Here it is! Danish Week is here! The first theme week since their long break! Danes have great talent so this week promises to be great. With innovators such as Oh Land and Fallulah and hard rockers like Nephew and Carpark North, we'll sure have variety this week!

Acts to be featured after the JUMP ...

  1. Agnes Obel
  2. Alice Rose
  3. Anne Noa  
  4. Aura Dione 
  5. Cæcilie Norby
  6. Caroline Henderson
  7. Carpark North
  8. Fallulah
  9. Ida Corr
  10. Kashmir
  11. Malene Mortensen
  12. Medina
  13. Nabiha
  14. Nephew
  15. Oh Land
  16. Our Broken Garden
  17. Randi Laubek
  18. Rasmus Seebach
  19. Stine Kinck
  20. Sys Bjerre
  21. Tim Christensen
  22. Tina Dickow
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