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When talking about Selah Sue you could classify her in may ways. Some would say she's a jazzy belgian girl. Others will call her a quircky white girl. But some will say that she's got a jamaican soul. And you would wonder why as I did the first time I saw that. But then, you'll hear Selah and all those descriptions will make lots of sense! The fact is that classyfing her is so difficult that there's no a single one. Probably it would be more accurate to call her unique. And Selah is really unique. Her voice, tone and phrasing are something that you won't find in every singer and that's what's great about her. You know that you'll hear something completely different! Most recently appearing in the biggest belgian music festivals and dueting with Cee Lo on his song "Please", Selah is guaranteed to be a success both in Belgium and the States when she releases her debut on March 7th!!! Yes, you've heard it right, March 7, 6 days from now and a day after my birthday! I know what I'm asking for it now!

Buy "Raggamuffin" and watch several videos after the JUMP ...

Buy "Raggamuffin" HERE.


Crazy Vibes

Ain't No Sunshine



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