The final contestants sing American Anthems!! What a wierd them ... What's exactly an American Anthem? ... It's time to face the music!

UPDATE: Treyc Cohen is eliminated! Watch the sing-off too ...

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ....

My favourites tonight: Cher, Katie, Paije, Aiden, Matt and Rebecca!! Cher absoultely nailed that song! She had loads of swagger and her voice sounded amazing. Katie was a bit messy but her voice is so quircky that I cannot stop loving her! Paije was really funky and soulish and his voice sounded absoulutely amazing! Aiden brought the intensity once more, perfect vocals and look! Matt and Rebecca were the bests as usual. Matt was the sweetest guy ever! And Rebecca was incredible! I was acutally thinking that she should sing that song! It fitted her voice so well!

I love the fact that they show the winners and Diana Vickers there! That shows winning isn't all!

Cher Lloyd

"Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down"/"Empire State of Mind" 0901 61 61 101 - Cher's a new tatoo, "Bolsillo Lleno de Sueños", how lovely! And this song is so right for her!! The stage is cute, simple. She's putting her own spin on this song and I quite like it. She's putting it her rappy style and man, that rap is sick! This second half is good but the first one was better. Her voice is sounding a bit off tune and there were some bum notes. But a massive performance! And I bet she's on the finals after this! Plus ,what an improvement with her make-up! Very fresh!

Mary Byrne

"There You'll Be" 0901 61 61 102 -Ouch! Mary isn't sounding as good as always. She's actually not hitting any single note! What's going on with her?! She looks really nervous and like she's about to faint! Her worst performance to date! And really boring ... Mary may be still here next week cause people loves her. Simon is saying she sang very well? What?! He's on drugs ... Mary knows she sucked and actually said it ...

Katie Waissel

"Don't Speak" 0901 61 61 103 - I love her!!! Why is she continiously hitting the Bottom?!!! VOTE for her!! She's sounding amazingly quircky! Katie is really interesting! Yes, she had some bad moments there and yes, she didn't hit all the notes, but she rocks!!! I would buy her album, go to her concert and date her! She doesn't seem like a bad person, so, why is the media keep saying she is? Do they even know her? Go Katie! You belong there!!

Aiden Grimshaw

"Nothing Compares 2 U" 0901 61 61 104 - This song choice is incredible for Aiden!! I LOVE his voice! As Katie, he is really interesting!! But people supports him! And I certainlty do! I'd love to see him win!! And I never tend to support a man!  The only thing he needs to work on are his nerves, without them, he will be awesome!! This was another Aiden's massive performance!! Props!!

Paije Richardson

"I'm a Believer"/"Hey Ya!" 0901 61 61 105 - Paije is really funky!! And funny!! His outfits are crayzier and crayzier! What's up with the yellow best and the green shoes? I really love this kid! He seems to be lacking support but he's an awesome performer and singer! Another CD I'd buy!! And that was Shrek's song! 10 out of 10!

Rebecca Ferguson

"Make You Feel My Love" 0901 61 61 106 - She's currently my favourite to win it! I actually was thinking this song would sound perfectly on her, and then she's singing it! The candels in the background are incredible and Rebecca looks stunning! Her voice is amazing! She's like an angel! Most beautiful voice ever!! She difinitely stands out! She'll win, she will ...


"Viva Las Vegas"/"The Wonder of You" 0901 61 61 107 - I'll refuse to comment on him! This is not fun anymore! The fact that this horrible thing is kicking out talented people is really pissing me! HATE! And Louis is the worst mentor ever!! He's definitely on drugs!

Matt Cardle

"The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"0901 61 61 108 - Matty! He's so sweet! Matt's voice is so unique! It's really falsettish, but not really a falsetto. What would you say of a Matt-Rebecca-Aiden final?! Cause I'd love it! Matt is awesome! And yes Cheryl, huge WOW!! He's crying! I want to go there and hug him! That touched my heart!

Treyc Cohen

"I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" 0901 61 61 109 - NOT THIS SONG!!! I'm so tired of this being covered over and over again!! Treyc looks beautiful and her performance is really good! Thank god she's the one singing it! She's nailing the performance but it's not original, and that's the problem with this song. No one can stand out with it! But she's got the voice!!

One Direction

"Kids in America" 0901 61 61 110- They've got a messy room, no surprise. This song is shit! They are clearly horrible singers. Very boyband. The only good thing they've are their looks. Zain is definitely a good singer, but the other four really suck!! And Liam!! OMG?! When did you get so bad?!!

And now, RESULTS TIME! First in is ... Aiden Grimshaw! Also in are ... Rebecca Ferguson,Matt Cardle, One Direction, Paije Richardson and Cher Lloyd. Two more acts left. Wagner is safe! Come on!! Cheryl's face!! The final act going through is ... Mary Byrne! Katie Waissel and Treyc Cohen are in the Bottom 2! Cheryl will lose one act tonight!


Katie Waissel

"Don't Give Up on Me" - And once again the beautiful Katie ends in the Bottom! F**k!! I actually love her "save me" songs! They are 10 times better than her actual performances, no wonder why she is always saved! After she sat on the floor, I knew she'd be saved! She looked so vulnerable and sweet!

Treyc Cohen

"Un-Break My Heart" - I really love Treyc, but this performance is a bit boring. She has a wonderful voice and RnB is definitely her style! I don't doubt she'll get a record deal. But I will always choose Katie over her. She's a terrific singer, but just that. Katie instead has the X factor, that thing that makes her unique!

So that's it! It's VOTATION TIME! I won't like any result! Simon is voting on who he wants to see again next week and he votes to eliminate ... Treyc! Votation is going to Cheryl? Cheryl is refusing! They are just skipping her? This will be a three judges votation. Dannii is voting to send Katie home! Louis is deciding! He's voting with his heart and is saving Katie! Treyc Cohen is eliminated!! WOW! A shocking votation!! They actually ignored Cheryl's wishes of going to deadlock! But it's better this way, I think Katie would have gone if going to deadlock!
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