The final 4 take the stage for one more time. Next week, the FINAL! 3 finalists will advance to the Parken! . bong is back again, and will be throughout the season! Who will that be? ... It's time to face the music!

Read the comments, watch the videos and find out who made the liveshows after the JUMP ...


(bong)  There is no danger zone! Blachman and Cutfather will not be able to save their favorite. And the bookmakers have revised their view on Sarah, and the odds for each contestant leaving tonight are now: 1. Annelouise 1,25; 2. Patricia 4,50; 3. Babou 10,00, 4. Sarah 13,00.


(bong)  Rune RK is one of the best house- and techno-DJs in the country, and he has remixed Guns N'Roses' 'Sweet Child o' Mine' for Annelouise. Patricia sings Clara Sofie and Rune RK's giant hit 'Når tiden går baglæns' (When Time Walks Backwards). DJ Kato has mixed Usher's 'DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love' for Babou and Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams' for Sarah. (Kato is also very accomplished, but this is not my specialty, so I have to look this up later.)


SEND BAB TIL 1212 "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love" (Usher feat Pitbull) 7/10 - I hate both his songs tonight, Usher? Bieber? The song is wrong but yeah, it fits the theme. Babou has the vocals and has the personality. Love how the big notes sound on him. However, the dancing is wierd and WTF was the second part of that? I liked the first half but the second was too wierd for me.

(bong)  -  6/10  -  Cutfather: "Babou has fulfilled all my dreams and performed as in a finale every time. He is my lightning X: Bakka-Bakka-Bakka-Babou!" Babou: "Kato is one of the greates DJs, possibly the greatest in Denmark today." Kato: "I will be screaming behind you and try to work the audience up." Babou sings. He seems a little nervous? Maybe some weaknesses in the voice? Pernille: "You have developed tremendously." Blachman: "I miss the rebel in you. You have been through some kind of normalization process." (bong: Blachman has previously referred to the "Fuck Google" t-shirt Babou wore on audition day.) "And it harms your vocal." Cutfather disagrees, of course.


SEND ANL TIL 1212 "Sweet Child o' Mine" (Guns N' Roses) - 7/10 - Why is she using two microphones? Wierd ... I don't get this song choice either. Her voice sounds bland in it. I mean, I know she's a better singer than this! I like it cause I like her but it's not her best. A little plain but she definitely worked that song out!

(bong)  -  8/10  -  Blachman: "We are not allowed in here until an hour before the show starts. We are not allowed to hear their rehearsals. So I am very excited. Another thing about this program — that you can get 2 million viewers to watch it just shows that we need some common experiences. For instance, as in this show when you can call in an academic to compete." Rune RK: "You have a beautiful voice. You are just missing the last piece. We have to get that out!" Annelouise is also nervous, I thought I saw her hand trembling a bit? But maybe it was when she was putting the microphone back. And now to a personal remark: This song ended too soon. That's what I felt. I actually want to hear more from Annelouise. And this is not my favorite tune by far. OK, I can finally hear she has something. Cutfather: "I am glad to see you here, and I am happy about my decision. It was super. Very liberating." Pernille: "This is one of my all-time favorite tunes—but no song is holy. This was hip. It was gorgeous. I love a come-back kid." Blachman: "The key has to fit. Here we hit a mid-note register which fit you perfectly." Lise Rønne: "People have been discussing your choreography. Two microphones? Have you received advice?" Annelouiese: "Well, people have said the others are so good, I should tighten up the act. And remember to look into the camera."


SEND SAR TIL 1212 "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" (Eurythmics) - 8,5/10 - OMG! I've never thought I'd say this but I'm digging Sarah's performance! Her raspy voice is there and the dance moves are great fun! She's not showcasing her vocals as she could have done but the song has a really interesting arrengment. It's different from what you could expect from this song. Nice!

(bong)  -  9/10  -  Cutfather: "Sarah has developed fabulously since the beginning of this show. He was well-grounded when she came here, and she remains well-grounded after all the pressure she is under. My second lightning X: Sakka-Sakka-Sakka-Sarah!" Kato: "Your deep voice is an advantage. This will be unique. Very special." I am very impressed with Sarah's moves and how she can keep singing. Sarah is fit. This is a top performance, and I give it 9 as the only one tonight. It also has a lot to do with the song, I find that I am very influenced by song choice tonight. I want songs that I know. Pernille: "You have a natural stage performance. Your vocal is the weakest of the four, but you were glowing as in Come Together." Blachman: "Genius song choice. This is not a song competition. You are the best one on stage. But when you are singing from a wagon at a shopping mall, we can all hear your voice. You do not have vanity about your voice. You have that ........ I have always said ........ Damn, I don't remember what." (amusement) "Good luck!" Cutfather: "You are not the greatest vocal, but you have moved so much."


