It's Love Week in Sweden and the final 7 contestants are dedicating their favourite songs to their loved ones! How sweet is that?! Whose heart will be broken? 

Read my recap, watch the performances and learn who was eliminated after the JUMP ...

Andreas Weise

Higher and higher (Jackie Wilson) - It's wierd, I either love his performances or hate them, and it shouldn't be like that. I hate them all or love them all, and that's it. But with him it's really strange. This one is one I love. Andrea's vocals were amazing and he looked like a whole new person. I love the raspy tone of his voice and the arrengment of this song was incredible.

Geir Rönning

I heard it throught the grapevine (Marvin Gaye) - This is so dull!! Geir has one of the best voices here and I really like it. He can pull out really interesting sounds and he hits all the notes. But he's just BORING!! He's not apporting any originality to that song. He's a massive vocalist and with the right songs he could do really good, but this is just bad.

Minnah Karlsson

Whataya want from me (Adam Lambert) - OMG!!! I love Minnah so much and I'm really glad she wasn't eliminated!!! Her voice is actually really amazing, very raspy and dark, she remainds me of Beth Hart. This cover is absolutely incredible!! It's a bit slower and more vocally centered but still very powerful! Minnah is really getting better and better and I wouldn't be impressed if she makes it to the final, or even wins the whole competition ...

Jay Smith

Here without you (3 Doors Down) - Jay has a great voice but he just bores me. I'm not really digginh his rocker voice and style. He has a great voice but I don't really know if I would buy an album with it. He reminds me a bit to David Cook, but the I digg David. This performance is really boring, it never seemed to heat up or had a climax, it was just very plain.

Linnea Henriksson

My baby just cares for me (Nina Simone) - OMG!! This song is so right for her!! Linnea's boyfriend is so funny! Love her jazzy cabaretish look! Her voice sounds incredible as always and she even did a little scat!! I would be gutted if this girl doesn't win, she's got it all!! Uniqueness, personality, looks, voice! Linnea is a star!!!

Elin Blom

Forever young (Alphaville) - Elin is doing wonderful tonight!! She actually ditched all her teenish sound and is performing with a mature voice for the first time! She's playing piano and the performance is all very emotional. A major improvement from last week. She's actually really similar to Tove Styrke. WOW!! That note at the end was incredible!

Olle Hedberg

Free fallin' (Tom Petty) - OMG!!! Olle is so amazing!!! His voice is so incredible and unique!! He's the male equivalent to Linnea! The beginning of this song was so rare! Beautiful phrasing and tone in his voice! I wouldn't be mad if he won, better, I'd be glad!! Imagine that gorgeous voice on record?! Pure perfection!

So that's it!! Now we are moving to the ELIMINATION!!  Bottom 2 were Andreas Weise and Geir Rönning. It is a tricky one. Andreas is constantly surprising me but Geir has the best voice. So, who should leave?? The eliminated contestant is ... Geir Rönning!!! Sincirely, I won't miss him, he wasn't so special and his voice was amazing but had nothing new in it, Andreas instead, has a lot more to offer to the show!
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