! He's such a great singer! I actually like this version more than the Beatles one. He's such a soulman, like Dannii said. If this guy isn't signed all humanity will pay for it! This voice can't be wasted! The white chorus is a bit excessive but it actually fits this performance, it's so massive!! My favourite of the night!


"Get Back"/"Hippy Hippy Shake"/"Hey Jude" 0901 61 61 107 - I will abstain to comment on this one and I'll only say please don't vote for him anymore!! Great singers are going home and this is staying, look at Aiden! It's all Wagner's fault! He murdered "Hey Jude"!!! WHY?!!!!!!!!!! Cheryl and Wagner are fighting, according to the press he said that she was just a council state girl who got lucky! He's telling her don't believe everything the press says. I have a feeling what the press says is true ...

Katie Waissel

"Help!"0901 61 61 108 - She had choped her hair and it's now short and brown! She looks really lovely indeed! This song couldn't fit her anymore!! I absolutely love this!! She so quircky and pure! I will love to have her CD! This is so lovely and emotional! I got teary! Her voice is so amazing! I hope people vote for her! She deserves it! I don't expect her to win but I'd be over the moon if she did! And she's a nice girl! Stop giving her a bad time! LOVED this performance!! LOVE her new look! LOVE her voice!! And LOVE KATIE!!!

Olly Murs performed on the results show, plus the Top 16 are back together to perform their charity single! But now it's RESULTS TIME! Only 6 acts will advance! The first act returning is ... KATIE WAISSEL!!! YES!!!! Also in are ... One Direction, Rebecca Ferguson (sidenote, I LOVE that dress), Matt Cardle and Mary Byrne. Only one more act! Wagner must be in the Bottom! The final act returning is ... Wagner!! WTF!!!! Paije Richardson and Cher Lloyd are in the Bottom 2!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!! Neither of them deserves to be there! Goodbye Paije, I'm so sorry for you! There's no way they'll pick you over Cher even if she fainted on stage!


Paije Richardson

"Stop!" - He's singing this so amazing! I love her soulish voice! But he won't stay no matter what he does. They will obviously save Cher! It's so unfair for him! It should have gone to deadlock as neither deserved this position. 

Cher Lloyd

"Stay" - She's singing this song again! It was her stand out performance but I think she shouldn't have sung this again! She sang it amazingly and there's no chance she will go! She's crying, a lot! Cher's meltdown have secured her place.

So it's VOTATION TIME! Simon will vote for the person he continiously supported, so he's voting to eliminated Paije! Cher and Dannii are both backing their acts. So it's 2 for Paije and 1 for Cher. Louis must send it to deadlock! Louis is voting to eliminated Paije! WTF?! Paije Richardson is eliminated!! He gave the best performance of the night and he was eliminated!! He will get a record deal, I'm confident he will!
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