SEND PAT TIL 1212 "Når tiden går baglæns" (Clara Sofie og Rune RK) - 9,5/10 - I hate that they are making Patricia sing a remixed tune ... yikes. Hope she can work this out! Mmm ... This is so much better than I expected! Quriky voices actually fit electronic music well, Ellie Goulding anyone? Patricia could do just that! But I still want her in her jazzy thing! Definitely the best I've seen so far! She brought something different to the song, though I hoped for something in english. But still, this was stellar!

(bong)  -  8/10  -  The tune is "When Time Walks Backwards" (actually when the hands of the clock walk backwards), originally by Rune RK and Clara Sofie. Blachman: "How to develop ideas should be a class on the school curriculum. Patricia shapes every song." Rune RK: "I like her personality. And that she has tattoos." Is that a good song choice? But she starts low, to build high. I really like her quirky moves, they are very detailed and complex. Lovely. Cutfather: "I was a little uncomfortable thinking about you doing this DJ Club Night..." (Patricia: "Me too!") "...but your vocal actually works quite well for this. It was not your best vocal performance, but you made the song your own. You get these mysterious categories to compete in...." Pernille: "I agree. But we have heard enough of these cover songs, we all long to hear some originals." (a peculiar forecast of Patricias reaction much later in the program.) "I would like to see, when you continue outside this program, in some other program maybe, if you go into something like this, because the electronic suits you well." Blachman: "This performance was not your best, they say. But that is because the level is so unrealistically high for you — in contrast to the rest of the bunch! You have performed flawlessly every time.



SEND BAB TIL 1212 "Baby" (Justin Bieber) - 7/10 - WTF Cutfather?! Really? I mean picking that horrid song by Usher is one thing but picking Jusstin Bieber! I would cut him right away. The beatboxer is much more interesting than this song. Now they'll start calling him the black Bieber, yikes. He's doing a good vocal work with it, cause let's face it, the song sucks. And his faces throught the song were wierd ...

(bong)  -  8/10  -  Babou performs with human beatboxer called Abdoul. Pernille: "I had hoped for this song. Very authentic. You could be a dark Justin Bieber." (to the audience) "Don't we need a dark Justin Bieber?" Blachman: "The first verse was divine. The chorus.... I cannot recognize it as a chorus, compositorically. You! Have a genetic disposition for creating magic. I don't understand this project." Babou: "You know, I have refrained from responding to all that criticism. With all due respect — it's not my problem that you don't like pop music." Blachman: "I do like pop!" Cutfather: "Maybe when you are 48, you don't like Justin Bieber. I'm 42. I like Justin Bieber." Blachman: "But let me just say... There are no good or bad genres, only good and bad music." It's become a clichée, but it's true. Thanks for reminding us. (Who said that first? I heard that the other day... A leader of a jazz band... Count Basie? Duke Ellington. Hm. Tell me.)


SEND ANL TIL 1212 "Empire State of Mind" (Alicia Keys) - 10/10 - This is what I was talking about! This is where her voice sounds perfect and I love how she's phrasing this song. She's a more quirky voice than what she's showing us. I've heard it! This song shows it! Of course this isn't as quirky as Patricia's but her voice is unique and it's amazing! I'd love to have her album and I'd love her making the final!

(bong)  -  7/10  -  Cutfather: "Was this not your audition song?" (yes) "You have moved so much since then. I closed my eyes and drifted away. (INDLEVELSE) Maybe a few notes that were a little bit too blue today. ;-) It was not quite on the same height as with Kashmir's Split Into Atoms." Pernille: "In a way it feels good to be free. I can praise whoever I like. You have moved, Annelouise. Here is an adult who steps up on this stage and says: Come on, critisize me, because I want to learn. Just watch me grow. It has been amazing to witness." Blachman: "And I got to witness that first hand. You can will what you want. And you have the talent. You have proven that again and again."


SEND SAR TIL 1212 "Fuckin' Perfect" (Pink) - 9,5/10 - OMG! Sarah is on fire tonight! Two songs and she blew me away in both! This song is so perfect for her! She's feeling it and she's performing it beautifully! I love how her voice sounds here! Very cool. But again, if I was Sarah, I'll never sing Pink again. They are just too similar and that doesn't work. She needs to pick a song and make it her own. And she didn't do that here. But it was cool still!

