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Many probably think they already know this guy. And I did too at first. But it's all because of his name. Rasmus Seebach is no other than the son of the acclaimed danish singer Tommy Seebach, who died unexpectedly in 2003 at the age of 53 of a heart attack.  Now, Rasmus is trying to make a name of his own and leave behind his father legacy. In 2009, he rose to fame with the release of his first single, the danish song "Engel", which charted #1. The success then continued with the release of his eponymous debut on September 2009, which also made it to the top and was certified 9x Platinum making it the most seeling album of 2010 in Denmark! And there's no doubt why that happened. Rasmus's voice would be great for folk or for a more acoustic sound but he instead went for the electropop route, and it's certainly paid off! I never thought that a voice like his could work for electronic music, but it does. He's got a great deep tone, very similar to Hurts in a way. Now he's not only the son of Tommy Seebach but he's also one of danish biggest new stars.

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