(bong)  -  7/10  -  Lise Rønne: "Cutfather, how did she do?" Cutfather: "You have that look in your eye...." Pernille: "How come he gets to start??" Lise Rønne: "Oh, I just felt like it." Cutfather: "INDLEVELSE. I get a desire to hear and see you. Fucking perfect!" Pernille: "The song choice. I was not happy with that choice, I had hoped for something else, something more creative. This was a bit too obvious. Because you are not Pink, you are you, and that is fine." Blachman: "Pink is not as authentic as you are, with that fake teenage image. It's a tough song. You come back — every time you shout! Distorted... But to sing is something different... It has to be said. I mean, should teenagers believe that all that is needed is to look like a star, and all is good? No, go to bed, do your geography homework!" (that's a message to the kids, not to Sarah) Cutfather: "But if it's trustworthy, if people like it, then it's good." Blachman (in the background): "You have to rehearse! Rehearse! Rehearse! Rehearse! Rehearse!"


SEND PAT TIL 1212 "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (Bonnie Tyler) - 8/10 -  I love how she sounds here! It's the perfect song for her voice! She sounds so calm and relaxed, it's just another beautiful Patricia performance. Oh no! She missed some notes there! I hate that this is happening to her tonight! But still, despite the sleepy arrengment and the horrible song choice, she managed to make it unique. Just like she is! She's my winner, even if she doesn't. She'll be the most successful contestant from this year, I bet it! Pernille hugs Patricia! Sweet!

(bong)  -  8/10  -  OOOOOOOOOOH! WHAT??? For the first time (I have heard) ... PITCH PROBLEMS! Damn.... Cutfather: "You have a very special, beautiful voice. Slightly boring arrangement. You missed a few notes. And it is so sad. This could have been your top performance." Pernille: "I agree about the arrangement. And you missed a few notes here and there. You are probably one of the oddest characters to have been on this show. I hope people at home will give you a chance. And I will. So I will give you this." (jumps up and runs to hug her) Blachman: "A perverse song choice. As kitch as possible. But only to prove that you can make it your own. That is the excercise! And the difference. Your songs were diamonds. These ones were a little dim. With this song we took a chance. A pop song."


(bong)  A short performance by Rune RK, DJ Kato, Clara Sofie, ending with Infernal and Line Rafn, x factor judge in the first two rounds. Lise Rønne: "What feels best, to perform on this stage, or to be the judge?" Line Rafn: "There is no comparison. But I must say, when you were debating down there, I wanted to jump in!" Lise Rønne: "Do you miss that bald-headed guy?" (a lot) "And what do you think of this year's contestants?" Line Rafn: "I am impressed to see they are such artistic artists. But you have to fight..." Lise Rønne: "Do you have any advice for the contestants?" Line Rafn: "I do! The track field is long! The goal is far away. This" (x factor) "was just a small step on the way!"


(bong)  The usual line-up. The three contestants who will continue are called in random order: Babou ... (Patricia looks a bit melancholic; really more like "vemodig", a Danish word I cannot translate) Sarah ... (Annelouise looks like she has come to terms with the situation) Annelouise. Damn. What a rotten show. I am thinking of what went wrong, post-rationalizing (I always wanted Patricia to win; I did pick DeeVibez as winners, but partly because the owner of this blog had picked Patricia). It certainly wasn't Patricia's night. Lise Rønne: "What goes through your mind as you see all these pictures?" Patricia: "It's been fucking great fun!" Blachman: "And it's a relief..." Lise Rønne: "Why is it a relief?" Patricia: "Because I'm done with covers! I want to make some music!" (see the P.S. below) Blachman: "I thought we had progressed a little further in the education of this country. Once, when a genuine artist wins this competition, maybe things will look differently and we can sell millions of records world-wide." Suddenly it hits me, that melancholic (vemodig) feeling. Oh, it was not her vemod. It was a projection of my own premonition. Or something. Oh, well.

(bong)  Patricia performs a last time. Well, they will probably write her into the play in the park. But as a contestant on this stage she gets to sing Total Eclipse of the Heart again — and at the end she cuts it short: "THANK YOU, DENMARK! Aww, I just wanted so much to say that!"

(bong)  P.S. Patricia is writing songs of her own and plans to release a cd eventually. As I understand it, she develops lyrics and a melody line and leaves the arrangement to collaborators because she doesn't play an instrument herself. I wish her all the best. AND COME BACK HERE IF YOU LIKE PATRICIA, WE ARE NOT LETTING HER GO SO EASY! :D
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